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    posted a message on Why is the Minecraft YouTube community so overdone, stupid, and inefficient?
    The kind of people who use these things aren't the kind of people you'd want to watch anyway. A considerate and experienced youtuber won't have a really long intro anyway, and the whole point of having links in an outro is that you can interrupt it to watch something else. A quick reminder at the end that there's a subscribe button and a like button doesn't hurt. What is annoying is discussion in the middle of a video about the channel or about youtube, or excessively long intros, but those won't show up on a good channel most of the time.
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    posted a message on Custom Superflat Usage Suggestion
    It's not a particularly big suggestion, but I think that like the changes to how block ids and names are used in commands that there could be more effort put into making these aspects of Minecraft clearer.
    You might want to change the title to make it more indicative of what the suggestion actually contains, as it is totally unrelated to the suggestion.
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    posted a message on A social experiment.
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    posted a message on Better Oceans, Shores and Continental Terrain
    Oceans and shores need improvement.
    The biome generation methods that lead to oceans and beaches at the moment are similar to those that produce the boundaries between other biomes. Inland, this is great, as the ragged borders seem less monotonous and artificial. This, however, produces problems for shores and oceans, in terms of structure, shape and size.

    Interesting Oceans
    The incredibly big oceans of 1.6 and earlier annoyed many people, because they were incredibly bland, lifeless, and arduous to cross. Often spanning thousands or even tens of thousands of blocks in distance in normal generation, the simple flat water and dirty seabed provided no interest whatsoever. In 1.7, Mojang plans to rectify this problem, by turning this type of landmass:

    Into this kind of mess:

    I can see why. The vast, blank spaces which spanned much of the map were useless, so they were removed.
    This is not the way to go about rectifying this type of problem.
    Instead of removing vast oceans, they should be improved and made interesting. A broken leg isn’t cut off to fix the problem (most of the time); it is repaired so that it can function. Sea life (which has been suggested before), in tandem with other features such as boats, generated structures and large-scale features, would provide something of an interesting experience.
    Instead of removing oceans, they should be improved and changed into a fun part of the game.

    Cleaner Borders
    As per the above images, in both versions the borders of landmasses are ragged and confusing. There are some parts of real landmasses that are like this, but most real continents have relatively smooth large-scale features. However, the edges of terrain shouldn’t be flattened to a bland, straight coast; they should simply vary in a smaller dimension, while an overall curve to the edge is apparent. Real coastlines resemble fractals, and Minecraft has the potential to emulate this too.
    This would make circumnavigating a continent or landmass much easier and less confusing, and therefore more fun. There should still be coves and small features, but huge bays and beaches should also be present to give the player a sense of how vast the world is.
    The edges of continents should be cleaned up and made more consistent, but small features of the shore should not be removed.

    The Vastness of the World
    The Minecraft world is incredibly vast, but with the way the terrain is generated, its End of Greatness is surprisingly small. This could be rectified by implementing larger biomes and landmasses, using Perlin noise like the rest of the game already does.

    Perlin noise works in “octaves”: It generates a set or random but smooth curves of different sizes, and then adds them to each other to create a shape with both large- and small-scale features. Simply adding another, larger octave of 2d Perlin noise, configured to produce cohesive landmasses, would make both cleaner coastlines and better landmasses. It would also allow for an overall height variation thoughout the landscape which Minecraft does not currently have, creating a new level of uniqueness to different areas of the map.

    Similar adjustments to the world generation would be able to produce larger-scale terrain. This is not the AMPLIFIED setting. Amplified terrain adjusts the parameters and settings of the world generator to create tall, chewed-up landmasses. Scaling up the terrain in all three dimensions would be more consistent and would look better. With the current height limit of Minecraft, mountains could easily go up to y200 and still leave a lot of building room, and would provide a nice feature to incorporate into the alpine panorama.
    However, a lot of the unique parts of Minecraft terrain are unusual landmasses. The old “Glacier” seed was a prime example, and this would have to be maintained in any landscape changes.
    These scaling changes would indeed mean that longer travels would be needed, but with horses, speed potions, and ender pearls, this is becoming less and less of a concern. It would also provide an incentive to set up minecart rails throughout the map, which themselves need improvement, but that is a subject for another thread.

    Any ideas? Comments? Suggestions? Be bold and post!
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    posted a message on Frogs
    I think that frogs would work well as a decorative mob, like bats. Atmospheric things like those help to give Minecraft a lively feel. I don't think it should be tameable; we already have three tameable animals, with unique purposes between them. Frogs as pets would get annoying pretty quick.
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    posted a message on Should the Ender realm be more adventurous?
    I do think that the End should be expanded and made more interesting, but I feel that adding more islands and structures to it isn't the way to go. Part of the allure of the end is that you have infinite empty space, and end stone is so valuable because it is essentially the only finite resource in the game. Sorry, but no support.
    Also, very similar things have been suggested before. A little tip; use Google searches when you're researching for a suggestion. They can be more informative that the Minecraft Forums search feature.
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    posted a message on Need some help please!
    The above poster pretty much sums it up. If you're on singleplayer, you will be by yourself unless you press "Open to LAN" and have someone else on your local network with you. If you want to set up an online server, you can find a tutorial here, but I would just reccomend going to the "Servers" section of these forums and finding a suitable creative server.
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    posted a message on Get it locked!
    Um... If we're not supposed to break the rules... How do we get this locked?
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    posted a message on Ender Dragon Baby USE FOR DRAGON EGG
    Quote from Badprenup

    Which is a really bad idea. Supporting anything blindly because it has the word "dragon" in it is like supporting anything that a specific person says, regardless of the consequences. Judge ideas and on their own merit, not for a buzz word.

    The idea is actually okay. The two problems, as other people mentioned, is that there is only one egg, and that the mob is invincible. But those are relatively easy fixes. Instead of the Ender Dragon Egg being obtainable from defeating the Ender Dragon, you change it so after the egg appears, the first player to get close to it will cause it to emit lights similar to the Ender Dragon when it is destroyed, then a baby Ender Dragon appears from it and flies away.

    From then on, Baby Ender Dragons have a relatively rare chance of spawning in the End, and if you defeat it it will drop an egg that you can use to make your own pet. However, you cannot pick up more than one egg at a time, and you cannot pick up an egg if you have a Baby Ender Dragon already. That prevents people from having multiple eggs, although you can farm for them one at a time with an Ender Chest or by getting one egg, then leaving the End and putting it in a chest or something. They still do make good decorations after all.

    That fixes the problem with only one person being able to have one, and then you can just make so they can be killed. You lose yours and you just need to go back and get another one.

    This seems like pretty much the way to go. It could be a nice idea, though some do prize the egg as a trophy.
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    posted a message on Dragon Eggs - A new use! (original idea)
    People are saying that this is overpowered because you don't have to put any substantial continuous effort to use this, which is true. But I think the main reason it is getting so little support of because it wouldn't be fun.
    Caving, fighting mobs, being active and alert, with greater risk matching greater reward -- fun. Waiting an agonizingly long time to get resources with no effort and no risk? Not fun. Even being able to do other things in the mean time doesn't solve the problem, because it will just be an essentially free handout every few hours. Matching reward with risk and some effort is fun. Matching reward with effort alone is grinding. Matching reward with time is not fun, and can be considered grinding. But this suggestion matches continuous reward with simple capital, which is not fun.
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