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Project Aztec Not just another challenge

All players have received positive feedback "Preferred Player" on their Microsoft Accounts Gold Accounts just because you cheat is not a reason for bad feed back, it helps me improve the maze. This just means your not allowed back.

Your Mine Craft Achievements Get Them Here all in 5 to 10 minutes

Please after you have completed what you have set out to do, delete me from your profile, I don't like asking people if they are done it makes me sound like a nag

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Enter the user name "EvilDogBog" then click Hide and scroll to the bottom and Save Changes and your done. Now you will never see another post from this user or see a Pm from the user

All you will see from this point on is the line below between the posts.

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The only way you will see my post from now on is if you view anyway

PM a message containing EDBI and I will do the same to avoid confrontations


Sitting for long hours playing Xbox with my feet in my warm tight straight jacket while killing individuals in minecraft and inventing new perverted ways to kill slower and better.

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