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    Seemingly lots of modifications involved in your Minecraft adventures..
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    posted a message on My PvP Texture Pack

    That is not a 32 bit texture pack! How dare you deceive the Minecraft community!

    Also, This is not your work, you did not make these textures.
    Quote from Savae

    I really like how the sword looks!

    Yeah me too, but he didn't make it :Pig:
    Quote from Matthew030920

    The only thing thats is from Sphax is the obsidian, I will update this.

    And the enchantment table... and the bricks... and the bookshelves...
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    Hello peoples.

    I have been trying to make Minecraft Videos recently but I just CAN'T find a screen recorder that doesn't lag REALLY bad. I mean, I've tried screen recording software that other people say work fine for THEM, but when I try them, the LAG SO BAD! I don't know if it's my computer, I'm on a mac, and I usually run Minecraft at about 30 fps, and I just want a screen recorder that can keep up with the fps rate, because ALL of the ones I try fail miserably. Also, I would like to know how to check how much RAM my computer has. I'm wondering if maybe my computer does't have enough RAM to support these screen recording software. I see Minecraft videos on You-tube all the time, and most of the people who record them have NO LAG whatsoever, and when I try to use this $100 software I got called "Camtasia" I lag WAY more than usual. I'm just wondering what's going on. So, if anyone has any helpful suggestions about what screen recorder to use, or how to make it so the ones I have lag less, please comment!

    Thanks! :Sheep:
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    Wait... so this is a GIANT model of Earth? That's pretty cool! How long did this even TAKE? :Sheep:
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