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    Ever came out of a cave and didn't know where you are? Or wondered if you are standing in a desert or just a really long beach? Say no more.

    With this nifty little mod you'l get a pop-up message everytime you traverse into a new biome. And since you're not supposed to know where the heck you are while traveling underground, the panel is only activated when you are standing under the clear blue sky. Stormy weather is also OK.

    I strongly suggest using the provided Texture Pack, as the original minecraft resolution leaves all assets in a slightly ugly state.


    16x Texture


    32x Texture


    Adding new Biomes

    The mod comes with build-in support for Biomes'O'Plenty, Highlands, and ExtrabiomesXL. Adding any new Biomes or native ones I might have missed out just drop a picture in a TexturePack (see the provided 32xPack for reference). To properly function you will need the Name of the Biome. You can get it by pressing F3 ingame. Name your texture EXACTLY like it's shown ingame, with spaces and capital letters and all.



    You are free to put the mod in modpacks as long as you will tell me and give me credits.

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