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    posted a message on [8x] SplitCraft "Simplicity at its Best"
    SplitCraft is a [8x8] Texture Pack made for people who
    like simple Texture Pack's though it's not the simplist
    Texture Pack ever it has a good amount of texture in it.
    I tried my hardest to make it and trust me everyone, making
    a Texture Pack is not easy. So I hope you enjoy

    Ok, here's the download but be careful you
    need alot of awesomeness
    to use this pack. : )
    V.01-Terrain 100%, Item 15%, Mob 5%V.02-Added Armor 100%
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    posted a message on Take pictures of my Texture Pack (Will be Rewarded)
    Thx so much for your help. I have to fix and finish a lot of things in this texture pack. Since I left Minecraft for a good bita lot of things have changed. There isnt just one terraib.png anymore now there is a bunch of single pictures makes it hard to keep up with stuff. Also I cant play because someone found out my information so what you did was really helpful. Next time I edit the page Ill put a thank you note : )

    Is there a Updated Guide on Texturing that people know of that I don't?
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    posted a message on Take pictures of my Texture Pack (Will be Rewarded)
    If anybody can plz take pictures of my Texture Pack SplitCraft
    I would be extremely thankful. I will put a note saying thanks on the Front Page of its Minecraft Forum Page :D
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    posted a message on Give me ideas
    I just have a request... A skateboard Mod? you can do three tricks a ollie a kickflip and heelflip and make grind rails a block with it
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    posted a message on Moderator plz delete this Thread
    Im Fellow trying to finish a 8x8 Texture Pack. It's not easy making a texture pack and I just figured that out. Instead of making it 32x32 and just drawing the whole texture pack I have to do the whole thing pixel by pixel. it is very time consuming and difficult. What I need people to do is reply to this giving a comment saying that you would like to see it be finished and how you all can't wait to actually use it. I'm making this Texture mainly because some people don't have the best FPS Computer ever, and can't find many decent looking 8x8 Texture Packs. But plz comment something positive so I can Feed off of it. If you ever made a texture pack you should know what i'm talking about. That screenshot up there will be updated everytime I make a new release of the texture pack. I'll also be posting what block's have been finished. The Percentage of the Texture pack will be posted So maybe if you post you might see it go up. Percentage of Completion- 7%
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    posted a message on Welcome to the "Skin Bin"

    "Welcome to the Skin Bin"

    We take pride in are work and try very hard

    to make the best skins we can for other people.

    We have a variety of different skins already you

    can use just by pressing the "Bin Button" below

    We also take request for pretty much anything.

    We also have a way for others to help. So if you would

    like to join the Family all you have to do is put a

    Application with a link or picture of 1 or 2

    of your past skins. People can also ask for who they want

    want to make their skins so if you are in to Death things

    you could search for a person who is good with gory skins.

    .Plz leave Feedback about your skins and suggestions.

    Love, Fellow
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    posted a message on Custom skins here!
    Poop on you I want a Typhlsion Skin
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