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    posted a message on 100% Vanilla Survival Server!!! (Hard Mode) age 16+
    1 - IGN: EnchantedLeopard

    2 - Age: 16

    3 - Skype: I'll send if I get accepted

    4 - What time zone/part of the world are you from: East Coast USA

    5 - Do you have a microphone: Yeah

    6 - Have you been banned on a server before: Nope. I got unwhitelisted from my last server from being inactive though (I warned them ahead of time though).

    7 - A little about your life: I'm a high school student and competitive runner. I've a relatively calm and tenacious person that likes to complete things 100% percent and have played and beaten tons of games during my free time.

    8 - What’s your experience with Minecraft: Been playing for almost 2 years now on and off. I always go through cycles where I get bored with the game and times where I clock in tons of hours per week. I've been part of a plethora of Vanilla SMP servers (most crumbled sadly) and even made a few videos when I was feeling it. As of right now, I haven't played in a good 2 months and I wanna get back into the swing of things.

    9 - What are some great stuff that you built, What would you say your best at: Totally redstone and farm designing. I'm a logic based person and love making cool designs to cut down on tedious processes. I plan on being an engineer in the future.

    10 - How often will you play? Are you daily? once a week: This depends largely on what's going on. If I have a basic week with average homework and practices, probably an hour or two a day. I generally have no control of my schedule.

    11 - Past experience on other vanilla servers: I touched on that in number 8. Didn't see this one ahead of time.

    12 - Will you be willing to donate a little (a few dollars) to help with the server at some point: Depends. I don't have a job so funds are limited.

    13 - What is your favorite block: Iron Blocks. Using them in abundance is one of my favorite things to do.

    14 - Anything/extra information: Nope :]
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    posted a message on Fresh SMP Vanilla Server with mature community and youtube start up help
    Application Format
    1.Minecraft Name: EnchantedLeopard
    2.Age: 15 (I know what I'm doing, trust me :3)
    3.Skype will be asked for upon interview: I'll message you it if I'm accepted
    4.How often are you motivated to play minecraft: Generally around an hour or two a day if given the time on school days. On weekends or breaks I play a lot more
    5.Describe your best talent in minecraft e.g. building, redstone, etc: Redstone and farm creations are my main specialty. I'm not a very patient person so I love automating things ^^
    6.Details about yourself that you believe can help you be recruited to the server: I'm a very calm person with a lot of server experience as both a loyal player and a server owner. I was also part of the old Heartcraft community and know smoeg98 who plays on here. I recognize your name from Heartcraft as well :]
    7.How mature do you believe you act: On a scale of 1-10 probably 8 to be fair. I'm generally a polite person and don't curse often. I do love to make others laugh but with respectable material (none of that "that's what she said" shenanigans). I'm mature enough to admit my mistakes if I for some reason make any; count on that.
    8.Do you have a Youtube Channel: Yes (Youtube.com/user/EnchantedLeopard)
    If yes: Would you be able to make videos on the server?: I would probably make weekly/every other week server tours since my previous video making methods on my channel don't favor my play style. I prefer taking my time and getting stuff done right over not enjoying it and getting up constant videos.

    If I'm accepted message me on the forums and I'll give you my skype and everything
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    posted a message on New Minecraft 1.6.2 Private Community Server
    IGN: EnchantedLeopard
    Age: Almost 15
    Why Join: I've been looking all over for a nice vanilla server to play on with my friend Gamerzbehatin and I hope this server will meet my needs so I can build lots of farms and overall just have fun
    Griefed: Only on servers that allowed it (Anarchy etc.)
    Friendly: I'm a peaceful and kind person don't worry about that :D
    I've played Minecraft since the 1.0 official release
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    posted a message on Mineified | Survival | Vanilla | Mindcrack-Like | Whitelist | 1.6
    IGN: EnchantedLeopard

    Age: 14 (15 soon)

    Why Join: Well I've been through so many servers (Whitelist, PvP, Mindcrack like etc.) and in the end, most of them either shut down or lost my interest. I'm hoping this server can prove to be a good fit for me as I have a lot to offer to the community. My main strong point in Minecraft is farms and contraptions that help get resources quickly and without a lot of effort (Like automatic wheat farms). I'm very much into the Mindcrack server and HermitCraft and I can help with building a great spawn if that hasn't been done already. I'm very active on servers especially if others are on as well for maybe 2+ hours depending on what I'm doing. Either way I'm a fairly balanced and ethical Minecrafter and I'd love to be a part on this server!

    -Check out a few of my many projects!

    Here's my automatic potion brewer! I still have some kinks to work out...

    This is my easy sheep wool shearing machine! No more chasing those pesky sheep around.

    Here's my mob spawner! I based if off the mechanics of JL2579's Iron Golem Farm!

    Here's a random jet I built! I'm trying to get better at building :D

    -I've designed many farms and traps and I still have many more to design and make!

    -I'd also like to record once I get a better computer :) (38 fps in a creative world is kind of sad :3)

    -Pm me on the forums or quote me on this thread if I'm accepted or not and thank you for considering me :D
    I'll pm my Skype if I'm accepted of course.
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    posted a message on MindCrack Vanilla Server! (Whitelisted)
    IGN: EnchantedLeopard

    Skype: EnchantedLeopard

    Skills: Redstone, Farms, Resource Gathering (Working on Building)

    Why Join: I've been in various Vanilla Minecraft servers and most of them didn't turn out too well. I've even tried hosting one with my friend but so few players ruined it. I'm looking for a nice community (Like Mindcrack/Hermitcraft) where I can showcase my talents and learn a little something too. I'm happy to help out the community as much as I can. This will also be a good time to get back into Minecraft since 1.6 is right around the corner.

    Rules: Cool with me

    If I'm accepted or not accepted send me a pm on the forums :D


    Are you still accepting?
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    posted a message on ★★★★★ PhanaticMC Network ★★★★★ skyblock skygrid factions creative minigames + more
    IGN: EnchantedLeopard
    reason: After playing a bit as just a default with my friend and since it's lag-free (unlike a lot of other skyblock servers) it suits my needs and it seems like a nice community. :)
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w04a Available for Testing!
    Although this is totally unrelated, they should add like an xp bank into Minecraft. Basically it would work like an ender chest and you can store xp and save it up instead of either spending it or dying with it. Anyway it all sounds cool except for the bone meal. Come on 7 bone meal for a one block wheat to grow while it takes 2 to grow a giant tree, can someone show the logic behind that?.
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    posted a message on MindCrack Like Server [Pranking][Whitelist][Vanilla]
    We gotta update to 1.4.4
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    posted a message on *Newly Reopened* 1.5.2 Small Server [2 Servers Now!] - Zontafer Style/Mindcrack Style 100% Vanilla & Legit [Whitelisted] UPDATE
    Country:United States
    Reason: I've been looking for a very long time for a friendly vanilla survival server and believe me I've gone through a lot of servers, but none of them worked out. I want a server where I can come on, build a base, mob traps and farms that people can use and overall just have a fun time. I'm a pretty good builder and I'm very dependable. Hope you accept me :)
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    posted a message on MindCrack Like Server [Pranking][Whitelist][Vanilla]
    Ign: EnchantedLeopard
    Real Name; Alex
    Youtube channel (recommended): Greystripewarriorcat
    Skype (recommended);I can make one if i need to
    What part of minecraft are you best at?: I'm good at farming and traps like mob farms, xp, redstone piston stuff. I'm a very good technical worker.
    Why you wanna be on this server: Me and my buddy GamerzBeHatin have been looking forever for a nice vanilla whitelist server where we just have fun and work with others you know? I really like HermitCraft so this server would be a perfect fit. Plus since pranking is a big thing, I'll be playing with people who have a sense of humor unlike a few other servers i found. I want to have an enjoyable vanilla experience.
    Are you good at pranking?: I'm pretty good at it, I abused MobDisguise on this one server :P....
    Can you take a joke?: Yeah I have a pretty good sense of humor, just not people TNTing my house, that's a little much.
    What's the best way to get in contact with you if you are accepted?: Message my forum account.
    -One question, will you give accepted players the IP, I'm guessing so?
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