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    posted a message on MineplexPE is Back!!! Updated to 0.10.0 WE NEED STAFF!!! Out Now, Join Join Join!!! WE NEED STAFF!!!
    Hello I want to be staff on this server
    In game name: EmeraldQueenX
    Age: 13
    Have I ever got banned kicked: No
    Do I have skype: No but I have kik. it's : EmeraldQueenX
    My experience: I haved helped others building servers and making them better
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    posted a message on [1.4.4] [NEW] Porkchop Realms [24/7] [Minecraft Bedrock]
    1.in-game-name : EmeraldQueenX

    2.age: 13

    3.KIK contact (required): EmemeraldQueenX

    4.OS (IOS, or Android?) Android

    5.How long have you been playing MCPE? since v. 0.7.6

    6.Your experience on MCPE servers (no more than 3 sentences): helped lot of people create servers, and guard them too..

    7.Why you would like to be a guard (5 or more sentences)

    I want to guard this server becuase it's so awesome and I want to be the guard playing it becuase I am proud

    of the owner who made this server.

    I also want to guard it because I have seen lots of hackers on mcpe servers

    and im always on minecraft pocket edition but i couldnt stop them.

    8. Define in your own words "disobeying server rules" : Its simple. If you disobey the server rules, I will ban them becuase it means

    they dont obey what they were given and just thinks we're so stupid we dont know they're hacking

    Thanks! I hope Im one of the guards!

    It would mean alot to me! ;)

    -emeraldqueen, xoxo
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