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    posted a message on ★ Empyrean ★ - No Whitelist|Hardcore|PvP| by DarkTideGames
    #1 In-Game Name
    - DukeMana

    #2 Country and Age (this is for our demographic purposes)
    - 15 Canada

    #3 How did you hear about us?
    - minecraftforum.net

    #4 Why do you want to Join DarkTide?
    - Because I've been looking for an SMP server like this one and the whole concept looks great!

    #5 Did you read and understand the rules?
    - Yes.

    #6 Have you logged on to DarkTide at least once?
    - Yep!
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    posted a message on [Adv] The Tree of Life
    Wow pretty good map! i finished with 45 gold bars, but i wasnt looking that hard. I like the way the captain's key was hidden too. gj 7/10
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    posted a message on Easy on the rail achievement
    Quote from Gordon4 »
    the on the rail achiment is impossible i have traveled 1.5km from where i started why the hell am i not getting my achievement

    are you sure you havn`t just got 1.5 km in total? because it needs to be all at once
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    posted a message on Building Underground (Dwarves!)
    I would love to join! Can I have the ip?
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    posted a message on What would you do IF Herobrine was implemented ingame?
    Step 1. Shut down Minecraft.
    Step 2. If Minecraft re-opens, shut down my computer.
    Step 3. If a cubic hand reaches out of my computer, slam it against the ground, hit it with and ax and run away with it until I reach a volcano then throw it in.
    Step 4. Sue Notch for a new computer.

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    posted a message on The Rainbow Unicorn Tonight Server (Survival)
    :sad.gif: sorry i thought you would have just looked over the applications when you got back but i look forward to filling out the new one :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on The Rainbow Unicorn Tonight Server (Survival)
    Question 1:
    What is your name?

    Question 2:
    What is your favorite color?

    Question 3:
    Do you discriminate?

    Question 4:
    On a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being the best and 1 being the least) what do you think of Rainbow Unicorns?

    Question 5:
    Do you have Skype? If so, what is your username?

    Question 6:
    How do you feel about tree houses?
    I think they are alright :wink.gif:

    Question 7:
    How do you feel about world peace?
    I think it is awesome ad hope it will happen someday.

    Question 8:
    How do you feel?
    Happy :biggrin.gif:

    Question 9:
    What do you dream about on a regular basis?
    I often don't remember my dreams but most commonly being in school naked :tongue.gif:

    Question 10:
    Who is the enemy?

    Question 11:
    If all are evil, who is good? Explain.
    If all are evil none are good for those cant be good if surounded by evil and those cant be evil if surounded by good.

    Question 12:
    What do you want to be when you grow up?
    Professional video game programer/artist

    Question 13:
    Please complete this sentence. Notch is...

    Question 14:
    If you could have any superpower what would it be?
    Being able to control time.

    Question 15:
    If you were suddenly transported to the sun because of an evil scheme devised by an evil Russian chicken and asked to take off your clothes and make love to the burning flames and then recite the presidents in alphabetical order by their middle name while juggling 11 midgets holding soda cans between your two front teeth that will be operated on by 86 evil Czechoslovakian dentists named Farkus who got their degrees studying the taste buds of Tom Selleck at a college named after some guy who wasted away his life by eating pork grinds naked in his mom's basement while searching for pictures of Kirsten Dunst to use for purposes that cannot be explained by the 1972 Junior High class of some school that no one cares about in Eastern Idaho where woodland creatures choose to spend their lives trying to recreate some bad 1940's soap opera instead of frolicking happily in the woods, would you prefer chocolate ice cream or vanilla?
    I choose vanilla! :biggrin.gif:

    Question 16:
    Does it bother you that there are 16 questions instead of 15?no i like the number 16 :wink.gif:
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