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    Yep, XP version no workie...:( This is very upsetting because my daughter was really looking forward to watching me tame some horsies for her...
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    Quote from NSDragon

    I'm on Linux too and I found something funny about this. When trying to drag the contents of the zip onto minecraft.jar, somehow the ModLoader.class file ends up in a /java/lang/ directory inside the jar... somehow this even happens if I drag the contents of the zip onto a nautilus window and from there into the jar. Something between file-roller and nautilus is mucking with the paths.

    So what I did was install normally _except for ModLoader.class_ (this includes deleting META-INF as normal), then extract ModLoader.class preferably to the folder minecraft.jar sits in, and type this into a terminal window: (make backups first obviously)

    cd ~/.minecraft/bin
    zip -u minecraft.jar ModLoader.class

    And this should land ModLoader.class into the right place inside the jar.

    YES! I just went to /java/lang, then cut ModLoader.class out of it and pasted it into the root folder, and now it works! Thank you for being awesome :smile.gif:
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