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    Quote from StormSilverwing

    I figured I'd go ahead and unoffically update it again. Most of the stuff (like the gui and items) is imported straight from default minecraft, the only thing I really modified is the Emeralds, which are now Sapphires. Sorry if this seems really lazy, but I don't have time to put effort into it. I'll probably do a better update later, if someone else doesn't.

    Download link: http://www.mediafire...9jbkmpkjm3bqb7y

    Let me know if there's any bugs or if I missed something.

    Going off of this edit, I editted a lot of the things to fit along to this pack's Egyptian style.
    Changed some of the plants to be more desert like, updated some items to an Egyptian-esque look, and changed blocks from later on updates to look more Egyptian-esque. c:

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    Quote from Vekh

    *Spawns in world, goes up to break dirt block*


    "It's not breaking!"

    this and thinking I could escape a creeper by swimming underneath the ice. 8'D
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    This looks cool, I'd be happy to try this map out once it's released~ |3
    Might even make it my first LP~
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