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    There comes a time in each minecrafters game experience, when they begin to get bored with the game. It is a very sad time, and there is a few solutions. You could stop playing, and come back a few months later, or you could build. I prefer the later.

    Today, I logged into minecraft and created a creative flatland world, and then sat and stared at my screen. What was I to build? I look and see on youtube how so many people have built amazing worlds based off of their subscriber suggestions. Unfortunately, I do not have a large subscriber base to refer to if I need ideas. But one thing I do have is the minecraft community.

    This thread is where you can share your ideas for creative worlds in minecraft. I need ideas, other people need ideas, and this is your place to share ideas.

    So what are you waiting for? Post your ideas below, the minecraft community needs you!
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    Hey guys, Epicblock man, and I just wanted to tell you guys about a new sieres of adventure maps that are batman based. i am still continuing the other adventure maps, but i have to wait for 1.2 for Jeb to fix ladders.... ANyway I need a villain, any villain besides Joker and Riddler from Batman for the first map to be based after. Any ideas?
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    What is up Minecraft?

    It's Epic Block Man here with his first map challenge! I've always wanted to see some really creative people try to make this challenge, so, here we g

    I really want to some really good builders build some really cool fantasy things, so here is want to see some pics of down below in the reply section...

    1. A Medieval City :brick:
    2. A Dwarven City (preferably underground) :soil:
    3. Elven City (Would be really cool in trees) :Leaves:
    4. An Evil, Dark City :Spider:
    5. Some Castles! :cobblestone:
    6. Ruins :mossystone:
    7. An Atlantis type city Underwater :Water:
    8. A City in the Nether????? :blink.gif:
    9.A City Built on the Mountainside? :stone:
    10. And Any other awesome idea you guys come up with!!

    So put you pictures of 1 or more of the topics above and we will see what some people can come up with!

    -Epic Block Man :DORE:
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