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    About DreamCraft: Dream-Craft is my idea(and now a W.I.P) for a mod....(obviously)! Dream-Craft is a mod that changes the way you will play minecraft for ever.In my opinion sleeping in MC is to easy . I think its kinda "Cheap" that with the click of a button you can get rid of all the monsters. I think they should have some kind of catch or challenge to sleeping.So heres the idea, the lower amount of hunger the lower chance for a better dream. On the other hand if you have a high amount of hunger your chances of a good dream go up. Theres a few ways to wake up...one is by dieing . Not really sure the percentages for that yet but eventually i will. There will obviously be two kinds of dreams...GOOD and BAD.
    Good:Good dreams will consist of you spawning on somewhat of an Aether but definitely not in the sky. Basically it will be the same as normal MC but instead of dirt there will be a cloud like block.I still have ALOT of work to do and i still need some ideas for the good dreams.
    Bad:A bad dream will be somewhat of a nether...To tell you the truth i dont like the nether...at all!I think it needs ALOT of changes to actually be "good"...(In my opinion).The bad dreams will not have nether rack AT ALL.If anything it will have more of an obsidian flooring/dirt.

    October 17 2011: Idea Implemented
    October 30 2011: Sprites for ores, armor and items created/designed.
    December 2011:Dream Catcher/Dream Collector added.
    January 2012: Infinium Ore Added
    February 2012 Infinium Armor added.
    April-June 2012: Dreaming added...Failed...fixed...and failed again.
    June 2012: Change-log added ;P

    //www.mediafire.com/?f6ed46oaor0b7ci" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://www.mediafire...6ed46oaor0b7ci" rel="nofollow" title="">http://www.mediafire...aor0b7ci

    1.Unzip the ZIP file.
    2.Install the files in the locations stated in the folder.
    3.Install modloader.
    4.Your done!

    Dream Catcher:

    The dream catcher will lower the chances of you have a bad dream by 25%-40%
    //minecraftrecipedesigner.com/" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://minecraftreci...edesigner.com/" rel="nofollow" title="">Posted Image//minecraftrecipedesigner.com/creations/90469.png" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://minecraftreci...ions/90469.png" />:
    Sprite:Posted Image//img840.imageshack.us/img840/2520/dreamcatcher.png" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://img840.images...eamcatcher.png" /> .
    Dream Collecter:

    The dream collector is basically what will collect all the items you have while your dreaming.Without it there really no reason to dream.
    //minecraftrecipedesigner.com/" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://minecraftreci...edesigner.com/" rel="nofollow" title="">Posted Image//minecraftrecipedesigner.com/creations/90468.png" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://minecraftreci...ions/90468.png" />
    Sprite:Posted Image//img171.imageshack.us/img171/8624/dreamcollector.png" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://img171.images...mcollector.png" />[/spoiler]
    Angels: You can tame an angel by giving him/her/it a golden apple. Angels with be your ultimate companion, they are passive( they wont atack mods) but they do have some amazing features. When you take damage they will heal you. About 1 heart every 3 seconds. Also when you fall they will place a cloud under your feet so you can have a safe landing. If you give them glow stone dust they will lead you to a gold dungeon.

    Fake Ores: These will be ores found on the surface, but when you atack they will atack you back. They are very strong they will have 6 hearts but when you kill them they will drop the ore that they "are" (just because you see an ore on surface doesn't mean its fake, there will still be REAL ores on the surface.

    Panda Hugger: Cute little pink panda bears that will run straight towards you and hug you. Once they hug you they heal you for a heart and will pop. If you put one in a chest you can have a portable "Panda Hugger". With the "Panda Chest" you can carry it arround and heal yourself when you really need it. Then if you surround that "Panda Chest" with gold(or may be changed to diamonds) then it will be turned into "Super Panda Hugger" once you throw down this panda it will hug and help you out till it dies.
    Gargoyle:A gargoyle will spawn on top of stone dungeons which will only spawn in Bad Dreams.If you dont look at them they wont atack you...or move at all.If you do they will quickly come at you and you will have to kill them quickly or you will obviously die.
    Im not completely sure what they will drop but thats why i need your ideas!

    Thief: A theif is basically what you expect it to be. Thiefs wont spawn closely to each other.If a thief is within a 64 block radius of you then it can look at you.Once it looks at you it will come running at you slightly faster then the run speed of us(minecrafters).Once it gets you it will pick up the block that you have in your hand.Once its killed it will drop you item,AND some other item.Im not sure yet but probably like diamonds or something!

    Chainsaw Pandas: These are the most ferocious bears you have ever met. These savages will come at you and will stop at nothing to get you. These pandas are crazy and want your meat, so I would recomend to stay away. They will drop cooked meat, and sometimes redstone/iron ingots.

    Scary Faces: These faces will coming flying at you like ghast and once they hit you they will push you back 3 blocks and hurt you. Once killed they will drop rare items such as diamonds and iron.
    Infinium Ore:
    Found only in bad dreams.Can only be used to make armor.Armor is twice as tough diamond but decreases your movement speed by 25%.Also it can only be mined with an Iron+ PickAxe..Takes as long as redstone to mine.Last but not least it hurts you for half a heart every so often do to the poison located in the center of the ore!
    Posted Image//img684.imageshack.us/img684/1589/infiniumore.jpg" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://img684.images...nfiniumore.jpg" />[/spoiler]

    Application Forms:
    Coders, Texturers, ETC.

    [b]What's your application for?[/b][i](Coder,Moder,Texturer,ETC)[/i]:
    [b]Past Experience[/b][i](Mods, textures, ETC)[/i]:
    [b]Strengths[/b][i](Ore's textures, World Generation, ETC)[/i] :
    [b]Full time?[/b][i](Or part time :P)[/i] :

    [b]What is it[/b][i](Mob,Ore,Item,Weapon,ETC)[/i]:
    [b]What color[/b][i](s)[/i]:
    [b]More Info[/b]:


    1.MineCraftSky(Keeping this forum alive).
    Support This:

    Thanks for getting this popular <3

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    Quote from Legoguy88

    cant wait :biggrin.gif: bookmarked

    Thanks :biggrin.gif:
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    Quote from Soloman212

    I'm still up for texturing everything and organizing the ideas. If you can find someone to mod/your motivation then I'll keep helping out.

    Alright thanks man...Lets get this mod done :biggrin.gif:
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    Quote from NinjaKAdv

    Didn't see you gave up modding. Would you mind if I took this mod over?

    I hate to say this but kinda...Ive been working really hard when it got deleted im was really frustrated and gave up modding.I mean yes you can do this if you want but i would really apreciate a thanks at the bottom of your forum :smile.gif:
    Quote from NinjaKAdv

    You should have decent dreams when your percentages are 40%-60% and anything in between. They should be like normal minecraft except they last a short time but you can gather materials there. Bad dreams should just be a dark obsidian cavern full of monster spawners. Good dreams should be full of rare materials like diamond and gold. Too get out of a bad dream you die. A decent dream you take damage. A good dream you run out of time. I think if you find the sheep the guardian should protect instead but if you kill him you use the key at a locked chest in a bad dream. Gargoyles should drop purifying crystals to be put in a purifier to purify Ifinium ore. Sleeping in the nether should cause devil dreams. A devil dream should be 5 minutes in a devil world full of creepes gargoyles and ghasts. Let me know what ideas you like! I also want to be a texturer. I love the mod idea. I support it! :biggrin.gif:

    Really nice ideas..But im kinda giving up.Unless someone can teach me to mod again.I will probably hand this over to you...If you can teach me i would be happy for us to work together :smile.gif:
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    Thanks for being such a great mod solo!
    And also i have decided to quit modding.
    Im not having fun with it anymore.
    Unless we find a deticated modder i dont think we can do this =/
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    Nice get some more pictures of only the block though =/
    +1 Rep
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    Quote from bluecloak1997

    how does an idea get more +rep than actual mods?

    Mabye because they like the idea?
    And that its a WIP
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    Dont go in?
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    Umm.. Dream cookies 95% More Good Dreams ? Crafted with gold and glow dust, :tongue.gif: Random idea that popped in my head;

    Good idea :biggrin.gif:
    I may use this :]
    Quote from Sathron

    Hey I love the idea. And I could help with the coding and stuff if you want

    Ummm...im not sure.I need to get in contact with my other modders :biggrin.gif:
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    Really nice +1 Rep :biggrin.gif:
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