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    eh Now I do....

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    Staff Application Format:

    IGN: Crossan

    Age: I'm 12 years old and I'm very mature

    Time Zone: Eastern Standard

    Usual Time On:

    Monday - 5 hours

    Tuesday - 5 hours

    Weds-day - 4+ hours [got soccer practice this day]

    Thursday - 5 hours

    Friday - 4+ hours [got soccer practice this day]

    Saturday - 4 hours [have soccer games this day]

    Sunday - 5+ hours [got church this day]

    Have you ever been banned from any server? No I have not been banned from any server nor muted, I follow the rules no matter what.

    Do you like PvP(Player Vs Player): Yes I love pvp and practice at least everyday, I take pride into my skill of pvp.

    Past Experience(Includes made websites for Web Devs, Plugins for Coders, And overall how many times you have been staff): I have been staff for a couple of servers also owner of some host owned servers, I have experience in creating surveys, and other types of thing, I'm also a fast learner so what ever you need I could most likely get it done.

    What will you bring to the staff? A better community.

    What will you do for the server? I will help it grow, and become a better community for players, and staff.

    Strengths: Creating things for the servers, helping out and making sure the rules are in-forced, also I'm good at pvp.

    Weaknesses: Park-our

    Will you be dedicated? Yes I will make sure to help the server in any way I can and no matter what handle things in the most calm way possible.

    How far have you been in the Naruto series?(Recommended at least 3 seasons) : I have watched every season waiting for the new ep to come out, I LOVE NARUTO and it is one of my favorite animes!

    Anymore you wish to tell us?: Yes I wish to tell and inform you that I am very hard working, responsible, loyal, and very dedicated to watching Naruto! :)

    Do you have something you may contact us with?(Teamspeak,Mumble,Email/Gmail,Skype): My skype is Christian. if you cant find it message me on the forums please.

    Applying for: Admin or Developer

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    1. Name - Christian [First only]

    2. Age - 12 years old soon to be 13

    3. IGN - Crossan

    4. Alts - None

    5. Location and timezone - Eastern Standard and I live in Virginia

    6. Why I want to become staff - I would like to become staff to help the server grow and help players on the server with all sorts of things. I also would like to become staff member to make this server a better place/community and become part of the family, I also think I have the experience to help this server in all sorts of ways.

    7. About me - I'm responsible, loyal, and very experienced with moderation and time spent on the server. I love to help users out and think I should give everything a try in life unless its painful becoming staff would just make a even better experience on this server that's another reason why I'm applying to get the best experience out of this awesome server and be apart of the Staff team to help players.

    Monday - 5+ hours

    Tuesday - 5+ hours

    Wednesday - 5+ hours

    Thursday - 5+ hours

    Friday - 5+ hours

    Saturday - 4+ hours - [I got soccer games this day during soccer season]

    Sunday - 4+ hours - [Got church this day]

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    whats the ip to the server because is not working?

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    Template: ruby

    Name: Christian Gomez Skype: not have it i like curse better What you want the server to be: Great! Links of builds [OPTIONAL]: blank What you want to be: co-owner YouTube Channel [OPTIONAL]: blank Why you want to be staff: i would like to be staff because i love helping people and this is one way i can help people on the server i love helping out and i can provide a lot like building commands and some plugin stuff but most of all i can help with problems because thats what i'm best at and i love helping people it brings me joy! Experience?: I have been staff on a couple different servers and i have loved it im a very active player and i can help out a lot im a joyful person so i hope i don't bring you down because all i want to do is help this server out

    A bit about me:

    I love being around my family and friends and i would die before giving up on them i love them so much and try my best to protect them. I'm a caring person who has time for ever one and would love to go around helping people in the server even when im doing something ill try my hardest to make time for them because i will always get to you. I never stop trying because i know if i do i cant help people in the best way i can. The reason i try so hard for other people is because i believe that if i do and show them that they can help i can make the world a better place as being me i love making people happy. I don' think i better then anyone but sometimes i know when someones not trying there best to be respectful to other players and nice to other players because theres another way to but it theres a person with feelings behind that minecraft player and you should ack how you would when your playing it would make the world a better place for you and them.

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    Contact me if i can get a part in the role play fun!
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    i would like to join in on the fun
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