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    This is possible with some command blocks and some knowledge of redstone. It involves 21 command blocks. Most of them are testing for if a player or mob has died, what it's username or mob id was, and what it would have dropped. Next, the other command blocks would summon them with an age of 4000 (Them on the ground right before disappearing) and they will stay like that for 2000 ticks or 1500 seconds. It will now spawn a invisible mine cart chest named the mob or players inventory. For example, it would say Cow's Inventory and would have beef and leather in it, or it would say Notch's inventory and his loot would be in the invisible mine cart. The also has to be a 250 tick per second clock which can be made using the fill command. It's all very confusing and frustrating, but when I finished it, it was sooooo worth it. :D
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