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    posted a message on Discordia: A vanilla whitelisted survival server

    IGN: Pandoras_

    Age: 26

    Experience: Just an all-around fun experience, not asking much, but I do tend to move far out and hermit on my own. But, I'm a good person and I do like to have fun, be sarcastic, all that good stuff. :)

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    posted a message on ★ Train21's SMP Server ★ Apply now ★ 13+

    What is your Minecraft username? Pandoras_

    Previous usernames? (If any) DetroitTigers, StellarSupernova

    What is your age? 26

    How can you contribute to the community? Depends on what you need me for, ask and I'll see what I can do.

    How long have you been playing minecraft? (Version you started on) OCtober 2010, pre-Nether (around the Halloween update)

    What is your skills in minecraft? Casual player, voice of reason, hermit

    Do you understand that if you die in the SMP, it cannot be re winded? Yup. Indeed.

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    posted a message on bMC [1.11.2] [SMP] [Semi-Vanilla] [Land Claiming] [24/7] [Active Staff]

    Username: Pandoras_

    Age: 26

    Location: United States (Michigan)

    Something interesting about yourself: ex-moderator, veteran player (w/ six+ years experience), have attended two MineCons - just looking for a new place to come and settle down at! :)

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    posted a message on MC.MYSTERYLUNCH.NET - A relaxing survival server

    Good peeps, good chaotic harmony, good times!

    Mystery Lunch!? :o

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    posted a message on How expensive is it to get into Minecon?

    I paid 160 for the ticket, but around another 1,400-1,700 on flights and hotel - I live in Detroit, so flights across the country (4+ hours) aren't that cheap even when you do fly into LAX (Los Angeles). I consider myself lucky, this is my 2nd MineCon and seriously didn't expect to snag another trip this year and to have another shot!

    Hope you get to go one year, though, Mojang does do a swell event. ;)

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    posted a message on Shroomvival [v.1.0.1] - A survival challenge map

    Supply Chest glitch

    You might want to fix the supply chest glitch, something I came across during my first run through. I would walk and run along, and it would literally spawn chests and double chests in my wake! The supplies were useful, yes, but that has to be one of the oddest if not most unintentionally hilarious glitches I've ever seen. Thought'd I would tell you! :P

    (EDIT: Also, this glitch makes the map literally unplayable once it occurs - it also places barrier blocks in the open spaces around the chests, so you cannot move past or around them! I'm using 1.10 to play, as well.)

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    posted a message on WitherWorld! 1.8 + 1.9 ~ No Grief or Raid! ~ Survival ~ Great Community!

    Mah in-game name is: DetroitTigers! See you there! :)

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    posted a message on Semi-Vanilla Server Running [Essentials] [Lockette] [Small Community Feel] [Clean Slate] [Friendly Staff] [18+] [1.8.9]

    IGN: DetroitTigers - 25

    Would like to come aboard, if y'all have space for one more! I'm a hermit, keep mostly to myself and I tread far off from spawn and keep my base whereabouts to myself unless I trust people (staff exempt, because, staff). :)

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    posted a message on Forget Minecon 2016. What about Minecon 2017?

    It'll be back in Europe, 2016 will be somewhere in North America... I'd like to see Canada or Mexico getting the bid! Mexico City, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver are all possibilities! With 2017 possibly being in Berlin, Bern, Rome, Venice, etc. a lot of potential in Europe, too!

    The sky's literally the limit with MineCon! :)

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    posted a message on NimbusCraft -[ Survival ]-[ 24/7 ]-[ Vanilla ]-[ Mature 18+ ]-[ Whitelisted ]-[ Community ]

    1. Age: 25
    2. IGN: DetroitTigers
    3. What brings you to our community? I like being social, add a little sarcastic humor or humour to the mix, basically I can be rather social when the occasion warrants it. Been playing Minecraft for 5+ years, wahoo! :P
    4. What are some of your goals for this server? I might start an LP, which is a "Let's Play" for my YouTube channel - that is, if that's not considered a problem and people are fine with it.
    5. Tell us a little about yourself! Veteran player, I have moderator/staff experience through other Minecraft servers I've played on (and currently am a Mod on another server). Basically, I'm a big-brother/mentor/helper kind of player, also, I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in real-life so that should tell you a little more about my real-life character and what kind of person I am.

    Look forward to joining y'all this weekend! ;)

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    posted a message on Mystery Lunch - A small survival server....are you ready?

    *Bumpity bump lumps*

    Hello! We're always looking for new folks to join us!

    What's in your lunch today? Come, come and join in on the fun!

    - DT (One of the Lunch's moderators) :)

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    posted a message on Detroit's Place

    Hello, DetroitTigers here!

    Indeed, me and Votag have been looking for some good people to play and get to enjoy the game with. So it'd be appreciated if you could take the chance, sign up, and help our new realm along its journey.

    Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you soon. =)

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    posted a message on MC.MYSTERYLUNCH.NET - A relaxing survival server

    Hello all whom may read this message,

    I am DT (DetroitTigers), one of impmallet's staff members and serverly minions!

    Mystery Lunch is a good and relaxed where you can be (most of time) what you want to be, and go where you want to go! Just join us at anytime you feel, and if you feel like you wanna join now you can do so. But if you feel like joining tomorrow, or the day after you can! We'll always be here, and we're always up for some fun!

    Feel free to stop by, anytime! We look forward to seeing y'all real soon!


    (Server moderator) :D

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    posted a message on Mystery Lunch - A brand new world, adventure awaits!
    Hey everybody,

    Mystery Lunch is still a great place to play and meet possible new friends!

    Join our ranks today! We have no whitelist so no application is needed! :)

    mc.mysterylunch.net - we're all waiting! Thanks for coming and for stopping by! :D
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    posted a message on Whitelisted Adult server VANILLA [SMP][Economy]
    Minecraft IGN: DetroitTigers

    Age: 24
    Minecraft skills: I'm more or less a casual player, been playing this game since sometime in 2010. I can build decently to a degree, never cared to take images too much of what I've built. But I can help out with group builds occasionally, that's because I can be a fairly good sport and interact with people well. I don't bite. :P
    What has your experience been on Minecraft: The first server I logged into was in December 2010, I haven't looked back. I've served as staff for a handful of servers, so I'm a seasoned veteran of the game in SMP and SSP. ;)
    Why do you want to join this server?: I'm always up for a new experience, new people, new friends. I like entering the unknown to make an impact and spread my friendship whereever I go. :)
    Why do you feel that I should pick YOU?: I'm a seasoned player, former staff member of servers gone by, basically someone who knows what he's doing and will not make a scene doing it. I'm an all around good guy, who loves to chat and joke around with other players in a friendly way.
    Tell me something about yourself: I'm an Eagle scout, actually. Got the award back in May 2008 when I was 17, which is one of the biggest accomplishments of my life. I've told you all of this, truthfully. :)
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