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    Hello everyone, my name is Jon, and i made a custom flavor for the Streak mod. I made a Nes Mario theme and im giving it out because i thought it would be cool for other people.


    How to add flavors:

    1.Download and add the Streak Mod to your minecraft

    2.Go into Run, Type in %appdata% and click on .minecraft

    3.Go into your mods folder and double click "Streak Flavours"

    4.Drag and Drop the png file(Must be 256 x 256)Into the folder

    5.Run minecraft and go into "Options"

    6.Press O and Click Streak

    7.Click Basic and change Favourite Flavour to the Flavour file name.

    8.Or, if you want it to be random, leave Favourite Flavour blank

    9.Your Flavor should be random(step 8) Or the file you downloaded(step 9)

    10.Have FUn

    If you have any suggestions for me to make, comment below!
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