About Me

Hi, I FavorateGamingPeople! I like video games, math, and junk food!

:Teal: In-Game-Name (IGN): PokemonFan04

:Teal: Wii U NNID: KToledo04

:Teal: Favorite Game: Besides Minecraft, Sonic Colors or Minecraft: Story Mode

:Teal: Favorite Food: Sandwiches

:Teal: Favorite Minecraft Mod: GULLIVER!!! :D

:Green: Favorite Subject in School: Math!

:Green: Languages I Speak: English and Spanish

:White: Personality: Cool, Happy, Chill, Hyper

:Red: YouTube: (Favorite) FavorateGamingPeople

Location U.S.A., North America.

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Minecraft PokemonFan04