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    Quote from syndicate25»

    I was in the same boat, and have spent some time trying to familiarize myself with it. Here's what I know, and hopefully is in a somewhat simplified fashion/explanation:

    The part you want to focus the most on, is located here:


    That will have a folder full of configs populated with all the mods you have installed (at least, from ones that add some kind of entity to the game). There are exceptions to this rule, but that's going into another part of the config entirely (do some reading on the EntityHandlers for more info about that). For the most part, the EntityHandlers are automatically detected and configured properly. If not, or if you want to make a change to what spawns "naturally" using JAS, you'll need to modify those configs.

    Moving on.....

    Since I'm not sure what part you're having trouble with, I'll try explaining a few things, but will save the great detail for the wiki to help you with. I've learned everything by trial/error, and by reading through the wiki, quite a few times I might add, until it finally stuck. Here's a small example from one of my configs from Mo' Creatures (MoCreatures.cfg):

    "MoCreatures.Fox": {
    "Weight-PassivePackMax-ChunkPackMin-ChunkPackMax": "6-2-1-4"

    That's broken down into 4 pieces:

    Weight - The chance you want this mob to spawn
    (I'm not a pro at this either by any means, but the way I understand weight is, add up the total weight of all creatures)

    Fox: 6
    Elephant: 15
    Ostrich: 12

    Total Weight: 33

    Then, divide the creatures weight by the total weight, to get a percentage of how often they'll spawn. So in this case, foxes should have an 18% chance to spawn, vs. elephants which have a 45% chance. So, you should see more elephants than foxes.

    PassivePackMax - The maximum number of mobs that will spawn together, when they do spawn
    ChunkPackMin - The minimum number of packs of this mob that you want to spawn per chunk
    ChunkPackMax - The maximum number of packs of this mob that are allowed to spawn per chunk

    So, in the case of the above example, I want Foxes to spawn in packs of 2, a minimum of 1 pack per chunk, up to 4. Hopefully that makes more sense now.

    You'll need to edit each of these configs for each mod you have that adds creatures, if you want to get it perfect. You can alternatively check how to spawn by climate type instead of by each individual biome, so that you're not configuring say, a Lion, for each individual biome, but instead for all biomes that would qualify as a Jungle, for example. I chose the longer route myself because I didn't find this option until I was already over halfway done doing it the long way, but I understand that when you configure by "climate" (there's another name for it, I think, but they mean the same thing) that it's much easier, and much faster.

    The only other file I've really played with to get things right is CreatureType.cfg, which is at:


    For me, the only things I changed were Spawn Rate, Spawn Cap, and in the case of the 0"Creatures" Group, Chunk Spawn Chance.

    Spawn Rate - How often the spawn cycle is processed for the given group, which is displayed in Minecraft Ticks
    Spawn Cap - Controls the maximum number of mobs allowed to spawn from any given "GROUP"
    Chunk Spawn Chance - Only done the first time a chunk is generated. When you FIRST enter a new area and cause chunks to be generated for the FIRST time, entities are "chunk spawned" with whatever chance you've entered.

    Let me know if this helps or if there's something I can try to explain better. Also, anyone feel free to correct me if any of this is wrong, but to the best of my knowledge, this is correct.

    Thanks for taking the time to post that, and yeah it helps a lot. I am a bit burned out from trying to figure it all out myself but i will work on it again tomorrow using your advice. Will post my results.
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    This mod is so awesome, Thanks for making it! Heres a pic of my power room with six turbines and some stuff from other mods:

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    Hey Emoniph, Iam really enjoying your mod, its very classy. Heres the house I built for it. Thanks for making my game more fun!

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    Hey Azanor, I just wanted to thank you for the countless hours of fun. Thaumcraft really is a work of art and an amazing accomplishment. Expertly planned and executed.

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    I have been waiting for a 1.6.4 fabricator for so long. Please I beg of you, backport!
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    Having a ton of fun with my first go at Growthcraft. My grape farm:

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    Hey Gwafu, I fell in love with this mod the instant I saw the models. The way you rendered the barrels to be pixelated? Brilliant. And Ive been waiting a long time for apples trees that arent just apples painted onto the leaves. I dont yet have much experience with the mod, but Ive added into my already existing world and am hoping it will play nice with MFR and thaumcraft farming techniques.
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    Hey Algorithm, just wanted to express my support for what you are doing. Even though I dont plan on updating very soon, I am excited by the bold new steps you are taking with AE2. I like how you can now organize your terminals with the upgrade modules, easier than setting up subnetworks just for that. Also the meteors and hints of alien technology is intruiging, It would be interesting if you explored this concept further. Like, ancient crashed UFOs instead of meteors and a possible portal into the alien home world. Expand AE into a little bit more than what it is, give it its own lore. Maybe some advanced alien weaponry. I think that would be awesome.
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    Quote from Censuur

    Right, because having a jar suck fluid from an alembic is totally believable, in fact it's so believable just the act of suction from that one jar will completely block the entire system of piping even when there isn't anything there for it to suck.

    Automating small portions of thaumcraft with ludicrously inefficient systems in no way resolves the issues people are having, and that's that nearly half of thaumcraft's content isn't worth it's cost (not even close) and pipes are one of the main problems here. Yes, you can automate small systems, but you can also manufacture any reasonable amount of products from such a system in easily half the time it'd take you to automate it.

    Take nitor for example, the sheer cost in time and resources to automate it would not be worth choosing it over the alternative of just crafting a few stacks manually and the same effectively goes for everything thaumcraft can "automate"

    And in the end, when all that "advanced" thaumcraft does is make things look pretty, it simply isn't worth the sheer investment of time required to get there in survival, you can make some great and entertaining things in creative with the current iteration of thaumcraft, but that's really the extent of it, unless you really have TOO much time to waste.

    Wow dude you really dont get it. It doesnt matter what youre trying to mass produce a little hands on effort somewhere along the line works wonders. Dont play thaumcraft if you dont like having an active role. And as for the constant whining about tubes....ONE golem and 52 void jars. They always stay full and he never stops working cuz one is overfilled. Tubes are best for churning out one aspect or two not mass essentia sorting! Fools!
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    Quote from Soaryn

    No, you are not all "spoiled children"; however, maintaining 3 different sources of the exact same information is highly unintuitive and popularity has nothing do to with it. Personally I find the text editor here a pain to deal with for NEW information to format nicely. I could just use a paragraph form, but as we mentioned before: Many people don't like reading. We will have a website up soon that will handle not only XyCraft, but my other projects as well so you won't have to go to twitch or twitter (though I don't see how hard it is to go to them.)

    The over abundance of ore has been fixed and the method of gunning them have changed. Fabricators are definitely still in, but we have a few Multi-Blocks as well as the power-net for the next version.

    Being 35, 25,10, 72, I don't care; age is not a credibility form factor here. If you don't find the mod useful and only wish to complain further, find a different forum to utilize. I'm sure the Moderators would appreciate it.

    Im pretty sure popularity has everything to do with it otherwise you would check in here more often to see if anyone cares about your project. But you already know because you have followers. And like a previous poster said, looking on twitter for specific information without having to sort through a bunch of conversation...not fun. I just dont get that site's popularity with you youngsters, it sucks. And I do find it useful, which is why I went through the tedium of learning and writing a custom ore generation config for it. I just didnt like how caves looked with those ores everywhere, and absolutely despised what the crystals did to my framerate. but didnt want to do without the fancy blocks and fabricator.. Also got some use out of the xychorium soil for my cactus farms.
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