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    Introduction. Do you have a corrupted Minecraft world that is worth it for you? This tool is a python script that tries to fix problems in region files. It can find some typical errors (corrupted chunks, wrong located chunks, too many entities problems), and can fix these errors in various ways (deleting the chunks, replacing them with a backup copy, or relocating the chunk).

    This is a command line application. You have to use it in a terminal in GNU/Linux or a command line (typical MS-DOS view) in Windows. To open the command line in windows run the plication "cmd". You can find usage examples in the readme.

    What does this tool do? You can read about what this tool do in the FAQ wiki page at GitHub.


    See the wiki in github.

    How-to download and install region-fixer

    Please refer to the github install page


    Please refer to the github usage page.

    What does it mean that a chunk is corrupted/is wrong-located/has entities problem? And what about a too-small region file? Please see the chunks a region problems github page.


    You can download the source code from github:

    https://github.com/F...ft-Region-Fixer or http://adf.ly/HW8ex (link with adds, use it if you want to contribute a little)

    Was Region-Fixer useful for you?

    Take some time to write a positive feedback or donate if you feel like so.

    Questions, feature requests, problems, suggestions... If you have problems using region-fixer and want some help, please give some information in your post, for example:

    - Operative system

    - Python version (regionfixer only works on python3)

    - Full command used to run it.

    - Full error, everything, if possible, all the text visible until the next prompt. That means that you have to show even what you have written in the command line. Please conceal any sensitive information.

    - Just in case you've got an old version, Region-Fixer version, use --version to see it

    Suggestions and bugs should go to the github page:

    https://github.com/F...ft-Region-Fixer or http://adf.ly/HW8ex (link with adds, if you want to contribute a little)

    Feedback and questions should go here.

    Other things Coding is one of my hobbys but I also play the guitar in an internet band. Do you like alternative music? Give us a go!


    I've also made a game with some friends & family. If you like old style arcade videogames, give it a go!


    Warning! This tool works, and has been tested with a lot of worlds, but bugs can be anywhere, so please, use it with care and make a backup of your world before using it! And use it at your own risk!

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    Version 0.3.2 is out!

    This is a bugfix release that fixes a few bugs. See the release page in github.

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    Quote from Sidonius»

    I have been trying to get this to work for over an hour, trying various versions. Your tutorials are either too confusing or just don't work for Windows 10. I even set up Python, even though I'm supposed to use CMD. Nothing is working, and your wiki is just as confusing.

    Why don't YOU, Fenixin, record YOURSELF doing this on a FRESH install of Windows 10 and show us how this works?

    I'm sorry but I'm not really into recording stuff and uploading it to youtube. Also, I barely have the time to keep regionfixer working so doing more stuff is out of the question. Also, there seems to be a few youtube tutorials around already.

    I don't mind helping anyone that has problems using regionfixer. Just tell me what is your problem and I will be more than happy to help you. But the time I'm willing to spend on regionfixer is scarce, so don't expect the answer when you want it.

    Just tell me what part of the wiki you think is confusing and why, propose a solution and if it's really better the next time I spend some time fixing regionfixer I will change it.

    All that said, what was your problem? What error printed regionfixer? What version of regionfixer are you using? What version of python?

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    Well, that link was for the development version. The new version has been released, so you should look in releases or in master, here is the link for releases: https://github.com/Fenixin/Minecraft-Region-Fixer/releases

    Good luck!

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    New version is out, it updates NBT and fixes a bunch of bugs. There is not GUI nor windows exe yet.

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    Quote from didntdsaythat»

    Is this nice tool still valid for 1.12 and maintained for upcoming 1.13?

    AFAIK, it should work for the upcoming 1.13.

    Though I'm not really updated in the upcoming changes to the game, a little of googling shows there are no changes in the world format. Feel free to correct me.
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    python regionfixer.py /worlds/*

    And read the options so you make sure that you get the information you want from your worlds.

    Also, please, report back! I have never done something like that before and sounds like a good stress test

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    Quote from aznboi156»

    Hi guys,

    I'm having issues with my server.

    I just ran your most updated region fixer and I got some errors.

    'level.dat' is corrupted with the following error/s: Not a gzipped file

    Unreadable data files: villages_nether.dat



    Any ideas how I can repair this?



    If level.dat is corrupted there is nothing that you can do to fix it. You can use a backup to restore it or, if you know the seed of the map, create a new map in minecraft with that seed and copy the level.dat to your broken world (note, this method will lose a lot of info).

    And the other data files are more or less the same, once corrupted there is not much to do, if you don't have a backup the information in the file is lost.

    So the only why to "fix" this is to replace the corrupted files fro ma backup by hand. (Yes, backups are important)

    I hope that helps. Don't hestitate to ask if you need anything else.

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    It looks like the problem is that python ends up out of memory while scanning that region file. This is a known problem with python and 32bits when there is a "too many entities problem" somewhere (note: I'm pretty sure your system is 64 bits, but the executable you downloaded is not).

    If I am correct, you can scan the region file using regionfixer source code and the python interpreter (for 64bits systems). You can give a look to this:


    You can also send me that region file, I'll be glad to scan it myself and send it to you fixed. You can send me a PM.

    Good luck!

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    New version out! (0.2.0)

    It has a flashy GUI for all you and some new cool features as:

    • Scans new player files and old players files and data files
    • Player files scanning uses multiprocessing now
    • Sends automatic bug reports to RegionFixer FTP (wich is broken right now... I have to fix that...)
    • Various fixes and improvements

    It took mucho more than expected, but life is busy!

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