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    Try building your main base in multiple buildings rather than one house with everything in it. You could also make little outposts/watchtowers throughout the world.

    Or build simple roads between bases made of cobble or sand just to add that something extra to your world.
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    Quote from dinizintheoven

    How about, say, a Mesa Temple next, an Ice Temple amongst the spikes... maybe a Mushroom Temple?

    I absolutely want to build an Ice Temple off in the tundra, as its the last of the main eight temples I wanted to build. The problem is that the nearest tundra to my spawn is several hundred kilometers away from my spawn. So I may have to make it in another world. As for mesa, I had originally just lumped that into desert. And to be honest, mushroom islands never really appealed to me. Though I suppose I could make some smaller shrines for them.
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    Lately I've been building little shrines and altars, as well as several larger temples around my main survival world (as well as one in the Nether). They add quite a bit of ambiance to the game.
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    Glad you like them. I definitely prefer the Stonehenge style. It gives them a more open and ancient feel. Plus they're simplistic and effective.

    As a sort of update, here is my newest addition, the Nether Temple


    The Altar

    And an overhead shot
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    Hey everyone! I recently built three new temples in my world along the same lines as the last ones.
    The old thread can be found here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2450505-temples/

    So first off, the Swamp Temple
    A front view

    Overhead shots

    Night view

    Close-up of the Altar

    Next up, Water Temple. This took so much quartz to build. I thought I'd be in the nether forever.
    Above views, day and night

    The entrance way

    The main altar fountain

    And my most recent build, the Desert Temple. I decided not to go with a classic pyramid.
    Entrance/side view

    Entrance to inner sanctuary


    And the main altar. Though you can't see it, there is a second lapis block under that one. Which of course invokes water, precious to desert life.

    Let me know what you guys think of these. I'm definitely going to build a Nether temple next. And if I can find some tundra, a temple for that as well.
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    Like others have said, its only cheating if you feel it is. After all, its YOUR world. You can play how you like. Personally, I've been using all the temples I've built as a means to do things that I normally couldn't do. Such as spawning in items. For me, its about equivalent exchange. Plus it kind of adds an interesting aspect to my world. A little more immersion. So yeah, it is technically cheating, but only if you want it to be.
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    posted a message on Are you nice to your animals?
    I keep my animals in a largish fenced in area. Also, I only kill them ritually at one of the temples I've built around my world with a Sharpeness 5, Looting 3, Fire Apect 1 golden sword. So I guess they have it alright.
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    I'm glad you guys are really liking these. I'm about to start work on three more temples, Water, Swamp, and Desert. So I'll post those when I finish them. For now, here are a few of the smaller shrines/altars that I've built.

    This is the first one I built. Its a little shrine dedicated to the spirit of the birch forest that I currently live in.

    Next, a shrine for the spirit of harvests. I use the potted shrub as a sort of general crop invocation. However, different flowers can be used for specific crops/animals (I really like symbolism). As well as trees and even cactus.

    And of course, my Nether altar. The cobble wall was just to protect me while under attack from ghasts when I was building it.

    I can understand why people might be adverse to the whole religious/worship aspect. Personally I'm not a religious person. But I was inspired to build these by my Greek and Roman Religion course. As people have said, it adds some depth to my world. And they make for a good project ("How do I properly honor a god of mining? By building it underground and making the altar out of precious minerals of course!")
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    Quote from Ickabodx

    What texture pack is that, looks very nice.

    Its the John Smith's Legacy pack.
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    Quote from JHadden123

    These are really cool. I like things built just to add character to worlds. No one really does that stuff and they do a lot to change the appearance/feel of your world. The little stuff counts!

    Thanks! I'm glad you like them. The altars and temples definitely do add quite a bit of depth to my world and experience.

    Quote from Brimaz

    Who are the temples built for?

    They actually don't have names yet. So for now its just the Goddess of Nature, the God of the Underground, and the Goddess of Travels/exploration. There are others as well, for various biomes. My next project will be a temple to the Ocean God, as I live on a lake which has provided me much fish, clay, and squid ink. As well as irrigation for my crops. So thanks are in order.
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    So lately I've been building little shrines and altars all over my survival world. However, I recently built three larger, more temple-like constructions. Let me know what you think.

    First up, the Nature temple, nestled within the forest.
    Here is the east entrance. The altars for nature always face the east.

    Some above view shots

    And a close-up of the main altar

    Next up is the Mining Temple. I made this in one of those circular rooms that generates in cave systems.
    This is a little pool at the entrance. One must be clean before entering the temple.

    The entrance

    The main altar and orthographic shot

    Last but not least we have a temple dedicated to travel. Located on a plain, it serves as a spiritual crossroads for the cardinal directions and the biomes that represent them. Each direction also has a large flower and a tulip associated with it. (Also, please ignore my little construction tent in some of the shots. I realize now that I forgot to take it down.)

    The Southern Ocean Entrance

    The Western Desert Entrance

    The Eastern Forest Entrance

    The Northern Tundra Entrance

    And an overhead shot showing the whole structure.
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    posted a message on What kind of base should I make?
    How about making a Roman style villa? It would look nice next to that lake.
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    posted a message on What have you done recently?
    I completed construction of two temples recently. One was for a mining god, and is housed in one of those circular rooms that form in cave systems. The other is for a nature goddess and required me to mine out a ton of mossy stone bricks from a stronghold buried deep under the southern mountains.
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    So I was recently inspired both by my Greek & Roman religion class, as well as the old Cubism thread to start building little altars and shrines to various spirits/gods/etc around my world. Some of these are a little better and more elaborate than others. Constructive criticism is welcome. Let me know what you guys think. For the record, I'm using the John Smith's texture pack. I have no clue if these would look any good with a different texture.

    Nether Shrine, dark and gloomy and of course on fire.

    I used lapis blocks for the desert altar to represent the preciousness of water in this unforgiving biome. Bricks also tend to look nice in place of the lapis

    Here is the shrine for the swamp. Bricks look nice in this biome, however a gold block can be used in its place.

    This one is somewhat less altar-y. Its for the plains, as well as the spirit of traveling/adventure/exploration. Because I love symbolism, each of the flowers represents a cardinal direction (Sundflower obviously being east).

    This is my shrine to the Goddess of Harvests. Here I also use flowers to represent the various crops (again, loving that symbolism). The shrub here is meant as a sort of general purpose plant.

    Here is the altar for the God of Ice and Snow. Its kind of plain to be honest. The green clay is meant to represent the preciousness of plants here. Similarly a redstone block represents the hearth and warmth. However, I'm somewhat torn between the clay and chiseled quartz, as it also looks really nice in this texture pack.

    A simple fountain shrine for the Goddess of the Sea. Pillar quartz looks good here as well but diamonds are sacred to the ocean.

    Here we have a little shrine for the spirit of the oak forest. Different wood and leaves can be used for different types of forests.

    Last but certainly not least is my favorite altar, dedicated to the goddess of Forests and Nature. The flower arrangement is somewhat arbitrary, mainly for decoration.

    So yeah, let me know what you think.
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    Hey everyone. I've decided to post my latest Native American build because I've really taken a liking to this building style.

    Its a small Seminole village. Truth be told, I don't know much about this tribe in particular so it may not be 100% accurate. Its located in a nice swamp biome to mimic the Florida everglades. There are no walls on the huts because of the hot, humid climate. However, animal hides or cloth could be pulled across the gaps to close off the hut.

    As always opinions and critiques are welcome.

    Overview of the village:

    Some houses. Medicine Man/priest's hut on the right:

    Chief's hut on right:

    Fishing hut on right:

    Another angle:

    Some night shots. Torch light looks really cool coming through the stairs

    Also, be sure to let me know what kind of village I should make next.
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