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    Why the hell is this in the suggestions forum? And why in the world are you posting this in the minecraft forums, instead of your server's forums? Besides, you really should read server rules before you go on the server. Too bad you got banned. Next time that you're banned (Which you will be), don't cry all over these forums because you broke the rules that you hadn't read. Go away.
    Heck, why did you make a forum account just to ask for an unban from a server whose name YOU HAVEN'T EVEN TOLD US?
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    Think of this. And the lens blocks suggestion. And the pistons suggestion/mod. And the allocators suggestion/mod. And the block-grid entities suggestion. And redstone. I would build a 120rpm tnt gattling cannon with a 600 tnt chain and a 60-sunpower lightbeam, the whole thing mounted on a giant wheeled platform with a 100 steampower engine. BOOYEAH.
    Please, notch?
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    I really do like the idea of a completely automatic cobblestone factory. But with enough materials, pistons and allocators...
    I would make an automatic smoothstone factory that I would go afk next to! BAM! 1000 smoothstone!

    It would use lots of units, like your one, but allocators would allocate the cobblestone into furnaces, each of which would be sun-powered. Other timed allocators would take out the smoothstone, and push it down a long line of allocators and pressure plates, and have it all underground (With a large solar panel of course) so in the chest room, you can't see any of the mechanisms! And you have an infinite smoothstone genorator!
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    Thanks! I give you a :Diamond: for liking a newbie's first post!
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    Hello all.
    First thing first: I am not going to say "DUR GIVE MI MOVBLE SPWN PNT ME WAN MOV

    SPN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111oneone!!!1". I am going to politley, sincerley, ask for the abscence of trolls

    and flamers. I am going to ask, politley, sincerley, for at least someone to acctually read this post. Please. Oh,

    and please please please please read this whole post, okay?

    This thread is an attempt to build an idea of what a good SMP server would be like. I will change this post if i

    find a valid suggestion, and will try to keep up with, and reply to, posts here. I will, in all cases possible,

    either acccept a suggestion or explain why I didn't. I will, when I can, make this ideal that is being constructed

    here better.

    Keep in mind, please, that this is about a hypothetical ideal server community, and is not, in any way, a real

    server. Oh, and it's also about a VANILLA ROLEPLAY server. Ok,now lets get started:


    The ideal server would have a way of determining who, of the people comming in, is acctually a good player. Most

    outrught griefers can be found with a simple, but very decorated and disguised, spawn jail. If someone comes into

    the server, the server could have a simple count system to warn players who, as soon as they log in, attempt to

    break the building. Things would not revert back to the original state until the grewifer destroyes an appopriate

    number of blocks. (By the way, there would be a sign saying "Please do not destroy buildings that are not yours.")

    The griefer would then get a simple 30-minute kick. If they came back, and continued to grief the spawn, they would

    get increasingly long bans, until they are compleatly banned from the server. Legitimate players would probably ask

    on global chat for an op or admin, who would then come and let them into the rules room (This room would be a

    protected area) where they would be told to read the rules. The rules themselves will be covered in the next

    section. Once they have read that, the op or admin would let them out in to the world, but with a check guard that

    would alert the op or admin when they destroy a block. The op or admin would recieve a notification when the player

    got a job or something, and then would give them rank of Recruit; privilidges to destroy blocks, damage things, and

    use crafting benches and furnaces. Sneakier griefers would be caught by normal means later on, albeit with better

    help from regular players.

    The ranks would go, from bottom to top:

    Guest: Starting in the spawn, can destroy blocks but not take items or do anything else. People start this way.
    Recruit: You get this rank when you get your first job. Can do most non-op tasks. Cannot set own spawn point.
    Citizen: You get this rank when you own land or a house. Can do all non-op tasks, but spawn point is set by the

    most frequently used bed.
    Known citizen: You get this rank once you apply on the forums, and the ops promote you. This rank has more

    in-universe privileges.
    Community member: You get this rank when the ops give you it. Simple. Even more in-universe priviledges, including

    the ability to own more urban land.
    High community member: You get this rank when the ops give it to you. You have no land limit, job restriction,

    forbidden licences and are able to enter the magority of Council buildings without permission.
    Operator: Admin nominated, you may either accept or decline an offer to become an op, though if you have been

    nominated within the past two weeks, you can still choose to become an op.
    Administrator: Pretty self-explanatory. They are gods.



    1. No griefing whatsoever.
    2. No hacking, client mods, or other software exploitations.
    3. No abuse of bugs, glitches and other game mechanics, INCLUDING SPAWNING, except water elevators, water ladders,

    tnt force, and minecart boosters. (Please note that minecart boosters are only for use in racing and high speed

    4. No arguments on global chat.
    5. Kepp global chat to a minimum. Use the local chat.
    6. No chat spamming.
    7. No block, item, water, lava, redstone or chest spamming.
    8. Keep destruction to a minimum. It is only to be used for roleplay purposes.
    9. Do not abuse crouching/sneaking for other emote purposes.


    1. Roleplay. Simple.
    2. Do not take mobs onto public minecart tracks. They are extremely good hitchhikers and traffic jammers.
    3. Do not enter anything private without permission.
    4. Do not leave minecarts on any public track. They cause baaaaaad traffic jams.
    5. If you are a criminal, and go to jail, actually give up all your items when the police ask for them.
    6. Keep to the laws if you do not wish for most of your time at the server to be spent keeping away from police.
    7. Wear an apprpriate skin. They are easy to swap, you know.
    8. Keep floating structures to a minimum. Make things look like they could actually stay up. Temporary scaffolding

    used in the building of very large structures is okay, though.
    9. Keep 1 block wide pillaring to a minimum.
    10. An alarm of some sort is mandatory in every house, connected to the city evacuation wire.
    11. Keep in character. A restaurant owener should not suddenly make a mine in the middle of their house, or put a

    hole in the bank vault in a few seconds.
    12. If you want to make a home in the wilderness, it has to be quite a distance away from any large settlement.

    Land close to a large settlement should be considered council land.


    Laws are roleplayed, in-game rules imposed by the Council for the sake of the general population. Diferent places

    have slightly different laws, but feel free to break them... If you want to be a criminal character, that is.


    The currency used is slimeballs. This is because they have no other use, and are hard to obtain. They are brought

    into circulation by the slime hunters, which is a variable income occupation. You get what you find, no more, no

    Back to currency and trading, the economy is not set, in that the prices of items change over time. If a mining

    company starts finding less iron, they are going to have to sell at a higher price, so the smiths sell at a higher

    price, so the price of iron goes up. But if they find lots of iron, and another company is selling at a cheaper

    price, the mining company will want to decrease their prices to keep up with the compitition. So the price of iron

    tools and equipment goes down.
    Trading between players is simple. They discuss, then toss each other the items or money.
    Trading in a shop is a bit more complicated. In ordinary shops, you go up to the counter, read the signs with the

    prices, say what you want to buy, toss the money accross the bar, the shopkeeper will count it, and give the items.

    In a large market, there will be isles of chests with items. Honesty and roleplay are required here. The door you

    enter would be metal, with a pressure plate on the outside only. You would go in, take from the chests the items

    you want to buy, go to the checkout, toss through the hole in the glass the items you want and the money to pay for

    them, the shopkeeper will chech the money then give the items back. If you don't want to buy something, you'd just

    go to the checkout and say so, then go through. To help protect against stealing, the shop's money and the items

    missing would be compared, and if there is an inequality, then the council is alerted.

    So what do you think? Post your comments, but remember, I'm adding more soon!
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