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    Mac uses .command files, Linux uses .sh files, Windows uses .bat files.

    All 3 of these files have different syntax, code requirements, the formatting of a .bat file will not be the same as that of a .command file, so renaming doesn't do anything. Unfortunately I don't use a mac so I can't tell you the exact code to use, but it should be obtainable by searching google.

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    posted a message on How to get 200+ FPS + NO LAG with the best settings for Optifine!

    You can not promise 200+ FPS. Simply because your computer gets that FPS when using these settings. These settings will work differently on different computers. Simply setting the settings to the lowest is a really bad way of getting better performance. Mods like Optifine and FastCraft do actual optimizations that make the game run faster with the normal graphics already. 200 FPS isn't worth much if the quality of very poor, also, you don't really need 200 FPs for fluent gameplay, 100 is plenty for easy playability.

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    This isn't a hardware problem, there is actually an error in the code.

    It is fixable, however you need to know some things about how Java works.

    You're getting a NullPointerException. Incase you don't know, null is a symbol for something that doesn't have a value.

    The error is coming because the code is trying to call a method on that variable, which happens to be null, which is impossible.

    What I'm about to explain is quite complex, but will fix the problem. Due to licencing terms it is not allowed to distribute the jar file, thus you will need to perform this yourself. It is recommended to make a backup of the mod before attempting to perform the edits following. Unfortunately because of limitations with tools that currently exist for Java and minecraft modding, which I will not go into much, it's not simply possible to decompile and modify the code to fix the issue (minecraft's code uses default package which can't be imported without errors), instead we have to modify the bytecode (the data that Java is compiled into) directly.

    There's a very nice program called JBE (Java Bytecode Editor) - http://set.ee/jbe/

    Open the camera studio mod up with an acrhive program like 7-zip or WinRar, and navigate to the sushen folder inside it. Take the file eaiae.class and move it out of the archive (JBE has issues sometimes writing to files inside the archive, so this is easier).

    Run JBE using the .bat file or the .sh file if you're running a flavor of Linux. If you're on a mac you'll have to create your own .command file. Once the program is running, you will use the open option in "File" and browse for that eaiae.class file you extracted. You will see something like this:

    Expand the "Methods" item by clicking on the "+". Expand the "<main>" item in the same way. Click on the "Code".

    You will see something like the following:

    Head over to the "Code Editor" tab. You'll see that line 5 is "aconst_null". Select that line and paste the following two lines in it's place.

    getstatic sushen/ieaea/oaoao Lbsu;
    invokevirtual bsu/t()Lcee;

    I will not explain what this does because it would require a very lengthy explanation of Java bytecode and stack-based languages. Your file should now look like this:

    If your code looks like that (and you haven't modified anything else besides replacing that one line with the two I listed above). Then click "Save Method".

    The last stage is to take that eaiae.class that has now been modified, and put it back inside the jar file. Once you've put it back into the sushen folder inside the mod jar, and if asked confirm overwrite, you're done. You may load up the game and use the third person mode without crashing.

    I will note a few things, the mod was never fully updated to 1.8, as such there are a few issues with the mod still. Even though the third person camera will work, and will record properly if you have the dependencies, the model and skin of the player who is recording it will not show up in the video, all other people render fine, however if you start up third person recording, and walk right in front of your camera, in the video you will not see yourself. I just got this working for myself earlier today, I'll experiment more with the mod and see if I can find a way to fix the player rendering in the video. If so, I'll edit this post.

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    posted a message on April Fools In Minecraft?
    I didn't really find it funny. to me it makes the game almost unplayable. I downloaded Element Animation's Villager Sounds Resource Pack a while ago, and so when I hear it at first I thought my resource packs got messed up. I tried to force update my game and when that didn't work I deleted the versions folder and changed the game directory. When I still heard it I finally found this post and I'm extremely ed.

    Last years April Fools joke was good, because it was quick painless and a good laugh, this one is just annoying.
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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]
    It may have to deal with the angle of the sun. What material is that? If it's a solid block the specular should only apply is the sunlight is directly hitting the surface, indirect light doesn't have a high specularity unless the surface is highly reflective and refracts light. SEUS can visualize reflective properties of the light, however it's light scattering is emulated, the shader does not actually reflect the light, only create the effect that it does, and because of this surfaces that should be specular are not because they're not getting direct light.

    Unfortunately realistic light bounces can take a lot of calculations and are typically not viable for run-time environments, you see them more in photo renders than real-time simulations. they can be faked to a decent extent, but to create an accurate feel with low processing power they have to be pre-computed for the map, and minecraft dynamically changes so that's impossible, re-baking the specularity maps to the world every time a block changes would make the game unplayable.
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    posted a message on Camera Studio [V2.18] (standalone - MODLOADER - FORGE) (VIDEO RECORDER)
    To update a 1.6.2 mod to 1.6.4 is extremely simple, no new classes were added, if you have the source code from 1.6.2 all you do is extract 1.6.4 with mcp and copy over your edited files, change the one or two fields that may have changed and recompile it would take literally less than 30 minutes to update. I respect the authors decision to wait though, although it makes things extremely inconvenient for everyone else, because 1.6.4 has been out for a good amount of time and 1.7 is still a bit in the future. Downgrading everything to 1.6.2 just to make a cinematic is nearly pointless, especially to the groups of people who make cinematic of commissioned builds they made, takes time = wastes money.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.3.2 My Mod, World loads then saves and crashes
    This is an issue with Entities currently in minecraft. New Entities seem to cause this crash. There must be a fix somehow, but I don't think it's possible yet without editing a few base classes.

    Entity Handleing changed in 1.3.0 and hasn't really been fixed since, make sure if you use ModLoader that you use the.

    ModLoader.addEntityTracker(this, YourEntity.class, INT_EntityID, INT_ViewDistance, INT_UpdateFrequency, BOOL_TrackMotion);

    Also, if you're trying to add the entity to the "spawnableCreaturesList" in your biome gen or whereever if you're making that type of stuff, make sure that you are spawning your mob through

    ModLoader.addSpawn(YourEntity.class, INT_Weight, INT_MinGroup, INT_MaxGroup, new BiomeGenBase[]{add, all, accepted, biomes, here});

    I'm sure there are more steps, but those are some.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Modding Team. RECRUITING!
    Just as a hint, if you want to squeeze even more detail out of techne, you can use twice the scale or more, and then change the GLScale to 0.5 on all axis, this will give things like the honey bee more detail.
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    posted a message on Update an item on Tick
    That makes perfect sense, there are several ways to accomplish this, and probably some that people don't even know yet. Good luck.

    Here is another suggestion, In you're tool class make a method called onTick(), then with the ModLoader onTickInGame() in your main class or somewhere, cycle through the inventory every 100 ticks and if the item is instanceof YourItemClass, cast to that class and call its onTick() method. cause you can use the onTickInGame() other ways, however you may not get the best results if it's only affecting the class, you would want to use it on all the instances of the item.
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    posted a message on [Tutorial]Multiple Blocks on Same ID
    omg dude. You don't even let me comment to my own thread, I come on and there is yet another flaming. You have you're own thread that works, if you don't believe this one does then stop posting on it.

    you know what, you're right, I studied the difference between 1.4 and 1.8 for how the blocks are stored and there are a few differences, one feature that was taken out was a Map object in the World class that stored the block instance based on an integer[] that contained xyz. Without that, which the most recent place I saw it was 1.6, no this will not work, buy sorry for trying to help if all I get is constant flaming and complaints by one person.

    Moderators, please delete this thread, I am sick of this ****.
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