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I'm very much into writing for recreation. Everything can be turned into a story if you look at it from the right angle. I'm also a stranger that cares very, very much for other strangers. Doesn't matter who you are, where ya came from, or what you think of yourself. I probably already love you as a friend. If you need help with something- and it doesn't even have to be Minecraft related, friendo- I'm here for ya, 100% judgement-free, and 100% confidential. Unfortunately I can't say that I'll be checking my messages on here very often, but if you ask for my Discord, we can chitter consistently! Stay SAFE out there! And get yourself a glass of water! Or a cup of tea. Oooo.

(Also, if you need advice about a pet you might have, I might just be able to be of assistance.)


I'm terribly fond of animals, cryptozoology, just about any sort of dragon you can think of, weird things, strange things, unexplained things, explained things, tea, drawing stuff and forgetting how to draw stuff, poetry, too many music genres to name (favorites including Irish folk songs, orchestral and instrumental pieces and themes (like BrunuhVille and Audiomachine and the Fiechter Brothers), 50's, 80's, Cosmo Sheldrake, swing, big-band tunes, steampunk-y stuff, electro-swing, jazz, good ol' religious stuff, and a heckton of random lil favorite songs scattered through a thousand bands), playing piano, playing trombone, playing the harmonica, playing the penny-whistle, playing the ocarina, the thought of playing an accordion or a fiddle, reading other folks' prose, making up characters, hot air balloons, gardens, hats, scarves, the smell of lilac and cedar and lavender and thyme (separately, meaning, but SURE, MIX EM ALL TOGETHER), working on a novel I'll publish at SOME point, and an infinite number of other things. I tend to gravitate towards the whimsical side of life, but I've certainly got just as much love for the depthy parts. I relish the freedom of being able to live a life where I can enjoy making jokes about the weird differences between zoology nomenclature versus botanical nomenclature and stinkin' enthusing about Leonardo Da Vinci just as much as I enjoy laughing at stupid puns and the noise a sheet of metal makes when you waggle it. That wuhubawobwubwobwubUBBAWUBAHUBBHUBHUBHUBWOOP noise. Ya know?

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