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    What do you want to be? (Staff/builder):Staff, Helper or Lowest rank.

    Minecraft username:xXCactusPichuXx

    Age(Not a must have, but would be nice to know):11

    Have you been banned before:I was banned from a server once for tp spamming the Owner, like 3 years ago. I'm more mature now.

    If so, why?: /\

    Have you held a Staff/Builder position before?: Oh, gosh. I have been Admin on CactusCraft, Helper on Icebenders and FDRaid, and Helper on EM Network.

    Why do you want to become a staff member or builder?: I've done it before, and it was fun. I'm no longer staff on CactusCraft or FDRaid, so I thought I'd look for a new server.

    Are you Mature?: Yes, I am mature. I will warn you, I do like to joke though ;)

    Can you handle situations calmly and control them?(This is really just for Staff): Yes. I am funny, and tell a lot of jokes, but when I kick or Ban is needed, I won't hesitate.

    Small statement about yourself and any experience in the past: Look up for #2. I enjoy minecraft a lot. I play it a lot, I like it a lot. I like staffing even more.

    Thank you for reading my application!


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