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    If there's a way to abuse the suicide button, there's a way to abuse the simple act of having a lava pit or a cactus or something.

    Don't nay-say a suicide button just because the respawn penalty isn't strong enough.

    In most situations, committing suicide is easy and cost-free already. This should be implemented especially if it could be abused; it would force out what's already problematic with death and respawning, and such problems would need to be fixed. On the other hand, if nothing ends up being wrong with either, it would help people in rare situations such as this.
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    What if Notch wants to focus on mob design?

    If this were to be implemented, I guarantee you there would be random and badly-designed mobs all over the damn place. Plus, the uniformity and reliability of how everything functions in Minecraft would be... reduced.
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    The only unbreakable digging tool in the game:

    We need bone picks.
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    The recipe is unintuitive, random, and other bad things too.

    Otherwise sure, seems alright.
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    Usually normal compass = look into the sky.

    Besides, in a world so griddysquarey as Minecraft, is it really necessary to have a regular compass? The only time it would become necessary is when you get lost underground-- but at that point would it really be very useful in finding anything? You can already identify the most important directions:

    Up and down.

    c3kidd, slower compass reaction (from further away) could be interesting!
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    Quote from noClue »
    Only if you can make body armor out of the magnets, that way if anyone hits me with their sword my armor steals it!

    Other than that, I really dislike the magnet idea :sad.gif:. Give me a map or a compass, finding towns should either be done by randomly exploring, or player communication giving coordinates. Might just be me who wants it like that though :tongue.gif:.

    So instead of a magnet allowing you to find interesting landmark-like places...
    You'd prefer the only reliable method of finding interesting and important places to be through communication with players who are likely already far away?
    And if any kind of local communication were to be implemented, you might have to contact players outside of the game (or privately through the /tells that are newly implemented).

    Last of all, you can't player communicate to give co-ordinates unless everyone has a GPS (which is not really a good idea)

    Quote from giik »
    Heh, this sounds almost exactly like my suggestion for compasses and magnets. The only difference in yours is the compass loses the magnet if you're too far away.

    I've been thinking the compass might just point to the nearest magnet, even if it's really, really far away; I'm not sure yet.
    Please post the link to your thread! (Okay maybe I'll find it before you post it)


    I think the main difference between my idea and yours (making me lean towards my idea) is this:

    Grand Magnets allow you to create a larger and more powerful magnet if you have more resources, by simply and easily combining Magnet Blocks! I think that's a very important aspect of this idea, allowing large towns to increase their influence.
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    Pork / feather / egg magnet = possibly the silliest idea ever :biggrin.gif:
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    can't say whether or not it would be OP but it would allow:

    good - find other places! other villages, houses, stashes
    bad - people can find and steal things more easily
    best - you don't have to use it if you don't want to; do the risks outweigh the benefits?
    ohdear - if you get too far you'll be totally lost without knowing where you're going. the range is limited, after all! destroying the grand magnet will also be a good way to wreck up the town as many may become lost and new people may be more difficult to attract.
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    No I don't think so o:

    The grand magnet is only powerful enough to make a needle point at it.
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      [*:2kf0wozw]You can build MAGNET BLOCKS which can be placed adjacent to one another to create an increasingly powerful GRAND MAGNET.
      [*:2kf0wozw]You can build a HAND-HELD COMPASS which will point to the nearest MAGNET BLOCK, as long as it is close enough.
      [*:2kf0wozw]NEITHER ITEM will have any other effect on the world in general.


    1: Some new material that is, simply, some kind of magnetic material. It should be more scarce than rare; not too hard to find, but more difficult to find a lot of it.

    2: You can put 9 'Magnet' bits together to make a Magnet Block. It puts out a magnetic field (either a sphere or a cube) whose influence can be expanded by placing other such Magnet Blocks next to it, faces touching, to create what I'll call a Grand Magnet (simply a lot of Magnet Blocks placed together). There is no limit to the influence size.

    3: You can, using one Magnet bit (or perhaps two, to make a Magnet needle) make a Compass, somehow. Maybe you need a bowl and a magnet. Maybe you need a bucket of water, who knows? It would be best to make it not terribly complicated, though.

    4: Magnet should be rare and valuable enough that one does not simply spam Magnet Blocks all over the place to be annoying.

    Compasses do not point North. Indeed, they do not point anywhere at all until within a Grand Magnet's influence. If within two overlapping influences, the Compass will simply point to the one that is strongest at the current distance from each.

    A large Grand Magnet will allow you to more easily find your way home.
    A large Grand Magnet will be able to attract new people.
    A Magnet Block or two will be able to attract people (including yourself) to a landmark, or sign. You could also use such a thing to guide yourself to the general location of a hidden stash.
    It allows you to 'see' things that are too far away to see normally!

    Everyone knows where the magnets are; it may attract thieves who know only rich individuals / towns can afford to accumulate enough Magnet for a large Grand Magnet, or to singular Magnet Blocks where something of value is likely to be hidden.
    There is no way to hide a magnetic influence from anyone, unless they don't have a compass.


    The effect of a Magnet Block is incredibly simple. Compasses point to it. That's all there is to know.

    They would be great for Dungeon mode (or whatever it's going to be called!), enabling you to give the player some direction by giving him or her a Compass!
    ---> You could also use something like this to be tricky or misleading, you jerk.

    Players can now create landmarks that can be 'seen' from a reliable distance away, regardless of fog!
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    ( so far )

    ... is my heart.
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    posted a message on Fishing
    Please make fishing more than just click on water anywhere, wait for fish to bite, press button to get fish.


    Don't see: Torchlight fishing

    edit --->
    Don't see: The post below me (incredibly boring)
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    posted a message on Markable Suggestion
    I chose 'yes' but I should have read this first:

    Quote from Cyrix »
    setting down a new one would destroy the old one. There would be no multiple block nonsence


    Magnetic blocks of this sort should not work like this -- meaning there shouldn't be ridiculous 'tuning' of a compass to certain blocks, and you should not have your own 'personal' magnetic block.
    They should have a stackable effect, and compasses should point to the strongest source from whatever point you're at.

    It would make more sense for a compass-type thing to point kind of at an average of all nearby magnet blocks but that's less useful and less interesting, I think.

    Anyway, I'm all for this idea if it uses a relatively uniform and not crazy artificial method of locating things. I would suggest allowing several magnet blocks to be put all together (touching one another) to create a super-powerful magnet block that has greater power over range -- this would allow you to find your way to it from much further away.

    Then, finally, divide the power of any magnetic source by distance^2 (see: gravity)

    EDIT ----> Magnets should not just be a thing to bury underground for others to never be able to find, but to lead you easily and risklessly to where you want to go. If you make a magnet, it's a big, fat, "there's something important here" sign. Therefore, you can place magnets near something important and recall simply the landmarks from there. You can use it to mark important or interesting locations for anyone to find, and towns and such will be able to gather several magnetic blocks to attract new citizens (and perhaps raiders and attacks -- there is, of course, some risk involved in building these all-attracting magnetic blocks).


    A.I., the world already has three compasses: the movement of sun, moon, and clouds. Maybe stars too, actually, but I am content to use these three. Local landmarks are okay, but the problem is that they are easy to confuse with one another (Cyrix already said this) and some people might not even be able to use them effectively because they can't handle large view ranges.

    I suck at finding my way home by means of air compass and landmarks ):
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