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    Why on earth did someone report me for making a joke post? If the incident is making everyone so edgy that getting me an infraction point for one one harmless post is worthwhile, then you don't deserve Minecraft to be honest. :Skeleton: There has been much worse spam than what I made, and that seems to be ignored, so I'd ask whoever reported my post to take everything with a grain of salt and not be as literally and personally as the Internet is notorious for.

    On another separate note, not involved with a fake unban app, I'm sure things will be running smoothly in a week or so as I have complete confidence in the admin staff on this server. They are extremely dedicated to the server and are probably doing their best to revive the status quo. I'm glad I wasn't on during the mess because I'm not quite sure what I would have done.
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    Quote from Spendrew

    Spendrew's Guard App

    1) IGN: My In Game Name is spendrew.

    2) Your age: I am the age of 14.

    3) How long have you been playing the server? (Minimum of 3 days): A few weeks now.

    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules?: I have read the server/ prision/ guard rules. (Noakii)

    5) Any experience with the prison genre?: I have played on many prision servers, this server being the best by far.

    6) What is your time zone?: I am in the eastern time.

    7) Why are you the best choice for guard?: As a huge fan of convicted I would love people to keep comeing back and playing again. So as a guard doing my job would be keeping the server and players safe and makeing the atmosphere a nice and enjoyable place. What makes me the best of the best is my passion for this server. As a player I try to help others as much as possible. I feel that becomeing a guard will grant me to be able to help the server and the players even more! As a guard I will always follow the rules and help players to the very highest of my abilitys. I would like to also keep the server enjoyable by keeping it fair. By fair I mean no revenge killing and no killing people for no reason. Keeping the server community safe and enjoyable is my top priorty. I have also owned a server before so I know the sure signs of hacking and could spot an xrayer in flash. I know how to deal with people who will not follow the rules. When I say deal with them I dont mean INSTA-BAN I mean I know how to talk to them to calm them down when there in the rageing mood. Please consider me a Guard, I will not let you down!

    8) What is your current rank? Do you understand that we will require PROOF of your rank when/if you retire from guard?:I am the rank of B block and I do understand that if I was retired from Guard I would need proof of my rank.

    I would like to thank you very much for takeing your time to read over my guard app. That means a lot to me.

    Recommended because he's a neat guy and that's what the Internet needs more of.
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    Everyone needs to be aware of the fact that zzwerling and grantphantom were friends from the beginning and probably know each other IRL so I don't think it's fair to count the former's opinion on the latter's guard app as being objective.
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    Quote from MrD69

    If you honestly thought we were getting demoted... Well, then you are stupid.

    As for all the guards posting their reccomendations on who should get Alpha, no one is getting promoted/demoted. Also, great idea on banning Noakii!

    I realize it was very very unlikely that the alphas would get demoted, I just wanted clarity if we were going back to the status quo or something. And thank you for complimenting and even seconding my suggestion. (Please be able to tell that last sentence was sarcastic; it's hard to tell with Internet folk.)


    And yes, I do recommend him, he has been friendly and compliant to the guards ^
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    I just want some closure on this little Labour Day episode. When I logged on a couple minutes ago, most of the "banned" Alphas were on. Does this mean they're back and aren't getting demoted? That's my assumption. I'm not going to entangle myself in the spam debate, but I think it would be good for a warden to just summarize what the outcome will be of the situation in order that those who aren' t online all the time, won't miss anything.

    I will only add one note to this argument. If anyone does spam multiple times, they should have the same uniform punishment. I've seen alphas spam in the past, I've seen cookiemonster do it innumerable times, and Noakii does it once in a while. If the alphas get banned shouldn't Noakii get banned? (Of course I'm not saying that should happen) Consistency is an important part of laying down the law.
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    Can u stop trying to mess me up? I've had enough of your crap just leave me alone.

    I'm not messing with you, I sincerely believe you would not be a good choice for guard based on prior behavior. I am not trying to get you banned or anything, just want to make the wardens are aware of what you have done before.
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    Thats not really trolling I'm just messing with u guys lol :) Just having a bit of fun u know I really hope I can be a guard though :) trust me I won't do any of that stuff

    I frankly can't see why you should get guard after spending two days of flaming me and trying to get me demoted.

    Quote from zzwerling

    Good App.

    I'm sorry to have to say this and understand your motivation, but I think it's kind of cheap to support your friend like this. When he tried to get me demoted you were the only other one to agree with him. Eh, not much I can do about it, just seems a little unfair to give him a seemingly third-person thumbs-up when it's more just scratching your friend's back. Don't take this as hate, just seems a little weird.

    Its not trolling guards its just I need more armor nothing against any guards its just I need supplies.

    Again, you tried over two days (three hours each day) to get me demoted and/or banned from the server. I remember the whole thing originated because you kept insisting you were better at PVP than I was. Neither of those two types of trolling originate from lack of supplies.

    I don't hold a grudge against you, I just don't see you as fit to be guard because of the ways you've been acting to me and on occasion other guards in the past. I'm also not fond of the fact your friend got guard even though he posted it every single page, instead of spacing it out every ten pages. The applications may be good but the character of the people behind them seem questionable on many occasions.

    Edit: The fact that you just posted your app again on this page proves my point

    Important Stuff v
    My last concern is that we have too many guards/trainees right now, we don't need more. It is incredibly boring for a guard right now because no free's want to PVP and there's usually someone else taking care of the job. We could use another alpha or warden (since the disappearance and retirement of deathbanes and dualbladez) possibly too to help balance out the overwhelming number of guards. I really hope we could stop letting new guards in until the population is more balanced and we are in need of more; right now there's just too many and we need less not more so it would be nice to let the guards go inactive over time instead of just drowning the prison with more of them.
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    I really wish there was a way to punish people who post their apps so often, it's essentially spam that makes it harder for me to read actually meaningful posts.
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    I know I'm one to talk just having gotten guard a few days ago, but I really think (for American timezones at least) there are a large enough number of guards as it is. I only have trouble if 1) a Free faction is on but at least there are two or three other guards to help me sooner or later or 2) an Alpha isn't available to send C's who keep attacking me to D; I had three who kept spawning and dying at least 10 times each, and the only Alpha being Aldron on ignored my request to take care of the situation presumably because he was AFK. Thankfully, ben came on later and that was solved.

    I think there should be a cap on how many guards there should be in a direct ratio to number of non-guards who play Convicted per day. That way, there would hopefully be guard population control which makes it more challenging for guards and more fun for Frees. Just a thought in light of how many guard apps there are and the thankfully small number who are being accepted but still cause guard numbers to swell even further.

    Alternate Idea: We ship all our bad guards off to Killion.
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    Quote from Noakii
    • New Rank for Guards can't happen because it would cause lots of begging and seems like Guards just want the quickest route to higher power.
    • Citizen will make Convicted repetitive, there is already Omega for Free's.
    • Guard Block would make guards want to stay there rather than do their actual job.

    It may be better if lower-ranked guards trainee to regular to beta-newrank thingy could get a promotion based on how many hours they've spent on duty. This would probably require a plug-in of some sort but it would let those who work hard actually move up. This wouldn't apply to Alpha guard of course because we wouldn't want too many of them. Just a thought though to reward those who work hard without having to have people see what they're doing most of the time.
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    How was this a temper tantrum LOL. I was laughing about this the whole time. I just think you are horrible at pvp and a lot of other stuff and should be demoted to whatever rank you were. Your sixth point is a lie, you always lie about this I killed you fair and square I killed you with full health before. This originated from you killing me because of guard duty (the first one you did right). I didn't ignore your comment, I didn't have iron armor at the time so it would be unfair. I've killed you with a stone sword though so I should've just accepted it right then. (Last clause is unclear) I didn't know how crap you were at PVP. You know what? I think this is an unfair thing to do- guards giving money? (Unclear again) I don't really see a point. Your lagging computer is just a ****ing excuse, mine does too with the render distance to tiny. You aren't average, you fight like a blind donkey. Are you actually(unnecessary comma) making fun of my rank; you think I care? LOL well guess what you're not even a guard yet, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You don't even carry out justice, I've seen people hit you multiple times then run away, and you are to lazy to run after them. After people have bitched at me over and over (Unclear Fragment). I have now realized it is ok to give your stuff away. But really? That is just not fun you are ruining it and you're so called friends (I don't know how you have any) experience. So yeah, good morning Everybody :P

    Goodness, it's hard to have a good morning with all the negativity in there. I corrected your grammar just to help you though. Ok let me just divide this into points again to make it easier for other people reading.

    1: Temper Tantrum
    Whether or not it was a temper tantrum, I will not be able to tell but if you're repeatedly telling me you'll get me demoted, I was guessing you were angry.

    2: Horrible at PVP and other stuff
    I'm not sure what the other stuff is but frankly you can't judge whether or not I am actually horrible at PVP because you never have challenged me in an honest duel. The only times I remember we were fighting yesterday:

    Number 1: After I was fighting a diamond-enchanted free you managed to get in one hit with an iron sword and kill me.
    Number 2: I was AFK several times yesterday and one time while I was in the middle of the C-Foyer, someone had killed me, I never knew but could have guessed it was you.
    Number 3: Another post-Wezdachimp fight you managed to kill me

    Furthermore, I only challenged you to a duel because you kept saying you could kill me with nothing but an iron sword which I would like you to prove again. On top of that, I believe that it's hard for anyone to fight with a lag of more than one second, which is my case sometimes when it has to render a lot of fighting. This hinders and therefore should excuse my PVP. I'd also like to point out donkeys are known for being stubborn fighters, so that was not a correct animal choice, I'd say you are a possum with the behind of an orangatang. Also making cracks on blind people is a very poor choice if you want liberals on your side, it's not also not kind to beat up blind people if I was so.

    3: Injustice

    Frankly, I have no idea sometimes who hit me when there's so many people crowding around me or maybe I'm busy with someone else and so it's hard to take care of every law-breaking prisoner like yourself all the time unless if I keep an eye out for them because they like causing trouble.

    4: "Friends"

    Most of the people who have stuck up for me I have not talked to or only had short talk with them while I was a prisoner/Free; they of their own free will have decided to stick up for me because they don't want whiny people being able to demote guards for petty things. They know what is right, and so do I.

    5: Making Fun of your Rank

    I don't think I have ever made fun of your rank, only said that you have the least integrity on the server nothing else about your rank.

    6: Ruining Fun

    I think I've covered this already I'm just doing my job, and keeping order in the prison, I am not doing anything which is infringing on the right of other guards or prisoners.

    Lastly: You have no right to be judging and commenting on guard applications; even Frees rarely do that, it's the guard's responsibility to comment on a guard application. Hard-working people who deserve to be guards shouldn't have to be criticized by an upstart like yourself.


    1) IGN:grantphantom
    2) Your age:15
    3) How long have you been playing the server? (Minimum of 3 days)2 months
    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules? Of course who hasnt? It is the most important thing to do.
    5) Any experience with the prison genre? It is my favorite type of server and when I found this one I loved the staff and the overall enviorment this is now my main server.
    6) What is your time zone? EST (Eastern Standard Time)
    7) Why are you the best choice for guard? I have a very good relationship with the guards right now I talk to them a lot such as redstery11 I know all the rules by heart. I am in position of authority on many other servers but I find this one the best. I have already told everyone in my class about this server and they all love it! some people I have told are commanderAIK and zzwerling. I would be a great addition to this server! and I would be happy to serve. I have also seen some trainees that just give up a chase. I never give up a chase. I will chase them till I kill them really. I am also a great PVP'r It has been really boring just seeing all these prisoners attack me and break the rules I would like to use my pvp skills for a greater use and defend people instead of fighting back. I think I am a well known enough figure on the server that I deserve to be a guard :) I really hope someone will take a chance and read my application!
    8) What is your current rank? Do you understand that we will require PROOF of your rank when/if you retire: As of now I am B I am close to ranking up to A :D

    BTW: Noakii :) Told you I read the rules

    I'm sorry but this would be a nightmare. First of all the app is decent, but there are shadowy parts to it. I have never seen you on the server before yesterday even though I've invested an average of an hour a day on this server since last month. The biggest lie on here is that you have a good relationship with the guards. That is not at all true (I'm evidence of this) and red even told you off for reporting me earlier, I don't think a conversation with him counts as a friendship. (I am not insinuating what he really may think but it is a lot to assume on your part.) As stated before, you do not act at all on the server like you do in this application.

    The cheap political trick which you have committed here is using your alt/friend zzwerling, who has already encourage you guys to demote me immediately after grant's first post, has just recommended this app twice in a row when he is a B just like grant took upon himself before.

    I do not feel like this would be a right decision even if the application may (not saying it is) be sufficient.

    Thank you for your time
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    Quote from TrollingSaurman

    Well, to be honest, a guard exists to keep peace and hinder chaos (I know, big words), not to encourage killing of fellow prisoners. So even though it is not mentioned in the rules, and it was indirect, Empirarte's actions of not of those of a guard.

    However, as he did not break any written rule in the first post, the punishment won't be as severe as a demote.

    You should read my post before judging what I did. I was joking about everything except the money part.
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    For those who want proof here is my friend's screenshot of it:
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    This image shows Empirarte giving a random C prisoner a crap load of money to rank up and kill me after him being pissed off that I killed him. I then said he still can't kill me, then he said I will give him Diamond Armor to kill you. Isn't this against the rules to give prisoners that much money and stuff? This is a report for Empirarte to hopefully get him demoted for what he has done. (he is a horrible pvp'r for a guard BTW)

    Grant, lololol, you are the biggest loser I have seen on this server, and trust me I've seen plenty among the C's, B's and a few Frees.

    First point: You cannot seem to understand the fact that that was the biggest piece of trolling I have ever done.

    Second point: That is actually my RL friend who I gave that money to, it was all planned out. He would log in for the first time I'd give him 215k and he'd get free. It got a pretty nice response from multiple people.

    Third point: I didn't give Melosios anything besides the money, he's been working on his own. Check the logs; I only said that to make grant's temper tantrum worse.

    Fourth point: This whole "I can KILLZ uuzz, u cant KILLLZZZ meeezz" stuff originated in grant's extremely mis-informed and possibly retarded mind. Whenever I'm fighting full d-enchants it's obvious I'm going to take damage. When I'm down to a heart or half, grant finds it appropriate to come charging in like a miscreant and manages to get his one lucky hit. This has occurred twice. His puny brain somehow understands that when he has ten hearts and one target, I have one heart and three different targets, and he can kill me when with his iron sword when I have my prot 1 chainmail on, this means he is superior in PVP. When I challenged this notion earlier today by suggesting a 1v1 duel, he ignored my comment and I assumed he had logged off.

    Fifth Point: Grant just because you hate me and think you are a good troll means nothing, I have been an upright guard who has followed the rules.

    Sixth Point: I am an average PVPer, and because my computer lags, this may make my skills worse, but I will never be below a pig-snouted B-Block with the attitude of a mule.

    Seventh Point: Being a guard does not necessarily mean being terrific at PVP you just need to be able to carry out justice, which is what I find myself doing just as well if not better than other trainees.

    Eighth Point: As Ben said I can do whatever I want with my stuff and even in the illogical realm of your mental processing, I am still rather justified in my joke.

    Have a good night everyone!
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    Quote from Guard Application Updated (Again)

    " href="">1) IGN: Empirarte
    2) Your age: 16 years
    3) How long have you been playing the server? (Minimum of 3 days) a month
    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules? Of course, several times
    5) Any experience with the prison genre? I've played a lot of Convicted this past week and I'm pretty familiar with how this server functions now as I've taken a look at every part of the server (except for D-block and guard spawn)
    6) What is your time zone? Central Standard Time
    7) Why are you the best choice for guard? I am pretty familiar with how guards carry out their roles as I've seen them in-game. However there are not enough guards to overpower the overpowered free players and I think I can help out. I have no hesitation in jailing or killing a prisoner as long as I do so for the sake of carrying out the rules. Although there are usually two to three guards on at any given time, that is not enough in order to preserve order within the prison, I seek to help.

    We need to defend the weak against the strong and help those who are new rise up through the ranks so that they are not turned away because of the amount of slaughter that occurs in c block. I want to help thoNOAKIIse who are new understand the server and make sure to help make them less naïve and more prepared to make their way through the roughness of prison life. This is a fun server but they may just need a push in the right direction to help them get started. I will do my best to extend the arm of justice to help the oppressed and fight the oppressors.

    To show that I want to help C-block I have taken several actions just now, since i have some leftover funds from upgrading to free, I decided to hand out 5 diamond swords to C-block players who were working hard and had not been whining for money. When one thanked me and offered to give me something in return I gave him 15k in BP with which he could automatically upgrade. These gestures of charity are not just for any random C-block players but those with a work ethic and gratitude as opposed to the trolls which I feel no desire to help.

    I want to do my part to aid those prisoners who may be turned away from the server but could truly offer donations or good character to the community. I hope that by doing this we can filter and/or change people so that convicted's community consists of better high ranks who stay with the server. But if justice calls (or a warden) I will also discipline the prisoners as needed to maintain order within the grounds which is of utmost importance not only in a real prison but for the server as well.

    8) What is your current rank? Do you understand that we will require PROOF of your rank when/if you retirefrom guard? Free

    Oh I thought I had that in there, well don't worry now I got it fixed Thanks for pointing that out dual.

    I resigned from the guard shortly thereafter primarily because I had not been to omega yet and had wanted to make money which I did and got a millionaire star with a quarter million sitting in my balance. And guards are a bit more balance now than then which was another reason why I quit. But now I am back and ready to serve.
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