About Me

Well, first of all, I AM NOT A FURRY!!!

I have come across a lot of people who thinks that because of my name and profile pic, so I wanted to make it clear.

Yes, it may be a drawing of a black-footed ferret, but I have my reasons to use it.

Anyways, I started playing Minecraft back in 1.3.2 (aprox). I used to play it in survival mode, until 1.4, when I decided to jump on to my first online server. I am not good at PVP, by the way.

My favorite update has been the 1.7 (The Update that Changed the World).

Currently, I only play with Optifine, Shaders and that mod (which name I dont remember right now) that makes echoes and dynamic sounds.

You can find me in Steam as Joy Ferret



I play other games too, and my favorite (besides Minecraft) is Team Fortress 2.

I also like astronomy and animals. I have a telescope, so don't expect me to be everynight playing any videogame.

I like music too, but mainly, videogames soundtrack (like the one from FF XIII).

Other things I like doing is help in cientific research via Zooniverse and similar citizen cience projects.

In case you are wondering, my current favorite TV series is Steven Universe (I am not one of those cringy fans),my favorite manga is Watamote and my favorite anime is Full Metal Alchemist (I like both the original and Brotherhood, but the second a bit more).

Things I like inside Minecraft is the sense of danger. Not like the one from being chased by skeletons, but the chills you get in a pure vanilla survival server, where you can never be safe from other players, and you get a constant paranoia of being followed.

Profile Information

Minecraft JoyFerret PSN joyferret99 Steam Joy Ferret