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    Some shirts . . . A book on how to program in Java, a bunch of hot sauce, Nintendo DSI along with 5 games for it, Wii nerf game, Borderlands, shirts :/, and some awesome art pencils.
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    After seeing a abscence of topics about movies..

    I'll post my favorite Sci-Fi movies and in turn I expect you to post yours also. :smile.gif:

    All the Starwars (except for you Episode: 1)

    IF you dont know what this is about I will find you and throw you off a cliff. :tongue.gif:

    2001: A Space Oddesy

    Hal is a mean ***** also something about the meaning of life and "Its full of stars"

    Startrek movies.

    -read starwars- I like Undiscovered Country the best followed by the newest one

    Stargate (series and movies)

    One of the most succesfull Sci-Fi series ever made It has a star trek feel in its plots with going to planets and solving issues. . . But the biggest difference is huge epic battles in space and the Stargate which is a inter planetary and galactic (and time) travel device. (the Egyptain gods are snakes that go into your head and the Norse gods are little grey aliens)

    Galaxy Quest

    Startrek parody really good and funny

    Star Wreck

    A Startrek and Babylon 5 spinoff where Starfleet fights basically everyone in the Babylon 5 universe


    A great Sci-Fi movie where the sun is dying and they have to restart it via huge-ass nuke really great and raises some interesting questions, also has amazing CGI

    District 9

    Brings up the questions of Apartheid where a group of stranded Aliens land in their spaceship in Africa and the MNU experiments and maltreats the Aliens. . . AWESOME ROBOT SEQUENCE (and a flying pig) btw FECKKKKKKK (the main character uses that alot)


    with a rumored budget of 300+ million dollars Avatar was expected to be one of the best movies ever and also the killer of movies (why?) and hells yeah did it deliver with the director James Cameron (are king) waiting 10+ years to make this movie at over 3hours long. It delivers some of the best CGI ever put into the movie world with breath taking scenery and animals (this movie is pretty much all CGI) and amazing battles in the sky. . GO SEE IT IF YOU HAVEN'T.

    Blade Runner

    Dark Sci-Fi movie involving robots. The androids in Blade Runner came to L.A. to take their revenge on Tyrell Corp. for limiting their lifespan. Despite this, the robots have advanced to the point that they can dream and store memories of their experiences, all in all adding a moral issue to the mix.


    Computer hackers on steroids in a VR world ruled by robots and people live around the core of the earth.


    -read starwars-

    Artificial Intelligence: AI
    In an age of advanced robotics, a robotic boy is constructed with the ability and purpose to love.

    Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy

    42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 Dolphins with jetpacks

    -copypasta from Madk-

    This is an excellent movie; it's about a man who is able to see two minutes into the future. It's extremely fun to watch with all the twists and turns. Ending could have been done just a little better, though it did make its point.

    An artificially intelligent fighter plane is constructed, and after learning from the best and the actions they take, it becomes confused thanks in no small part to a thunderstorm and nearly incites a third world war due to its rougish actions. The robot eventually has a turn of heart and ends up sacrificing itself to save those it had learned from.

    Escalon Conspiracy
    An extremely intelligent government supercomputer with access to control every electronic device fools people into doing its dirty work with threats and bribes resulting from its knowledge of the country through cameras and other observation devices. It makes its words come to fruitition by overloading power circuits, using heavy machinery, etc.

    Eagle Eye
    An aritificially intelligent supercomputer made by the government attempts to improve the country's ruling powers through murder and psychological manipulation. The ending to this movie was one of the best I've ever seen.

    now for movies im to lazy to describe


    5th element

    Starship Troopers


    The Thirteenth Floor





    Johnny Mnemonic


    -will finish this list later-
    -and gradually fix all this crappy punctuation and such-
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    I see my observatory that never was in Kanto :biggrin.gif:
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    Quote from san_tropez »
    Quote from Towel »
    That's what you get for paying for an overpriced computer that you can't upgrade :wink.gif:

    Please dont turn this into another PC vs. Mac, even if we know which is superior

    >.> your trying to start it right there with the inference "even if we know which is supererior" :tongue.gif:

    And yah function key + tab if that is to annoying just boot up win XP to there.
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    and a message to all ye people sitting in the spawn. . . There are rules and you have to follow them so we dont kill you and if you want to come out or be received dont be a ass.
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    Quote from ShadowDusk »
    no idea if I have a refrence here mayby andy.FM.
    but ask anyone on chariots realistic landscape and they will say im a good builder

    I'll reference.

    Why is the server always down for me :sad.gif:
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    4/5 funny and true
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    posted a message on Petition to keep the player model styles
    I had to rage -bad day- :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on Petition to keep the player model styles
    Mochi any 3d model can be transfered to the 2d plane, think of it as Origami, the model if moved into a fusion with the current one. . Which in my opinion is the most viable option as players can create their own versions of the skin with a easy to use format, and your argument is seemingly based off the very first looks.

    -kill politeness-

    Mochi, kill you ignorance your arguments are based of "ad ignoratum" and your throwing Dock out because of ancient art works, and a GOD DAMN CONCEPT MODEL. Concept models are not the final product they are merely there to gain a idea of how it will work. . . And any rational person (so not you) would try to gain more ground for there arguments and even if you have the game but still wont play it becuase of new models? get the hell out change will occur. . . Hell, when the new system was implemented with right click for build and left click for destroy people hated it and whined, but hey look?!?!? no more butthurt over it i actually like it even more with it! And, with these new models im sure some people will even create a old MC model with it and give it newer cooler things, like say knees and elbows instead of the legoman stature. . If you would just ****ing wait you could possibly see all these new things that can be done with the MD3 format. . . tl;dr shut the **** up and wait.
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    I pore rain on steel sky rusting it to oblivion
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    posted a message on NAME THE NEXT PERSON TO POST HERE
    nononononononon Me!

    A forumite
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    posted a message on Make the longest quote chain!
    Quote from pookaguy »
    Quote from madk »
    Quote from pookaguy »



    Quote from Blackwind »
    You have hell to pay Mutha ******.

    Quote from madk »

    Quote from frogger »
    Edit: Max quotes is 3..

    Quote from NeatNit »

    Quote from pookaguy »

    Quote from madk »
    (Full quote = Do it now or else Fail Oh... drat.)

    Quote from Amberface »
    That made me **** my pants a little bit. Nubs

    Did I win?
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    posted a message on The griefing game
    I ddos the server :tongue.gif:

    I build a huge space fleet on a custom server set to maximum rank thats ddos proof.
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    posted a message on Dock's Feedback!
    Dock (if you even read this) Your style is certainly good but as a simple compromise to both sides, why not produce a fusion of your style along with the original style? As it can possibly shutup mochi and appease some nostilogic peoples.
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    posted a message on Petition to keep the player model styles
    We should have a pention to get rid of mochi :tongue.gif:

    In all seriousness mochi your the type that goes "BWAAHHH OMFG CHANGE GET IF OFF ME GET IF OFF ME" Change is something you must constally deal with, when you get griefed do you go "NOOOOO. . .-ragequit-" and never return no. . you repair after disposing of the griefer (im not saying get rid of dock) if you have the game now you can just go back to the old model and all is good. And Notch has stated numerous times that we can change hell, make a awesome minecraft like style with these new models instead of constally whining about it. . .
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