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    posted a message on Is this VPS plan sufficient for Minecraft hosting on java?

    For 5 people I would just grab an old computer and host it myself, buying a host for 16.80/mo is WAY overkill for 5 people unless you are running some hardcore mods and plugins.

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    posted a message on start.sh not working

    Please tag this as "Resolved".

    I do not think you need "nogui" on Linux.

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    posted a message on Private Minecraft Server Crashes on Startup Help Please!

    Did you download the world off someplace else?

    Sometimes people who upload worlds don't delete their player data.

    Go into the world folder, then go into the player data folder and delete everything inside it.

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    posted a message on Port Forward Time Out

    I also had the same problem before, so here is the fix.

    The IP you are trying to check is the local IP address, you can share the local IP address all you want. You know it's a local IP address if it starts with 192.168 and yours is (i think).

    What is your local IP address and what does a port do?

    Every device you own that connects to your internet gets its a local IP address, but this IP address is only used to identify the device within your router. Now here is where ports come in, your router has one IP, this is your public IP address. When you connect to the internet your device connects using a port. This port is used to tell your router which device to send the information to. For example, if you are watching Netflix, your device has a local IP that has been given a port. Your router will send this port to Netflix. Netflix returns the content it sends to your router along with the port, then the router sends the content to the device with the local IP address that has been assigned that port.

    When port forwarding you manually assign the port 25565 to your server, this way when someone tries to connect to your server via Minecraft and your server gets passed the port 25565 it knows to send the information to your server computer. This is why you use the local IP in the port forwarding tab, you are telling the router that if someone sends information to your public IP + the port, it should redirect it to your server computer.

    That is why when you pass canyouseeme.org your local IP address doesn't work.

    Your local IP address will work if the person trying to connect to your server is connected to your internet, but in any other case, it will not.

    How to fix:

    Step 1: Go to this website: https://www.whatismyip.com/

    Step 2: Write down the thing after "Your Public IPv4 is:"

    The IP that is written down there is your public IP address, this is what you should not share as the location of your router, and other information is obtainable through it.

    Step 3: Go to this website: canyouseeme.org

    Step 4: Write your public IP (not the 192.168.x.x one) in the "Your IP:" slot.

    Step 5: Write your port (25565) in the "Port to Check:" slot.

    So it should look similar to:

    Your IP: 12.345.67.890

    Port to Check: 25565

    Note: You have done the port forwarding correctly, so don't change it.

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    posted a message on Starting a Minigame Server

    I have experience with server hosting and is currently hosting a server on a laptop that I play on with friends. I have started making minigames and lobbies on this server, furthermore, I know how to code Java and I have started practicing making plugins. I think that will help cut down expenses. I want to start making a "real" server that can support more than the 10 player laptop can and would like to avoid pitfalls and going down a bad route.

    Here are some questions I have:

    How should I host my server, should I buy a server or use a hosting company, for example, MCProHosting? Personally, I like to host it myself as I get access to everything on the server, but it may not be the best option. I've read that MCProHosting is the host for popular servers like Hypixel so it may be better to go with them.

    I have little to no experience in hosting a server with a hosting company. For example how to setup BungeeCord. If I should choose one, which one should it be and how should I set up my server? What is the best way to set it up with BungeeCord etc

    I have an idea, if I should move to a hosting company I could keep the laptop server for the minigame server while I am still building it, and move my server which friends play on to the hosting company with the cheapest option (Because we've never had more than 9 people on)

    Does hosting companies like MCProHosting give you access to ALL the server files? If not what does it give you access to?

    Any other tips? Please tell me!

    Edit: Any tips, no matter how small please tell me.

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