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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]
    It may have to deal with the angle of the sun. What material is that? If it's a solid block the specular should only apply is the sunlight is directly hitting the surface, indirect light doesn't have a high specularity unless the surface is highly reflective and refracts light. SEUS can visualize reflective properties of the light, however it's light scattering is emulated, the shader does not actually reflect the light, only create the effect that it does, and because of this surfaces that should be specular are not because they're not getting direct light.

    Unfortunately realistic light bounces can take a lot of calculations and are typically not viable for run-time environments, you see them more in photo renders than real-time simulations. they can be faked to a decent extent, but to create an accurate feel with low processing power they have to be pre-computed for the map, and minecraft dynamically changes so that's impossible, re-baking the specularity maps to the world every time a block changes would make the game unplayable.
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    posted a message on Camera Studio [V2.18] (standalone - MODLOADER - FORGE) (VIDEO RECORDER)
    To update a 1.6.2 mod to 1.6.4 is extremely simple, no new classes were added, if you have the source code from 1.6.2 all you do is extract 1.6.4 with mcp and copy over your edited files, change the one or two fields that may have changed and recompile it would take literally less than 30 minutes to update. I respect the authors decision to wait though, although it makes things extremely inconvenient for everyone else, because 1.6.4 has been out for a good amount of time and 1.7 is still a bit in the future. Downgrading everything to 1.6.2 just to make a cinematic is nearly pointless, especially to the groups of people who make cinematic of commissioned builds they made, takes time = wastes money.
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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Vechs' SUPER HOSTILE Series
    I personally dislike the closed beta. Me and a friend have wanted to do a LP of your maps in the past but every single time there's like so many lP's already done that no one cares to even want to watch them, which makes it almost impossible for anyone else to start a decent LP, as seeing people have already seen the map...

    I understand the point, but I feel you underestimated the support for the open-beta that you did with Black Desert 2, there were plenty of people that enjoyed playing it and at least 30 people's LPs that you must have missed when you said you were supprised how few people played the map without complaining about bugs, I think you'd have been supprised by how many people did.

    It'd be nice to know how long the map's going to be in beta for though at the least.
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    posted a message on Some Tips Please
    My name is Tyler. I have tried numerous times to start a LP series, however anytime I attempt to My audio fails, either my mc gives off a lot of static, or it's nice and clear and then the video compressor and editor causes strange audio artifacts (increased volume of any pops, added pops where there wasnt any, echos, vibration, static, screeching on any "s" letter, etc) that were not in the original recording. Also, sometimes the program I edited with, or recorded with, will not sync the audio correctly.

    I recently bought a $95 Microphone and am hoping to start up a series soon. I was wondering if anyone could give me any ideas on the following:

    *what program do you suggest I use to record
    *what CodeC to record Video in
    *what format to encode Audio channels as (I usually use PCM or LAMEMP3)
    *what program for editing (Currently mixture of Camtasia Studio 8 and SVP)
    *what file format for final output.

    In past attempts I have tried several combinations, and none end up in good quality.

    System Specs:

    *Windows 7 Home Primium 64-Bit
    *AMD Quad-Core A6-3600 APU with Radeon HD 6530D Graphics
    *1 TB Hard Drive, non Solid-State
    *4GB of DDR3 R.A.M (Will be upgraded soon)

    Also, if I do a let's play series, what types of thing would people like me to try doing, because I'm not a big fan of just doing the same thing as everyone else.

    You may use as fancy terms as you need to. I'm a programmer and deal a decent amount with Computers, so I'll most likely know what it means with minimal description.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Modding Team. RECRUITING!
    Quote from AnimatorBlake

    Haha, wow. Me and David were just talking about GI scale for extra detail, but you are right, I probably should redo the honey bee.

    Glad we could help :)
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    posted a message on Minecraft Modding Team. RECRUITING!
    Just as a hint, if you want to squeeze even more detail out of techne, you can use twice the scale or more, and then change the GLScale to 0.5 on all axis, this will give things like the honey bee more detail.
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    posted a message on MindCrack like server, Wolfcraft, now accepting applications
    Age: 17.75

    In Game Name: DreadKyller

    Do you have a you tube account: Yes (No vids)

    If so what is your account name:DreadKyller

    Will you make videos: I can try, my microphone is a complete fail and my audio turns out like crud.

    Have you ever been banned from a server: Yes (my friends server)

    If yes, why: A Joke, I was unbanned a minute later :)

    What is the mind crack server: The Mindcrack server is a private whitelisted server that is not at this moment accepting Invitations. It was started by Guude in 2010. The server was originally a main city, but with the addition of the Nether Hub (see below) the Server has grown outward through many updates as new players create their extravogant bases legitly far away or close, to the spawn.

    I am subscribed to BDouble0100, Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, EthosLab, MCGamer, and my personal favorite, Zisteau.

    What is the nether hub: Since the nether is 8 times as fast travel as the surface world, the nether in the MindCrack server is used as a means of speedy transportation from one person's base to another person's base. the Hub is where players connect, via railline mainly, from a central room, allowing people to transport to other's bases.

    What three things are not acceptable in a prank: Personally I don't care if people use these things on me (in non narmful ways ), but Lava, TNT and Fire are forbidden unless given explicit permission (as when Etho gave Zisteau permission to use Lava in his prank).

    Do you have a good sense of humor: Yes! I have a good sense of humor. Most people's first reaction when a creeper blows their house up is ffffuuuuukkkkkk, but I just start laughing because it takes like less than a minute to fix. I like suprises.

    I'm confused on Rule 4...
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Jbond98's Beginner/Advanced ModLoader Minecraft Modding Tutorials! -Everything Updated to 1.4.7! [Updated 1/23/2013]
    Quote from whiteghoul

    can you add tutorial on how to render a block?

    What do you mean? You make the block and it automatically will render when you put it in game
    Quote from AnimatorBlake

    Well, for starters, you have .setblockname oreWolfestone. That MAY be the problem.

    No, it wouldn't be a problem, a little incorrect for his mod, but the name you set there doesn't realy matter. That's just the name of the node that the item has, the actual Add name then uses that name and attaches a string name to be read, but this will not be causing any errors.
    Quote from hbgoddard

    Instead of just adding a crafting recipe, do you know how to change an existing recipe without editing the base classes?

    It might be possible, but I do not see how yet, you can set other classes variables to null to reset then and then add a new one that replaces it. Instead of changing it, you'd be getting rig of a recipe and adding a new one, hoever there is no easy way I seee to remove only a specific recipe.
    Quote from rafascar

    Yeah I know they are advanced, but I already covered a lot of basic tutorials and I'm eager to start making some advanced stuff.
    I'm trying to make this f*cking Penguin appear in my game but the effort doesn't seem to be sufficient to get it working.

    You look like an advanced modder to me, so, could you please take a look at my code?

    // My mod class

    package net.minecraft.src;
    import java.util.*;
    public class mod_Jundia extends BaseMod
    public void load()
    ModLoader.registerEntityID(Jundia_EntityPenguin.class, "Penguin", ModLoader.getUniqueEntityId());
    ModLoader.addSpawn(Jundia_EntityPenguin.class, 20, 20, 20, EnumCreatureType.creature, new BiomeGenBase[]{
    public String getVersion()
    return "v1.0";
    public void addRenderer(Map map)
    map.put(Jundia_EntityPenguin.class, new Jundia_RenderPenguin(new Jundia_ModelPenguin(), 0.5F));

    // My entity penguin

    package net.minecraft.src;
    import java.util.Random;
    public class Jundia_EntityPenguin extends EntityLiving
    private int randomTickDivider;
    private boolean isMatingFlag;
    private boolean isPlayingFlag;
    public Jundia_EntityPenguin(World par1World)
    this(par1World, 0);
    public Jundia_EntityPenguin(World par1World, int par2)
    texture = "/items/penguin.png";
    randomTickDivider = 0;
    isMatingFlag = false;
    isPlayingFlag = false;
    moveSpeed = 0.5F;
    this.tasks.addTask(0, new EntityAISwimming(this));
    //this.tasks.addTask(1, new EntityAIAvoidEntity(this, net.minecraft.src.EntityZombie.class, 8F, 0.3F, 0.35F));
    this.tasks.addTask(2, new EntityAIOpenDoor(this, true));
    //this.tasks.addTask(3, new EntityAIWander(this, 0.3F));
    public boolean isAIEnabled()
    return true;
    protected void entityInit()
    dataWatcher.addObject(16, Integer.valueOf(0));
    public int getMaxHealth()
    return 1;
    public void onLivingUptade()
    public void writeEntityToNBT(NBTTagCompound par1NBTTagCompound)
    public void readEntityToNBT(NBTTagCompound par1NBTTagCompound)
    // Can despawn when it gets out of sight
    protected boolean canDespawn()
    return false;
    protected String getLivingSound()
    return "mob.villager.default";
    protected String getHurtSound()
    return "mob.villager.defaulthurt";
    protected String getDeathSound()
    return "mob.villager.defaultdeath";
    public void setIsPlayingFlag(boolean par1)
    this.isPlayingFlag = par1;
    public boolean getIsPlayingFlag()
    return this.isPlayingFlag;

    // My model penguin (made in Techne)

    // Date: 21/08/2012 19:03:33
    // Template version 1.1
    // Java generated by Techne
    // Keep in mind that you still need to fill in some blanks
    // - ZeuX
    package net.minecraft.src;
    public class Jundia_ModelPenguin extends ModelBase
    ModelRenderer head;
    ModelRenderer body;
    ModelRenderer rightarm;
    ModelRenderer leftarm;
    ModelRenderer rightleg;
    ModelRenderer leftleg;
    ModelRenderer PeakTop;
    ModelRenderer PeakBottom;
    public Jundia_ModelPenguin()
    textureWidth = 64;
    textureHeight = 64;
    head = new ModelRenderer(this, 0, 0);
    head.addBox(-4F, -8F, -4F, 6, 4, 6);
    head.setRotationPoint(1F, 12F, 0F);
    head.setTextureSize(64, 64);
    head.mirror = true;
    setRotation(head, 0F, 0F, 0F);
    body = new ModelRenderer(this, 16, 16);
    body.addBox(-4F, 0F, -2F, 8, 12, 4);
    body.setRotationPoint(0F, 8F, 0F);
    body.setTextureSize(64, 64);
    body.mirror = true;
    setRotation(body, 0F, 0F, 0F);
    rightarm = new ModelRenderer(this, 40, 16);
    rightarm.addBox(-3F, -2F, -2F, 1, 12, 4);
    rightarm.setRotationPoint(-2F, 10F, 0F);
    rightarm.setTextureSize(64, 64);
    rightarm.mirror = true;
    setRotation(rightarm, 0F, 0F, 0F);
    leftarm = new ModelRenderer(this, 40, 16);
    leftarm.addBox(-1F, -2F, -2F, 1, 12, 4);
    leftarm.setRotationPoint(5F, 10F, 0F);
    leftarm.setTextureSize(64, 64);
    leftarm.mirror = true;
    setRotation(leftarm, 0F, 0F, 0F);
    rightleg = new ModelRenderer(this, 0, 16);
    rightleg.addBox(-1F, 0F, -1F, 2, 4, 2);
    rightleg.setRotationPoint(-2F, 20F, 0F);
    rightleg.setTextureSize(64, 64);
    rightleg.mirror = true;
    setRotation(rightleg, 0F, 0F, 0F);
    leftleg = new ModelRenderer(this, 0, 16);
    leftleg.addBox(-1F, 0F, -1F, 2, 4, 2);
    leftleg.setRotationPoint(2F, 20F, 0F);
    leftleg.setTextureSize(64, 64);
    leftleg.mirror = true;
    setRotation(leftleg, 0F, 0F, 0F);
    PeakTop = new ModelRenderer(this, 28, 0);
    PeakTop.addBox(0F, 0F, 0F, 2, 1, 2);
    PeakTop.setRotationPoint(-1F, 6F, -6F);
    PeakTop.setTextureSize(64, 64);
    PeakTop.mirror = true;
    setRotation(PeakTop, 0F, 0F, 0F);
    PeakBottom = new ModelRenderer(this, 28, 5);
    PeakBottom.addBox(0F, 0F, 0F, 2, 1, 1);
    PeakBottom.setRotationPoint(-1F, 7F, -5F);
    PeakBottom.setTextureSize(64, 64);
    PeakBottom.mirror = true;
    setRotation(PeakBottom, 0F, 0F, 0F);
    public void render(Entity entity, float f, float f1, float f2, float f3, float f4, float f5)
    super.render(entity, f, f1, f2, f3, f4, f5);
    setRotationAngles(f, f1, f2, f3, f4, f5);
    private void setRotation(ModelRenderer model, float x, float y, float z)
    model.rotateAngleX = x;
    model.rotateAngleY = y;
    model.rotateAngleZ = z;
    public void setRotationAngles(float f, float f1, float f2, float f3, float f4, float f5)
    super.setRotationAngles(f, f1, f2, f3, f4, f5);

    // My render penguin (copied from RenderCow)

    package net.minecraft.src;
    public class Jundia_RenderPenguin extends RenderLiving
    public Jundia_RenderPenguin(ModelBase par1ModelBase, float par2)
    super(par1ModelBase, par2);
    public void renderPenguin(Jundia_EntityPenguin par1EntityPenguin, double par2, double par4, double par6, float par8, float par9)
    super.doRenderLiving(par1EntityPenguin, par2, par4, par6, par8, par9);
    public void doRenderLiving(EntityLiving par1EntityLiving, double par2, double par4, double par6, float par8, float par9)
    this.renderPenguin((Jundia_EntityPenguin)par1EntityLiving, par2, par4, par6, par8, par9);
    * Actually renders the given argument. This is a synthetic bridge method, always casting down its argument and then
    * handing it off to a worker function which does the actual work. In all probabilty, the class Render is generic
    * (Render<T extends Entity) and this method has signature public void doRender(T entity, double d, double d1,
    * double d2, float f, float f1). But JAD is pre 1.5 so doesn't do that.
    public void doRender(Entity par1Entity, double par2, double par4, double par6, float par8, float par9)
    this.renderPenguin((Jundia_EntityPenguin)par1Entity, par2, par4, par6, par8, par9);

    So.. anything?

    What I can tell you currently is that your code is correct and such. However there are a few issues with Minecraft at this current point that make it so that Entities will crash the game or not display unless you do a large workaround to some of the base code. hopefully there will be a fix for that soon either in minecraft update or ModLoader workaround.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Jbond98's Beginner/Advanced ModLoader Minecraft Modding Tutorials! -Everything Updated to 1.4.7! [Updated 1/23/2013]
    Mobs are
    Quote from rafascar

    Yeah, and I can't find anywhere one that teaches me how to make mobs for 1.3.2, once that the 1.2.5 tutorials are outdated.

    Mobs are very advanced. And currently there are problems with Minecraft in the coding that makes it insanely hard to create Entities that will actually render. morst of the time they will crash your game. This should be fixed soon either with Minecraft update or a ModLoader fix for it. Either way Mobs are extremely advanced, about as advanced as Minecraft Modding gets, not quite, there are plenty things harder.

    As a note for people looking, to add items and blocks to creative inventory, it's a different process.

    For blocks you type

    and for items it's
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    posted a message on [1.6.X] Portal Gun - Reconstructed [v1] - Rewritten... again.
    I can't download the file, at all. When I click download on the primary link, the download NEVER comes up, and when I use the mirror it tries to install a program on my computer called "simplevirus.inc.exe" and doesn't let me get to the download link on mediafire.
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    posted a message on Strange Lighting Problem
    I have a completely enclosed area with no torches or other light sources other than lava at the very bottom, however the inside remains bright as if the ceiling was removed.

    I'm making this on SMP using a Bukkit Server, the lighting looks correct after just joining in, however after moving through the area random areas all of a sudden light up.

    I am making an adventure map, and with this glitch it makes the purpose of the darkness (harder to navigate) useless.

    Is there any known fixes/causes?


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    posted a message on [solved]How to detect if it is raining using code?
    Quote from Gusanoloco

    To check if it is actually raining for a block you would need something like this.

    if(world.isRaining() && world.getWorldChunkManager().getBiomeGenAt(j, k).canSpawnLightningBolt())

    Were j,k are your Coords.

    Basically it checks if a lightning bolt can be spawned at that block. if so it also means it can rain on that block. If isRaining is true any block that can spawn a lightingbolt in the loaded world will also have rain hitting it. ;-)

    Very clever.
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    posted a message on Item that respawns player
    Try instead:

    ChunkCoordinates cc = world.getSpawnPoint();
    entityplayer.setPosition(cc.posX, cc.posY, cc.posZ);

    That might work. If it doen't, try using onItemUse() instead of onItemRightClick().
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    posted a message on Is Single Player Commands[1.9.5] compatible with ToomanyItems[1.9.5]
    TMI and SPC are compatible, I have both on mine. TooManyItems is probably not compatible with a different mod you put in.
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    posted a message on Coding Problem. Will pay $25 for a fix.
    unfortunately you are going to get absolutely no where by just demanding the code. People arn't going to steal your code and in some cases it's 100% necessary to know how you have coded it so far. There is no specific code for what you want, it all depends on how you have it setup, which unless we see code, which you told us specifically not to ask for, then we can't help you much at all. $25 or not. I'd help you for free if I could see the coding so that it's actually possible to find a solution.

    First Problem : Just as in same with items, as the item moves, changes value, changes anything, it can erase the info stored in it like chests and such. Example, you can make an item and have it so you can right click it to put items in it, and then you can open it, however if you even move it or even just click it and put it in same spot, the full inventory is erased. I foresee a similar incident happening with an entity. You may store stuff in it's inventory, and then the inventory all of a sudden clears itself by some situation, and you lose anything you put in it.

    Second Problem : Mods do not have a defined Right-Click sensing defined from what I know, however you may look at EntityWolf to find out what they used for the giving of the bone, and modify that. Upon that happening (minus bone) have an IInventory variable in your class, and if it's null make a new instance of it, and show it using entityplayer.showChestGui() or something along that lines, I'm not at my computer that has Java so I can't really check.
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