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    posted a message on DartCraft Beta 0.2.20
    How does one craft a forge hammer? NEI won't tell me, and you seem to need it to make any of the machines. Also, I can't find it in the main post for this mod.
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    posted a message on Atum 2: Return to the Sands
    Any chance of updating this to 1.6.2? I'd love to include it on my server
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    posted a message on Metallurgy - Putting the "Mine" back in "Minecraft"!
    Quote from Shadowclaimer

    Yea as I said in that post the bug fix is going to use the latest Forge so it should fix that issue hopefully, we'll know more when we put it up to test.

    When do you anticipate this bug fix? And is there any chance it will include fixing the underground biomes stone-dictionary fix?

    I'm using 3.2.3 on a forge server, and I get strange issues with spawning, like other people.

    As a side note, I'm using Aroma1997's mining dimension mod, and I get *some* ores spawning there, but not most. For instance, I've found a couple batches of adamantite and infuscolium, but no other fantasy ores.

    I'm currently using 871 build of forge (for 1.6.2)
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w24a Available for Testing!
    Haven't checked it, but there was a bug in 23b that made it so that the various types of leaves didn't maintain the correct labeling when gathered via silk touch. All would end up labeled as oak leaves, even though it was clear that there were leaves of all sorts available.

    As for ender chests, it's nice to see an option for secure multi-location storage, but I'd love to have a faction-oriented secure storage.
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    posted a message on Additional Ores
    Current ores:
    (Did I miss something)

    These all have multiple uses, including potions.

    Additional ores could also have uses in potion making, but my focus is on something else.

    Titanium. Whitish, looks like iron/gold, but white. Drops white nuggets a la lapis lazuli. These may be combined into white blocks like the lapis, but for real utility must be smelted into titanium bars. Titanium tools, weapons, & armor all provide 4095 uses, and have an enchanting level similar to gold (specifically, 20 for armor, 24 for weapons/tools). They would mine at the median between iron and diamond, and would be able to mine obsidian (12s). Titanium armor would have a durability of 2.5x that of diamond, and would provide identical protection. It would appear whitish with bluish hinting. Titanium would occur between levels 2 and 10 only, at a rarity equivalent to diamond (0.1276% of all stone at these levels), making it roughly half as common as diamond.

    Amber. Appears as a gold-tinted translucent block. Drops amber dust when mined (similar to glowstone dust), and is craftable back into a gold-tinted block. 4 dust to make 1 block, blocks drop 3-5 dust when broken. May be silk-touched. USES: Decoration, mainly. When added to an awkward potion, the dust creates a potion of invisibility.

    Ruby. Appears similar to diamond, only red. May be mistaken for redstone, but does not glow or 'bleed'. Drops 1 ruby (similar to diamond). Ore can be obtained with silk touch, smelting provides 1 ruby. Fortune functions as normal. USES: Functions identically to diamond for armor, weapons & tools, but with red instead of blue tinting. Additionally, may be used as super rails. Recipe would be as powered rails, but replacing gold with rubies (6 rubies, 1 powered rail (instead of redstone), 1 stick==16 Super Rails). Super rails would be self-powered rails that provide a boost equal to 4x that of a powered rail (both speed and duration). Rarity would be identical to diamonds.

    I'll add further ideas as I think of them.
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    posted a message on Make Enchanting Less Annoying (Choose Your Level)
    Just to respond to this: I don't mind the random levels of enchantments that are available, nor do I mind not knowing exactly what I'm going to get ahead of time.

    What I _hate_ is spending 50 levels and only getting Unbreaking 3 on a diamond pick, when I've gotten that + efficiency 3 off only 20-25 levels. I really think that there *must* be a better way to work the enchantments and still have an element of surprise that doesn't make the player want to break something.

    As an example, Unbreaking is capped at 3 levels, which makes it fitting for a level 50 enchant, however, if that is *all* you get, it's likely to be frustrating. Yes you'll have that pick a *very* long time. What if, instead of enchanted items not being able to be re-enchanted, you could *add* enchantments to existing ones. So you spend 30 levels, get unbreaking 3, but you have 20 more to spend, so you put it back in the table and try again. Now it rolls up unbreaking 2 & efficiency 3, but since you already have unbreaking 3, it leaves that in place, and adds efficiency 3. With this system, everyone would be trying to get that *perfect* tool, but it would require much experience to use. You could even make it so that additional enchantments take double levels for the same effect (but with it still capped at 50 level expenditures), or some other method of decrementing the effectiveness of additional runs through the enchantment table.

    The other major possibility is to make it more like potions. Want unbreaking 1? Then bring in 3 redstone and some gunpowder (or whatever other method is determined). Like the potion system, it would take multiple runs through the table to get the desired effect & level of effect. Silk touch might require a stack of spider eyes. This would also have the effect of making the potion resources even more valuable. Do you want Efficiency I or another 10 potions of speed? You could do this and still make the level expenditure necessary, making enchanting more difficult to accomplish, but less frustrating to those who want to obtain a specific enchant. Make higher levels require double materials from each lower level. So if Unbreaking 1 requires 64 redstone, then Unbreaking 2 would require 128, and Unbreaking 3 would require 256. (I don't care about the actual amounts, to be honest.

    Here are some tool suggestions (with amounts for each level in parentheses):
    Fortune: Gold Nuggets (32, 64, 128)
    Efficiency: Gunpowder (16, 32, 64, 128, 256)
    Unbreaking: Redstone (64, 128, 256)
    Silk touch: Spider eyes (128)

    Of course, these are only suggestions, and so far I've used the currently available enchantments and rather mundane ingredients. I really think, however, that enchanting is broken as it currently stands. At the very least I want some guarantees that a level 50 enchant is going to be better than a level 30 enchant, which currently is far from the case.
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    posted a message on More Stairs Options
    Don't stop there--I want glass stairs (and halfsteps too!).

    Lapis lazuli, lightstone, and stone (not cobble) stairs would be nice as well). Maybe even sandstone. Definitely brick. That's just my perspective. It'd make some projects much nicer looking.
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    posted a message on 24/7 - free tools - anti-grief
    Question, is there any intention of doing something like this; http://twentymine.com/maps/overview-twenty/ for the sever, cause i can't ANYTHING. So freaking lost.
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