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    I don't know if this is Necrobumping or not (It's only a week old) but I'd like to throw my hat into the ring.

    As of the current patch, going caving in Iron Armor makes the player near invincible. Arrows, zombie punches, and even creeper blasts just bounce right off leaving only a scratch. Sure, eventually the scratches add up, but for a solid month (of game days) you can just keep on trucking. Diamond armor is even worse, with lava becoming just a bath that some dirtbag made way too hot: you'll be peeved, but nothing more.

    Therefore, wearing armor should carry a trade-off in terms of mobility in order to preserve balance in PvP encounters. Ideally, wearing armor should carry no absolute advantage over not wearing it, but rather reshuffle the player's stats toward defensive capability at the expense of mobility in order to enhance the 'tank' play-style. However, I would like to make this more specific:

    Head Armor: Cuts down FOV (like the Jack-O-Lantern) and reduces look sensitivity, and if using a helmet that is two levels above the given chestplate armor level (with no armor being level 0, leather being 1, iron being 2, gold and diamond being 3) then an explosion that knocks you back a good distance (perhaps 4-5 blocks) along with falls over 5 blocks will kill you instantly by breaking your neck. It creates no sound, but rather makes hearing more difficult as the armor level increases.

    Chest Armor: Reduces player run speed and jump height. However, it also reduces the knockback from enemy blows/blasts and enables the use of heavier helmets by providing a tougher neck brace. Shoulder braces also increase the time between swings, but increase the damage output per swing (without changing overall damage-per-minute) and increase the efficiency of blocking. In addition, swapping between items will no longer be instant, but rather take 0.25 seconds for leather, 0.5 seconds for iron, and a full 0.75 seconds for diamond and gold. It creates a subtle clank-clank sound.

    Leg Armor: Severely reduces player run speed and jump height. However, it also reduces fall damage (imagine hip and knee braces inside). It creates a subtle swish-swish sound for leather and scrape-scrape for higher armors.

    Boots: Leather Armor increases player run speed over rough terrain (anything natural and non-liquid), but other boots decrease both it and jump height while reducing fall damage (imagine padding and ankle braces). It creates a subtle thud-thud sound for leather armor and a clink-clink for higher armors.

    All Armor: Increases player mass for physics calculations, such as knockback and swimming. Higher armor levels increase noise.

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    Oof, that is awful. A divorce can be devastating, and it seems that in this case it was a surprise (a double whammy). It's summertime right now, so you won't be able to reach your school counselor. However, if you feel like you are about to kill yourself or harm others as a result of this, call 1-800-448-3000. Remember, this is a crisis hotline. Don't bottle up your feelings, let them out; it is important that you do so quickly because you can't keep them bottled up forever (and hence may release them at another time).

    As for basic needs, you are not in grave danger. You are not alone, either, though it may seem that way right now. There are hundreds of thousands of others who have gone through what you have, and you will be alright if you keep a level head. If you still have unresolved issues once you are back at school, your counselor (and school psychologist if you have one) are there for you. If the sand hits the fan before then, call the aforementioned hotline.

    In conclusion, there is not much that we can do for you except offer advice and condolences. In the end, this is your battle, not ours. You will have help, but you are the only one who will decide how you fare during this trying time. Through the pain and the tears, you will pass, and emerge battered and begrieved; this will be the greatest emotional malmstrom that you will ever face, and you have no choice but to take it head on.

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    In Soviet Russia, art makes YOU!

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    It's an unfortunate bug with the mod itself. Until Flan fixes it, use the escape key to exit the plane's or vehicle's inventory.

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