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    Hello! Lets start right now.

    (For classic)

    Rule 1: Never lose your temper.
    A greifer likes to see someone get mad.

    Rule 2: Speak correctly.
    Capitals at the start of a sentence intimidate griefers and annoying builders.

    Rule 3: Use /Xban (Or /Uban).
    /Xban Undoes all that that greifer did.

    Rule 4: Act mature.
    Nobody likes a Arsehole.

    Rule 5: Observe.
    Wait 30 seconds before you ban.

    Rules 6: Check the guest map.
    Check it to find greif (Use the /b command).

    Rule 7: Help the guests.
    The Owner likes it when Operators help the guests

    Rule 8: Dont use /summon.
    It take people away from their building.

    Rule 9:When promoting, make sure that the amount of blocks in the build is at/over the buildlimit for
    that rank.

    The Golden Rule:

    Thank you!

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    posted a message on Can I UNBAN someone if im op?
    You can use /pardon.

    If you are using classic use /unban
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