About Me

Hello there, fellow person that may or may not play Minecraft, I am Enzo, aka the guy everyone thinks is a creeper but is actually a guy with a creeper mask on.

I joined this forum mainly to play around in the forum games, and my currently favorite one ( Which is still going! ) is Google picture war.

That forum game is awesome..

Anyway, i dont really have characters like you may see on other peoples bio's every now and then, but i'll try!


Name: Cheese

Likes: Cheese

Dislikes: Some stuff that isnt cheese, broccili.

Sorta-medium-likes-but-not-quite-sure-likes: Pizza

Secret crush: Broccili with melted cheese on it.

Age: -1337

Potato: otatoP

Yeah, thats good enough.

Anyway, thats all i could really think of to type here. Bye.

I lied, theres still some more text.



Cheese, minecraft, awesome zombie-apocalypse survival related maps, other awesome maps that i may like.

Location cheese land

Profile Information

Minecraft EnzoSoCute Xbox hey guess what PSN i like pie