About Me
Hey everyone, Drave25 here and here are some things about me ;)

I like to reply to threads having something with errors or viruses which is interesting for me.

I am only 11 yrs. old! :D You can call me Dila also.

I am quiet most of the time with other people but on computers, I am not!

I am only active on weekends, Sometimes on the week!

I like to help other people because other people help me!

I don't comment like some of you guys, You guys comment complicated comments but I comment easy comments when you reply.

I listen to songs while on the website reading, Watching and posting comments, You should know that!

I love animals, I keep pet ants, Chickens and fish! I have a case of Arachnophobia. I do insect hunting.

I have dragons on Dragon Cave, I use most of the time as well.


Cute People

Viruses :)
Location The Scorching Desert

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