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    Quote from furrysaiyajin»

    ¿Que? ¿como supiste que era yo hermano?

    ¿Quien mas es fan de nick wilde y usa la expresión "bro"? XD

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    I'm glad to see this mod being worked on again! I can't wait to see speed stingers on minecraft already! Wish you luck on the project! :D

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    Hi welcome to the Biological and Fantasy Species Mod, this mod will have many animals and palaeontological Investigation. including new un-seen dragons and more,

    Including journals to add your investigations on them, and you may include your own pictures, with a camera or importing in to minecraft.

    Spanish example:

    I have the idea that you have the posibility of personalizate your journal, but all the designs that i have created Are in other computer. :(

    The mod is very WIP and we need (Coders, modelers, texturers and more.)

    Si, hablas español puedes comentar en español si lo prefieres.

    If you speak spanish you can comment in spanish if you prefer.

    People that are working in this mod

    Fcomega121 Creator/Modeler and texturer

    Oceanssss Modeler/Texturer and ideas

    FluffyTaco1234 Modeler and cute cartoon texturer.

    Nicoleisnotsogirly14 Models sketches.

    King Duck Modeler/texturer.

    FurrySaiyajin announcer.


    Its not available now, WIP.

    ToDo List:

    1.More animals (Obviously) XD, like original dragons, prehistoric animals (from the cambrian era to the modern days, ´´ Living fossils ´´),exotic creatures like the amur leopard from asia, to the strange Beefalo.

    2.New dimentions to make more gameplay and add diferent world´s dragons :)

    3.make machines to revive extinct animals and investigate them.

    4.Find a coder B)

    5.Add journals to the game.

    6.Add diferent expansion packs.

    7.Make an innovative system for fossil antiquity based on Y coordinates to spawn (Most depth most older fossils)

    And more...

    Expansion packs (I do this for the people who can't play very complex mods without lag (like me...):

    Coming soon:

    1. Archaeological Dreams.

    2. Space Mine-Odyssey. (Inspired by Carl Sagan and Neil DeGrasse Tyson)

    3. Scientific mutations.

    4. Zoological Decorations.

    5. Zootopian Friends.

    And much more :D

    You can suggest ANY creature. that you want in this mod By a comment or via this link:


    You can help with models too if you want ;) Just post a comment below With pictures of your works.

    Animals so far:

    The first animal is the..

    Dodo (Raphus Cucullatus):

    IUCN Status / Estado de conservación (UICN):

    Extinct since / extinto desde 1662.

    Aguara-Guazu (Maned Wolf; Chrysocyon Brachyurus)

    Edited texture:

    IUCN Status / Estado de conservación (UICN):

    Vulnerable Least threatened Formerly / Casi amenazado anteriormente

    Other names / otros nombres:



    Lobo de crin (en perú; Maned wolf)

    Lobo de los esteros (Estuary wolf)

    Lobo colorado (Redish wolf)

    Mbuaravachú (en Paraguay)

    Takin [Was made by Oceanssss]

    Variation 1

    Variation 2

    Variation 3

    Model and textures By Oceanssss

    IUCN Status / Estado de conservación (UICN):

    The Takin (Budorcas taxicolor) is a species of artiodactyl mammal of the subfamily Caprinae. It is the national symbol of Bhutan. Lives in the Himalayas, where there are four subspecies:

    B. taxicolor taxicolor
    B. taxicolor bedfordi
    B. Tibetan taxicolor
    B. taxicolor whitei
    Reaches a height of 130 cm to the cross, and weigh about 350 kg.2 His stocky morphology and stubby, relatively short limbs is an example of adaptation to cold. Their similarities with the Musk Ox (Ovibos moschatus) is an example of evolutionary convergence.

    Mitochondrial DNA investigations relate this species to sheep.

    Darwinopterus [Was made By Oceanssss]

    Model and texture made by Oceanssss

    IUCN Status / Estado de conservación (UICN):

    Darwinopterus is an extinct genus of pterosaur, discovered in China and named in honor of Charles Darwin. It is known by between 30 and 40 fossil specimens, all collected in the Tiaojishan formation from the Middle Jurassic.


    Model and texture(Female) Was made by Me(Fcomega121), Texture(Male) was made by Oceanssss!!

    IUCN Status / Estado de conservación (UICN):

    Teratophoneus is a genus of carnivorous tyrannosaurid theropod dinosaur which lived during the late Cretaceous period (late Campanian age, about 77 to 76 million years ago) in what is now Utah, United States. It is known from an incomplete skull and postcranial skeleton recovered from the Kaiparowits Formation. The Teratophoneus or "monstrous murderer" (Greek: teras, "monster" and phoneus, "murderer") was specifically namedT. curriei in honor of Philip J. Currie.


    Expansion pack animals/content:

    Scientific mutation expansion pack:


    Daspleeterstegosaurus(Name in WIP) hybrid from dapletosaurus + creeper + stegosaurus:


    The rest like the natural hybrids are now in WIP. ;)

    Space Mine-Odyssey:

    Coming soon..

    Archaeological Dreams:

    Anubis (alive):

    Anubis (statue):

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    Prehistoric Creatures Poll Results:

    The winners are

    1. Tyranosaurus rex

    2. Mammoths

    3. Doedicurus and Anomalocaris (Tie)

    We'll work on that animals ASAP until that happens Here's the new Dinosaur that will be added!

    The apatosaurus:

    This is a female, Texture is based on JW apatosaurus it will be 4 "classy" skins and 2 detailed ;)

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    Quote from furrysaiyajin»

    Esta genial el apatosaurio B)


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    Important news!!! The mod is not dead it's simply paused because i got a problem and i cant still working this is not a goodbye simply a See ya lator ;). bye

    EDIT: This mod is coming back!

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    cuando el Mod va a salir porque estoy emocionado de probarlo en mi Minecraft

    when the mod will come out because I'm excited to try it on my minecraft

    No se cuando saldra ya que lamentablemente tuve que pausar el proyecto.
    Quote from ShinyMaster653»

    Interesante... es interesante (y muy bien trabajo espero les vaya bien)

    Quote from The_Edgy_Whale»

    this. is. awesome.

    Gracias a todos!
    Thank you all!

    Quote from PixelRaptor789next
    Following, because it seems unique. (Not in a bad way).

    Thank you! and it will become most unique just wait ;)

    mmmm hello o hola mmm quisiera ser tu modelador para tener esta gran idea hecha realidad,english...I would like to be your modeler to have this great idea come true

    Sería genial! ¿tienes una imagen o algo para ver uno de tus modelos?
    Quote from cocacolaepepsi»

    aguara-guazu is a prehistoric animal?

    no, it's an alive animal actually that lives in south america, mostly in brazil. this mod will it cover Modern day animals to prehistoric animals and even dragons.


    Guys the mod is coming back!! I'm sorry for the veeeeeeery long delay but I'll try to keep things up to date soon.

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    Quote from Vexterowski»

    Ok and are you also doing some invented birds like Robo Chicken or Rainbow Chicken? I have idea what they could drop.;)

    nah this mod is centred in real birds. but are nice ideas i can use it for my mod?
    Quote from Oceanssss»

    yes why?Fcomega121 is working on the jersey giant and i'm working on guineafowl.Oh also i've been busy with school.But i have to be careful since there are clowns in america kidnapping kids..i have to be careful wish me luck!

    OMG please be carfull!!
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    Quote from Felipedbko»

    Not similar at all.

    yes is the amargasaurus :) you have winned!
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