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    posted a message on [ModLoader][1.8.1] Strength's Tutorials/Help (28/11/11) *Generation*
    I would like to suggest two tutorials for you to show us.

    1) How to create multiple color variations for the same item or block. For example: the various colors of wool or the tree barks.

    2) How to modify a pre-existing block or item already in the game. For example: Reducing the amount of iron ore in a world, changing the hardness of obsidian, or modifying the durability of a wooden axe.
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    posted a message on [May 23, 2012][ModLoader]Muserae's Modding Tutorials
    I'm waiting with baited breath for your next tutorial Muserae! Will it be how to generate ore? Or how to make a new type of stair/slab/fence? Or how to add a smelting recipe? Or even how to add a new type of crafting table/furnace thing. So suspenseful!
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    posted a message on [May 23, 2012][ModLoader]Muserae's Modding Tutorials
    I was curious what the average hardness and resistances for items and blocks where, so I put together a spreadsheet for myself. When I finished, I thought I would share with everyone else. It seems that resistance is innate to a block based on it's hardness, so resistance is only stated if it is greater than the innate resistance of the block's hardness.

    grass		        0.6F			
    stone			1.5F		10F
    dirt			0.5F
    cobblestone		2.0F		10F
    planks			2.0F		5F
    sapling			0.0F			
    bedrock		         -1F		6000000F
    waterMoving		100F
    waterStill		100F
    lavaMoving		0.0F
    lavaStill		100F
    sand			0.5F
    gravel			0.6F
    oreGold		        3F		5F
    oreIron			3F		5F
    oreCoal		        3F		5F
    wood			2.0F		
    leaves			0.2F
    sponge			0.6F
    glass			0.3F
    oreLapis		3F		5F
    blockLapis		3F		5F
    dispenser		3.5F
    sandStone		0.8F
    music			0.8F
    bed			0.2F
    railPowered		0.7F
    railDetector		0.7F
    web			4.0F
    tallGrass		0.0F
    deadBush		0.0F
    cloth			0.8F
    plantYellow		0.0F
    plantRed		0.0F
    mushroomBrown	        0.0F
    mushroomRed		0.0F
    blockGold		3F		10F
    blockSteel		5F		10F
    stairDouble		2.0F		10F
    stairSingle		2.0F		10F
    brick			2.0		10F
    tnt			0.0F
    bookShelf		1.5F
    cobblestoneMossy	2.0F		10F
    obsidian		10F		2000F
    torchWood		0.0F		
    fire			0.0F
    mobSpawner		5F
    chest			2.5F
    redstoneWire		0.0F
    oreDiamond		3F		5F
    blockDiamond		5F		10F
    workbench		2.5F		
    crops			0.0F
    tilledField		0.6F
    stoneOvenIdle		3.5F
    stoneOvenActive	        3.5F
    signPost		1.0F
    doorWood		3F
    doorSteel		5F
    ladder			0.4F
    rail			0.7F
    lever			0.5F
    oreRedstone		3F		5F
    button			0.5F
    snow			0.1F
    ice			0.5F
    blockSnow		0.2F
    cactus			0.4F
    blockClay		0.6F
    reed			0.0F
    jukebox		        2.0F		10F
    fence			2.0F		5F
    pumpkin		        1.0F		
    netherrack		0.4F
    slowSand		0.5F
    glowStone		0.3F
    portal			-1F
    pumpkinLantern	        1.0F
    cake			0.5F
    lockedChest		0.0F
    trapdoor		3F
    silverfish		0.75F
    stoneBrick		1.5F		10F
    mushroomCapBrown	0.2F
    muchroomCapRed	        0.2F
    fenceIron		5F		10F
    thinGlass		0.3F
    melon			0.3F
    pumpkinStem		0.0F
    vine			0.2F
    fenceGate		2.0F		5F
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    posted a message on [May 23, 2012][ModLoader]Muserae's Modding Tutorials
    Thank you Muserae! Now I can combine all my little new blocks into a single mod. SO happy! I was trying to add them one block after another and I didn't understand why it didn't work.

    I've been wanting to add new wood plank colors to my maps, when you have the time could you explain how to:

    1) Edit/override pre-existing items or blocks to change their damage values or other values

    2) How to use damage values.

    Maybe that should be reversed? he he he. I have other suggestions as well if you are interested, but I don't wanna come off the wrong way.
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    posted a message on [May 23, 2012][ModLoader]Muserae's Modding Tutorials
    This is fantastic! You're thread is going to be my go-to tutorial!

    You said multiple things can be added to the same mod, can you show us an example of how that would look please?
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    posted a message on [Creating Mods] Block Manipulation [10/06/11]
    Thank you for the tutorial. I'm not sure why, but I haven't been able to get any other tutorials to work until I found yours!

    One question however; I built a wall with the block made in your tutorial, and I found out that I can't place a ladder on it. Can you explain why and how to toggle that?
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    posted a message on Looking for a Mod
    Is there a mod out there that allows you to increase or decrease the size of biomes? If so, what is it called?
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    posted a message on [Creating Mods] [ModLoader] Slymask3's Modding Tutorials [28/07/2011]
    Slymask3's I love your tutorials. Can we get one on modifying existing blocks to do new things? I.E. Having grass drop something in addition to seeds or making stone harder to break.

    And can we also have a tutorial on creating new mobs?
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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!
    Any plans to add new mobs to this mod? I'd love to see gators and frogs for the swamp biomes. Could make a "sand gator"s and toads for desert biomes as well.

    Gators would "hide" under water or sand until a player or tasty mob gets close, then they become visible and attack violently. If the mob or player escapes the initial attack, and gets out of the gator's "appear" range, the gator becomes passive again.

    Gators attack anything that moves, including zombies, skele's, and creepers. They would drop hides to be used for armor, and teeth.

    Frogs would be a passive mob that hops around and croaks. It would run from players who get close, but would die in a single hit. They would drop a pair of frog legs. The frog legs would hurt the player if eaten raw, and would fill 1/2 a food if eaten cooked.
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    posted a message on Suggestion: Stronghold Seeding
    So I saw in the update that Jeb was working on making it so that there would be 3 strongholds per map. But for the big SMP servers, where the limit reaches 200 or more, it seems like that just isn't enough.

    So what I suggest is that in the new screen where we can enter a seed for a map, let us note how many strongholds we want to spawn in our worlds, perhaps up to 10 or 20. That would be fantastic for the massive maps that happen in large SMP servers.
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    posted a message on Group of Players LF Server
    My long time friends and I are looking to find a server that matches our needs. Since there are hundreds of them, I thought I would post here and see if anyone knows of a server that would fit us.

    We would like a SURVIVAL server with:

    • 1.8 - We want a server that is updating with v1.8
    • PvP - We enjoy the challenge of PvP, but having the option to turn it off could be helpful to start.
    • Economy - An Economy where we can sell off materials we do not need and possibly purchase those we do is a must.
    • Limited Protection - We want to be able to build a town and go to war with other towns, but at the same time, we don't want players digging under our walls or disabling our traps or griefing our home.
    • Server - Needs to be US based to keep lag on our end down. Also needs to be online 90% of the time or more, and have a very large population limit.
    • Nether - The server must allow us to go forth and get ourselves killed in the Nether.

    Optional but desired:

    • RP Community tend to be more mature and friendly
    • Allows explosions and lava and water to do their thing
    • Live Feed Maps are always nice
    • Multiple active admins/mods who take their responsibilities seriously.
    • An already established population

    Thank you for your time and interest.
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