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    Welcome to the FXCraft Modded Minecraft server! We are currently accepting applications for our new server! :lol: The server is not LIVE yet. (OH NO!) Please don't let that stop you from submitting an application! We are ironing out the details of the modpack (testing and making sure everything runs smoothly) because we want you to enjoy FXCraft without any issues!

    If you are interested in joining us, visit FXCraft Server to submit an application and get acquainted with all that we have to offer! The first 9 players (ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT) to join will get a BONUS of $200!! (in-game currency).

    Yes we are a modded server! Yes we have a Spawn City ready for you and your imagination to help turn it into a flourishing metropolis! What do you say? Do you want to join?

    • No griefing
    • No stealing other's items
    • No Pvp! (unless agreed or in Pvp areas)
    • DO NOT destroy spawn area

    We will hold monthly events for the entire FX community! Here are some ideas we have in store:
    • Capture the Flag
    • Treasure Hunts
    • Building Competitions
    • AND MANY MORE!!!

    FXCraft has spawn plots available for purchase (with in-game currency). Some are for player stores/shops others are for community builds like gardens, nether portals, statues, etc..
    • BLUE - plots are for player stores/shops ONLY!
    • RED - plots are for community builds that the entire player community will vote on!
    • Player bases/homes must be, no less than, 1000 blocks away from spawn

    The server will be LIVE on May 11th @ 9am!! (NZTD)

    We eagerly await your applications! Come join us! We promise, it will be fun!

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    Quote from Shikityยป

    Nice cartle

    But cactus look weird

    Thanks! I didn't put the cactus there. I used a realistic terrain generator mod.
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