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    Quote from Magikarped»
    You should do FTB support for this texture pack. I would definitely use this over faithful. This is a beautiful pack man. Kepp up the good work! (I'll be using this in ftb with faithful mod support c:) EDIT: Found out it's only for 1.7.2.

    I've decided to make a continuation, so maybe you could use that instead? (Link in my signature)

    Quote from Bu1ld0g»
    Have you given up on this work Dack?

    Gotta say it's the only pack I use and would love to see some of the new blocks textured here too

    I love this pack and i can wait until its updated! ill probably edit some things myself such as blue slimes different swords etc but i wont release it to the public :D

    Like eleazzaar said, Dack105 decided to quit on this pack, but I've continued it! (Link in my signature)

    Quote from quiqpin67»
    PLS!! textures for the 1.8 version =(

    I haven't worked on many of the 1.8 blocks yet, but I'm getting there!

    I would like to update it to 1.8 with a friend

    so can I do an other forum post for my (and my friend's) version if I put a link to the original post?

    sorry if my english isn't really good it's because i'm french

    Quote from Ringoster»

    You need the original creator's permission.

    Quote from Raylway»

    On the front page it says you can make a continuation and/or use the textures.

    I have started one myself. Ive done ~20% oft the new blocks.

    On the front page, as Raylway said, it says you can make a continuation. (I've obviously made one.) Raylway and Mica, I haven't seen any continuation posted by you. If you want, I can include some of your textures in my pack in a future update.

    Speaking of updates, I just released a new version of my pack, 0.2.0 beta!

    I have also moved the downloads to CurseForge as it's easier for both me and you. The link should be updated in my signature, but if it isn't, here it is.

    I made this decision that this thread will be the thread I use for updates and feedback until the pack is ready for official release. Then I'll have a seperate thread under "Complete Resource Packs".

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    I have seen many people talking about creating continuations but I haven't actually seen one posted.

    Since this is an amazing texture pack, I could not take up the chance that no one would port it to the newer versions, so I decided to myself. However, my version is not yet complete as creating good textures does take time, and I haven't had the opportunity to work on it often.

    Without further ado, I present to you: R4VEN, the Revival of Stock32!

    I have just recently updated the pack to 0.1.4 beta. The pack is currently for 1.11, 1.11.1, 1.11.2, and 1.12.

    Feel free to check it out. Feedback is welcome as a reply to this post. If anyone wants to contribute by submitting textures that haven't been done yet or better ones than I've made, this would be gladly welcomed. (They have to be well done, but that was a given.) Contributing is as simple as replying in this thread with the texture file(s) uploaded. Of course, credit will be given to the original creator(s) of the textures.

    (Just as a sidenote, you are NOT allowed to use my pack as a base for your continuation. Just wanted to clear that up.)

    I have included below a screenshot showcasing some of the blocks in the texture pack.

    Thanks everybody!

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    Documentation has moved! This will still be kept up to date, but downloads and other things have moved here!

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    Documentation has moved! This will still be kept up to date, but downloads and other things have moved here!

    NOTE: This pack is INCOMPLETE! It will not contain textures for every block, item, or GUI in Minecraft. It will eventually be complete and support a few mods.

    Also, feel free to use it in any videos you want, just be sure to credit me, link back to this thread and post a comment in this thread with a link to the video!

    Hello, I'm EltrutLikes, and today I introduce the R4VEN Resource pack.

    But wait, isn't this pack just another cheap version of Faithful 1.10?


    It uses clean redstone textures to satisfy the redstoner, detailed block and item textures to satisfy the builder, pleasurable renderings of different biomes to satisfy the explorer, and a lightweight pack with reduced fire and transparent GUIs to satisfy the PvPer. This makes R4VEN a great pack for practically anyone searching for a higher resolution pack! Supporting both those with and without Optifine for connected textures, while keeping a clean feel for anyone, the familiarity will be amazing with the new, detailed textures.

    The pack started as Stock32 by Dack105, but was discontinued. This pack aims to revive it.


    A quick shot of most of the blocks in the pack so far (mind that it only has 1.9 blocks):

    And for all y'all still complaining to me and my friend Dack105 on how this is a cheapo ripoff of Faithful, here's a comparison:

    (Faithful 1.10)



    Blocks - 72% Complete == 331 done; 113 more; 464 total
    Items - 46% Complete == 159 done; 183 more; 344 total
    Mobs - 06% Complete == 13 done; 193 more; 206 total
    Map - 100% Complete == 2 done; 0 more; 2 total
    Particles - 100% Complete == 2 done; 0 more; 2 total
    GUI - 59% Complete == 23 done; 16 more; 39 total
    Armor - 00% Complete == 0 done; 12 more; 12 total
    Environment - 00% Complete == 0 done; 6 more; 6 total
    Miscellaneous - 60% Complete == 3 done; 2 more; 5 total


    Most of the textures in this pack are NOT MINE. I do not claim ownership over them, but you can use them as part of your own resource pack. The textures I have created you CANNOT use in your resource pack (they are listed as All Rights Reserved, so no modification, etc. either). The packs I have used to compile this are:

    Basic Lodef, by kwerti. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Licence.
    Connected Glass, by ShockingShots. Has been given permission as long as it is noncommercial and gives credit. Textures can be used by anyone.
    Eum3's PvP Faithful Edit, by Eum3. Used by permission.
    Stock32, by Dack105. Has been given permission due to the discontinuation of the pack. Textures can be used by anyone.


    EltrutLikes for compiling the entire thing
    Turtla for the elytra entity texture
    Eleazzar for inspiration (Lithos)
    Eum3 for GUI (Eum3's Faithful PvP Edit)
    TheXyrin for fire
    Vattic for the Eum's PvP Edit base (Faithful)

    MrVizzy for the 1.10 version of the base (Faithful 1.10)
    Mrgts for connected glass panes (Connected Glass 2)
    ShockingShots for connected and clear glass (Connected Glass)
    kwerti for a few Unicode fonts (Basic Lodef)
    Dack105 for the main bulk of the pack (Stock32)
    d3fin3d for HD font
    Ghost 2 for HDpaintings

    qmagnet for the Minecraft Testing Map

    My Stuff:

    Google+ Youtube

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    I hate to ask, but...

    Do I have your permission to use these textures in a texture pack?

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    Background color green. Could I have my name in there? "Eltrut Likes"

    Skin file is attached.
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