About Me

I am an enderman that was born too human, and was banished from the end world. I don't know why I was born diffrent, but I was like a human with enderman appearance. If you ever see me or my pet zombie cat, Pico, don't worry, we aren't hostile.

I don't eat humans and Pico only eats cat or dog brains which are already dead.

Feel free to talk to me about anything!

If you saw me in the past or are looking through my threads, read this:

I've changed a lot since the last time I was using MCF regularly. I've become more aware of my spelling and grammer, I moved away from the modding community and tried the off-topic and suggestions sections. But most of all, my personallity changed. If you remember or see any of my threads and you picture an 11 year old typing away, I want you to forget about all of that and look at me now. What I should have done then I am trying to do now.

Please, just ignore everything I posted before november 7, 2015 (with the exception of the galacticraft thread).


Cats, pixel art, gaming, and talking to people.

Location currently next to my cat

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