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    I like the idea! I used to use oCd until I upgraded to FTB, and just did a google search and found this.

    Personally, I love the pack and what you've done with it! Though, I agree with some of the people in the front page that the rounded edges should be avoided. Especially that generator/e-furnace I see in the screenshots. It just doesn't seem to fit in.

    But I'm going to use this! Probably. I've been looking for a good 16x TP for FTBu. :)
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    Quote from gr3nwr35stlr

    Having a problem with optifine where blocks don't update from stuff happening around it. For example if I break a block with a torch on it, the torch stays in the air. If I step on a pressure plate next to a door, the door opens and I hear the sound but it is still rendered closed so I can't walk through it. Then if I try opening the door manually it closes and renders as closed. Really frustarating as I am only able to play with optifine, even though it only improves my speed by about 5-10 FPS it still makes a huge difference. Also getting the glitch where entities don't render after dying, I have lost several good items to this.
    I've also been having those problems, but mostly just with liquids or gravity-affected blocks not updating properly. I'm also using it with the FTB pack, if that makes a difference.
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    Umm... I'm using MagicLauncher, and it still won't work after downloading jre7. Help? Everything looks fine in the menus, but when I try to load an old world or create a new one, it sticks at "Building Terrain". :-/
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