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    Before posting, read this whole first post!
    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any possible damage done to your world through the use of these mods. If you use mods that add new content, the world may not work when the mod is removed. Before trying to use any of these mods, it's always best to backup your worlds.

    Installation guide (Windows):
      [*:3izwvr7g]Download the mod file and open it with a program like 7-zip or WinRAR.
      [*:3izwvr7g]Go to "%APPDATA%/.minecraft/bin" (You can type it into the address bar in the explorer window), and open up minecraft.jar with a program like 7-zip or WinRAR.
      [*:3izwvr7g]Select all the class files in the mod's zip file and drag and drop them into minecraft.jar.
      [*:3izwvr7g]Delete the META-INF folder inside minecraft.jar.
      [*:3izwvr7g]Read the mod descriptions (especially the part above the download link) for any additional prerequisites.
      [*:3izwvr7g]Run minecraft and have fun!

    NOTE: All of my mods that have been updated to MC Beta v1.2_01 should work on v1.2_02.

    Elevator Block v1.3.0_1
    Minecraft: Beta v1.2_01 SP
    This mod allows you to create elevator blocks that you can control to go up or down. When placed, it creates another block variable spaces above it. You can right click the top block to go upwards, or right click the bottom block to go downwards. Right clicking any of these blocks while moving will stop the elevator. The riding mechanism is identical to that of a minecart, meaning you cannot move when riding the elevator and when you right click a block to start the elevator, you will automatically teleport between the blocks. Do not exit the game when the elevator is moving! The elevator will disappear and you will fall to the ground. If there is something on the ground below the elevator like a railroad track or a pressure plate, the elevator may crush it. You can power the top block with redstone wire to make the elevator move up, or power the bottom block to make the elevator move down. Standing on the elevator and turning on the power will make you fall through (Hint: Don't do it). The recipe are as follows:
    :stone: :Diamond: :stone:
    :stone: :RedShroom: :stone:
    :stone: :stone: :stone:
    Where :RedShroom: = Redstone

    There is an options file that is created in the .minecraft folder when you load a save file with this mod installed. It is named elevatorOptions.txt and is placed in your base Minecraft folder. You can change the gap between your elevator blocks with this. You can also change the block ID that the two elevator blocks use, and the speed at which it moves (in percent form, don't add a percent symbol).

    Video demo: (Thanks Hozz!)
    Video demo: (Thanks kantk2010!)
    This mod has no known conflicts with other mods.
    Requires Risugami's ModLoader.
    When upgrading from Elevator Block v1.2.x or below, make sure to remove at least all elevators of one type (either slow of fast) from your world. Then, run MineCraft, close it, open up the option file, and change the IDs to that of the type you chose to keep (Old block IDs were: Slow Bottom:124; Slow Top:125; Fast Bottom:126; Fast Top:127).
    Alternatively, you could remove all elevators, change the block IDs in the option file to whatever you wish (below 128), and then run MineCraft again.

    Download Here.

    Change Log:

    Bugfix. Now finds the options file more reliably.
    Fundamental change in how the elevator block works. Now, there is only one type of elevator (crafted with diamond instead of iron/gold) with variable block IDs and variable speed. These can be changed in the options file. The block IDs default to 124 and 125, which were the IDs of the slow elevator blocks.
    Compatible with MC Beta v1.2_01. Also added an options file; you can now change the gap between the elevator blocks.
    Bugfix. Also changed the block's label in-game.
    Fixed annoying bug.
    Update for beta.
    Updated for MC v1.2.6. Also removed the destroy when above 128 feature, so now it will stop when it reaches the edge of the world.
    Updated for MC v1.2.4_01
    Added redstone support.
    Updated for Minecraft v1.2.3_01
    Bugfixes. You can now hit the elevator with something in your hand.
    Now uses block IDs 124, 125, 126, and 127. This should remove all conflicts with the custom mob spawners.
    Added a slow elevator and a fast elevator.
    Initial Release

    Known Bugs:
      [*:3izwvr7g]Leaves artifacts when starting it in midair. They will disappear as you approach them. Might be one of Notch's bugs.
    Maybe To do:
      [*:3izwvr7g]Bigger elevator

    Rename Worlds v1.1.0
    Minecraft: v1.2.6 SP
    Yes, there are a ton of mods that can rename your worlds for you. What makes this one different? You can do it in game!

    This will conflict with any other mod that changes how the worlds menu is displayed. It will not crash your game if removed, but you won't see the names unless you install it again. Comes with a normal version and a version that is merged with Risugami's excellent More World's mod! The More Worlds version has an extra file to fix the delete screen bug that More Worlds introduces. Also, the More Worlds version and the normal version are now functionally different. The normal version will be just like before, but the More Worlds version will rename the folder of the world.
    Download Here.

    Change Log:

    Updated for MC v1.2.6. Also merged it with Risugami's new More Worlds mod. Note that the normal version of this mod and the one merged with Risugami's More Worlds is no longer compatible.
    Updated for MC v1.2.4_01
    Initial Release

    Meteorite v1.3.0_1
    Minecraft: Beta v1.2_01 SP
    This will make the world spawn meteorites when in easy, normal, or hard with an increasing chance in each. Meteorites don't spawn in peaceful. They are flaming blocks that fall and make an explosion that creates fire in the immediate vicinity. It then creates a chunk of a random type of ore above the crater. The meteor tends to spawn and fall fairly far away from the player, so seeing a natural one while it is falling is rare. However, you'll know if one has fallen if there is a floating chunk of ore and a forest on fire.
    This was requested in this thread.

    There is a configuration file for this mod created in your .minecraft folder soon after you enter a world with this mod installed. This is what each option does (also in the Readme):
    version: [String]
    DO NOT change this value in the options file unless you want the
    options file to be overwritten with the default settings.
    This corresponds to the version of the mod. If different from the
    version of the mod, the mod will overwrite the entire settings file.
    meteorRarity: [integer]
    This sets the rarity of the meteor; the higher it is, the more rare
    meteors will be.
    fire: [boolean (true or false)]
    This sets whether or not the meteor will start a fire upon impact.
    explosion: [boolean]
    This sets whether or not the meteor will create an explosion upon
    maxDiameter: [integer]
    This sets the maximum diameter of the meteor.
    minDiameter: [integer]
    This sets the minimum diameter of the meteor.
    oreIDs: [integer array ex: [1,2,3] ]
    This is the list of block IDs that the meteor can create after it
    hits the ground.
    oreRarity: [integer array]
    This is the list of ore rarities that corresponds with the list of
    block IDs. Also, all the values should be percent values
    corresponding to the item in the ore ID array, meaning that the
    whole array should add up to 100.
    ex: If your ore ID array is [89,16], and your rarity array is
    [70,30], then you would have a 70% chance of getting a meteor that
    spawns block 89 and a 30% chance of getting a meteor that spawns
    block 16.

    You can craft an item to summon a meteor near you. The recipe is:
    Quote from Logan123uk »

    :stone: :stone: :stone:
    :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar:

    It creates an item that uses the sprite of a snowball. When used, a meteor will land very close to you, possibly killing you.
    If changing the settings file isn't working for you, delete it, start up minecraft, and wait for the mod to automatically generate a new one and try changing that one. If that still doesn't work, post the contents of your options file here.
    Requires ModLoader.
    NOTE: DO NOT set the meteor diameter very high and keep the explosion on; it could crash your Minecraft. You have been warned.
    Download Here.

    Change Log

    Bugfix. Now finds the options file more reliably.
    Updated to MC Beta v1.2_01. Also changed the options file; you can now choose what blocks the meteor can summon.
    Updated for MC Beta v1.1_02. Also changed the explosion algorithm, explosion size increases exponentially! The size of meteors is now set so that the smaller ones are more common than the larger ones.
    Fixed crash related to setting the rarity too low.
    Updated for MC v1.2.6.
    Bugfixes. Explosion size is now dependent on meteor size. New recipe to craft a meteor summoner! (This was in the previous version, but I forgot to mention it). Also, the meteor chunks are now mathematically perfect spheres :tongue.gif:.
    Updated for MC v1.2.4_01. Also added configuration file. EDIT: Broken release.
    Initial Release

    Known Bugs
      [*:3izwvr7g]Still makes normal mobs rare =/.

    If you find any bugs, please post them.
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    posted a message on Nuke/Miner TNT MOD - BROKEN! Outcome To Be Determined.
    Quote from Navist »
    Quote from Ethereal »
    I would suggest extending the original TNT class. You could then change the texture and the blast radius while still having it function correctly.

    That is how we originally did it. We messed with TNT to make the blast radius bigger but had some requests to keep TNT normal and have a Nuke be it's own object.

    No, extending it can make another block:
    public class NukeBlock extends q
    //code goes here

    I would suggest taking a look at the source ModLoader and BridgeBlock.
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