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    posted a message on Do you name a mob?
    Creeper = Mr. Creeps

    Spider = Spidey

    Cave Spider = Spidey's younger moar anyoing brother

    Zombie = waffle (long story)

    Pig = Frank

    cow = Demon from the nether (remember that mooing sound?)

    Wolf = Wolfie

    heres the zombie story .-.

    so it was early one morning and I made my self a waffle while crafting

    a zombie poped out and I screamed WAFFLE to my friend (instead of saying ZOMBIE)

    my friend said what? and was hit off of a cliff, it was hard core

    and I'm still searching for that zombie... it happened 2 months ago..
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    posted a message on Looking for a little help with Villages..
    Quote from scysek

    Just wondering if a door counts as a "house" if a villager has to enter a door to gain access to it.

    example: if they had to enter a door to get inside a building that acted as a "spawner" if you will.

    ok for 1 villager you need an enclosed space (so a small hut)

    with 1 wooden door to go in and out 1 torch to light it

    also as a side note 3 wooden doors = 1 villager pop

    so for 2 to have a baby you need 9 wooden doors and 2 squidwards

    hope I helped : D
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    posted a message on (New Tweaks) Using Leather Boots as Chew Toys to Distract Wolves [with concept art]
    yes please :3 (I'M TRYING TO MAKE A DOG FACE DON'T JUDGE ME!!!)
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    posted a message on Do you think there should be a way to turn off cheats?
    there is a cheat command called /publish that turns off cheats but you can't turn them back on
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    posted a message on Leather Armor Buff?
    Quote from Metholus

    Meaby make the leather boots be enchantable whit speed?
    Insteed giving it a general boost in speed, make it an item that you can enchant whit speed upgrades. It makes it more balanced, as its then harder to get the bonus, still keeping its use for starting bases.

    no that could cause people to wear diamond and leather boots
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    posted a message on Unlockable Villagers
    I would like this it would make the village FEEL like a village

    also the L shaped houses need another torch (zombies can spawn in it >.<)
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    posted a message on Creative inventory save section
    Quote from Hobo_Nate

    Yeah; but that wouldn't work for servers, because you could give yourself command blocks to cheat and destroy the server.
    Other than that, great idea!

    people don't say it could be used to grief!

    It isn't a great argument.

    OT: just wondering could the tab have a picture of an enderchest and it would connect to your enderchest
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    posted a message on Add the crafting of chiseled stone bricks.
    Quote from FalconPunch2014

    A very simple addition that would please some people, just the other day I was thinking about this too. It would not be a hard addition either, maybe make it a 4 stone brick in a 2X2 square to craft 4 chiseled stone brick, like chiseled sandstone.

    ummm.. to make the chiseled sandstone you take to sandstone half slabs and stick one above the other in the crafting table
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    posted a message on Better Minecart Sounds
    in the last update (or so) they got improved sounds.

    I think to get it sit in a cart and get it moving fast

    If you think that sound is bad be happy,
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    posted a message on Drop Changes (And More Rare Drops!)
    hmm... just to make your list more complete put this under creeper "when shot by skeleton 1 random music disc"

    also remove bones from zombies because yes they have 5 more hearts then skeletons but the skeletons can still hit you from a range making them harder (some situations it's their downfall) but still bones belong to the skeleton NOT the zombie

    other than that this Idea seems good :Pig:

    EDIT: while re reading the post I realized that the witch drop rates were too high :/

    for the brewing items it's 0-2 not 0-5 (though looting does help there)
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    posted a message on Double Crafting Tables
    yes please :D

    I can make tnt twice as fast muuahahhahahahha!!!
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    posted a message on Apple Pie!
    Quote from alexcarlson

    Harmless enough... except the fact that it restores seven hunger points is way too much. In my opinion. Four points is the highest current amount a food item restores for the moment, and I don't really think there should be any higher than that.

    well each of the little nuggets of food is really 2 food points so having 8 for example is 4 of the nuggets

    it's the same system with heath 1 heart = 2 heart points (hp, hit points, etc)

    OT: I would really like this :3
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    posted a message on Mojang consists of real, live people. Treat them the way you should treat friends, elders, AND strangers.
    Good sir,

    You will find a cake in your house tonight as a thank you...

    wait strike that I don't know where you live and that would be creepy o-0

    On a side note My creepy friend aproves.

    :SSSS: - My creators are people not robots!
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    posted a message on Sulfur
    Quote from Tjokm12345

    Gunpowder Also Drops From Ghasts.

    dat large white ballon thingy that fires explosive fire balls : D

    (goes to nether with 1 dirt, 1 bonemeal, 3 string, 15 feathers! got flint from the gravel)

    Ghast hunting time!
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    posted a message on Players Can Set Blocks On Fire When Their On Fire On Hardcore Mode
    Yes please I can see it happening right now :D

    :Notch: :Lava: ---> muhahahahah :Notch: :Pig: oink!
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