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    I haven't seen any errors... but I havent seen any thing indicating it's even trying to generate them either... It runs great in RTG, BOP and vanilla but in OTG I find no indication of streams anywhere. The pack is mod heavy but I have no errors and with the same pack but different gens... the streams generate without issue. I'm running biome bundle and I'm inclined to believe that this mod is only set to generate in vanilla biomes and... well ... finding a vanilla biome in a huge map with over 400 biomes... and not just a vanilla biome... but a vanilla biome that actually generated a stream is making it extremely rare.

    I could be wrong on that but that's the impression I'm getting here and there is even mention of it in a subredit I read.

    Anyone else have issues with this while running biome bundle/OTG?

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    posted a message on Streams - Real Flowing Rivers!

    Can anyone tell me if this works with the new OTG?

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    This may have already been covered but can anyone tell me If I can use removeAllSpawns and the use addSpawn to add back in a few mobs? Essentially blacklisting everything but those stated by addSpawn?

    Also when using addSpawn I see in the example the full path is given so Im assuming this is how it should be for mod mobs as well as in

    biomesoplenty:land_of_lakes.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.aquatic.MoCEntityAnchovy", "MONSTER", 100, 4, 4)
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    This isnt an issue with the modpacks as he isnt the only one with this problem. Driver and java updates in the past few days have affected vanilla players as well.

    I Fixed the problem just now. Java and The video card producers Nvidia and AMD jusst rolled out updates that effected each other. probably having something to do with January's Nvidia update that broke alot of java stuff.

    Uninstall Java, reinstall the latest build of Java

    go to Nviidia and reinstall the most current driver for your graphics card.

    In this order....

    run a vanilla minecraft with the console open and it should run fine.....

    If you get any OpenGL error in that console then you are going to have to roll back everything, both java and the graphics card drivers preferably both before january of 2017 and dont ever update again without risk of this same issue happening. They changed something and they have been back and forth trying to get back in line with each other.

    if it works and modded doesnt its most likely the driver. I had to get into chat with tech support at NVidia to get it sorted and I ended up rolliing back java 1 update and I got a new driver (older but not sure how old right off hand) from NVidia and required a complete uninstall and clean install.

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    You aren't the only one who had there minecraft break... Recently I came to the forums... under a new name for unrelated reasons... for an unrelated issue.... in the past few days many people on the modded side have been claiming the same thing and yesterday I updated windows 10.. a few days before my graphics drivers... yesterday I had an issue that seemed like NEI broke my minecraft but I know that isn't the case.... now not even vanilla will run and modded pops strange random errors....

    Seems that snice java sent out an update 4 days ago more and more people have been having this issue... I'm with you in that it's likely a combo of graphics drivers and java not just one or the other but something in the last updates from nvidia and java broke something.

    I have a gtx 970.... so I'm not buying that my graphics card is so outdated it won't run minecraft anymore.




    And there is more... all from the past 4 days

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    posted a message on Confusing Modpack Crash Report

    This is the exact same issue I'm having... I'm assuming it's crashing during startup as that's exactly what mine is doing and appears to be doing with your log.

    My problem started as soon as I added NEI into the mix and since then Ender io has been giving me the same message about RF.

    EnderIO: Found the following problem(s) with your installation:
    * The RF API that is being used (1.7.10R1.3.1 from <unknown>) differes from that that is reported as being loaded (1.7.10R1.0.2 from compactmachines-1.7.10-1.21.jar).
    It is a supported version, but that difference may lead to problems.
    This may have caused the error. Try reproducing the crash WITHOUT this/these mod(s) before reporting it.

    With exception being it listing different mods, remove those mods and restart, crash, new mods listed and repeat.

    I've tried rebuilding anew forge version and imported just the mods folder with the same result... I'm at work right now but tomorrow I will begin rebuilding the pack 1 mod at a time till I find the one that's breaking it...

    I'm not sure about yours but everything worked great up to the moment I added NEI.

    Since removed... It still crashes no matter what mods I remove from the pack.... and I removed almost every single RF using tech mod... still crashes.

    NOTE: mine is 1.10.2 not 1.7.10 as being reported in the crash log message by enderio. I'm not sure if old code from 1.7.10 is still being used in these mods or if this is an indicator of the problem.

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    First.. I know this is kind of vague but I'm kinda dumb struck as to how it even happened.

    Second... at this time I'm at work and can't share any crash reports but it wouldn't matter anyway as I'll explain.

    I've been working on a modpack that has over 100 mods. The pack worked great the way I had it set up with many many customizations for ore spawns, mob spawning and behaviour, biome tweaking and more.

    I needed a data dump of all blocks and items to further tweak recipes.

    I installed NEI and it crashes.....

    I uninstall ed NEI and it crashes...

    In fact I've started this pack up about 20 times and every single time I get the same result... with a very strange exception...

    No matter how many mods I disable it crashes for unsupported RF..something I suspected was codechicken or brandoncore related but even with any mod that could possibly use RF disabled... it still crashes... each time with different mods error in out... like it just picks random mods to error.

    Before I go through the painful task again of rebuilding this pack from scratch has anyone else seen anything like this.

    How could NEI effect a pack like this?

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    posted a message on Forge not installing...

    When you install forge you must first run the version of minecraft that version of forge you have... if you have a forge version for 1.7.10... make sure you run minecraft 1.7.10 first.

    You can also try a client which is alot better and more organized than doing ever thing manully

    Curse Client

    Technic Launcher


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    posted a message on Alternative for JAS?

    Is there really no alternative for JAS in 1.10.2 other than CMS?

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