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    He has confirmed that there is still a lot of stuff he has added that hasn't been leaked yet, so outlooks are good.

    Comparing Mojang's 9 months to the modder's 4 is unrealistic due to the amount of time they actually spent working on improving the game and not doing special events like E3 or award giving stuff. If you wanted to accurately comparing it, you would get all the hours they spent working on the game then multiply Mojang's hours by 1.5 as they have one less coder than the modders who worked on the Aether. That would make it a fair fight and show who has the better skills. Just because one team has more players, it doesn't mean the overall team quality is good, just that more can be done with more people.

    Aether was released with more bugs in it than a bee hive, at least mojang tries to make sure everything works right.
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    Quote from Zolarix »
    The reason I am so angry is because people regard him as a genius, but in reality he made a game in java, were you can punch stuff and craft a few items.

    Making millions from a game where you "punch stuff and craft a few items"...hmm...seems pretty genius to me. Did I mention he did it ALONE...oh and with no backing or funding...oh wait and in less than a year...did i mention alone?

    Yeah...i'd call that genius.
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    Alright...this is where I will be posting updates on a mod I am working on, the mod involves adding a greater range of freedom involving your wolves. Once the SSP stuff is worked out and functioning how I want it to, I will be porting this over to SMP.

      [*:2vlvad4x]Customizable collar colors
      [*:2vlvad4x]Customizable name tags
      [*:2vlvad4x]In-depth breeding system involving traits/different texture types for different breeds
      [*:2vlvad4x]Better AI
      [*:2vlvad4x]More to come as I think it up

      If you feel something should be added to this list, let me know.

    -----Other Videos-----

    Subscribe to me on youtube to get the most recent updates, I post videos there before coming here. And also post other minecraft mods un-related to this one.
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