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    id do it for a small donation for my time,
    IGN: Zytheis

    Skype/email: my skype name is Zyhteis and my email is [email protected]

    Age: im 23 turning 24 this year

    Timezone: i live in centeral time zone

    Pex Skill: ive worked with pex sence ive started servers so id give my self a good eight

    When can i start: Asap easy as that
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    posted a message on Graphics designer, looking for a server!
    Quote from Mine5397

    You'd be shocked at how they are actually done. But I refuse to tell, all I'm gonna say is that I downloaded the font files, the rest is a secret.

    these were made on this site.... http://textcraft.net/
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    posted a message on Does anyone know of a good server?
    Try Out Antesania! Were a growing community that would love to bring in new players! Http://antesania.com
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    posted a message on >>>[1.7.5]<<<Antesania[No-Grief][Looking For Players]
    Amazing server guys Trust me! Im the Director of Core fuctions and Server Development And i cant wait to see you around!
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    posted a message on Rainbow Name
    you could talk to server owners about adding a plugin that give rainbow names.
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    posted a message on Please help with strange glitch
    update your drivers
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    posted a message on How did notch get the idea of making the creeper explode ?
    Quote from SeemlyMohamed

    Well I was also wondering about this, how can notch create a mob like creeper by wrong? I mean makes him explode by wrong? makes his skin by wrong? weird.

    you do realize it wasn't the creeper when it was made by "accident" right? the skin was made latter to fit the new mob, and he probs accidentally made a differnt mob blow up and then made it into the creeper
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    posted a message on Is Mojang Doing This?
    i dont see the Moon mod being add anytime soon if ever
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    posted a message on The old days...
    i actully Love the Mesa and Harden clay idea in minecraft, there are some things in minecraft that i dont like but i cant wait to see some new cool stuff like the new stone thats in 1.8
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    posted a message on 1.7.2 [[Antesania]] Towny Servival SimiVanilla Skyblock! Looking For Players!
    Welcome to Antesania

    Server Ip: 15.hosthorde.com:25678

    Antesania is a survival based minecraft server, that offers a very unique experience for all types of players. The server has been up since November 23, 2013, and is still running strong! We hope to see you online very soon, and here is some more information that you might be interested in. Heres Just a few Of Our Plugins!: Towny, iConomy, chestshop, LWC, Craftbook, Auction, Herochat(custom), And many more!


    in this world, the player is in survival and can join towns and nations to build in, and to protect themselves from mobs and griefers.

    Mob Invasion
    This world is only open to players during special events at the moment, but may change over time. Here, players fight mobs, round after round, to the death.

    Players can explore nether fortresses, fight ghasts, collect quartz, and collect lava here!

    Players can fight enderman, and mine endstone here. Also, there will be occasional server-wide enderdragon fight!

    Have your very own island with very limited supplies. You must put your minecraft skills to the test and survive forever, expanding your island, and making alliances with other people, all while fighting off the mobs of the night.

    Basically the place where all of the portals are, spawn, and information.

    Much Much More to come!
    Antesania NEVER stops improving, which is just another reason why you should get on! We hope you log in and play with us.
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