About Me
Hello! My name is Exhelah {pronounced Eggzella.) I am fourteen years of age. I began playing Minecraft in late October 2011, shortly before the release of Minecraft 1.0. I quickly progressed through the game but reached a standstill where I didn't want to do much. I just kept starting over and starting over billions and billions of times. Eventually I got into modding.

But after trying to play with mods I realized just how much there actually was in vanilla Minecraft. I went back to it and played through. I finally killed the Enderdragon during the 1.4 release.

I thought to myself then, "I need to make something bigger." I had the bare minimum of everything, and I wasn't being patient enough to build anything magnificent. I still haven't gotten over that hurdle.

I am now trying my best to get through the game and to do awesome stuff! I am very skilled with redstone and am horrible at making things look good (most of the time.) I hope I am interesting enough for you to pay attention!

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