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    posted a message on 13w02b Snapshot Ready for Testing!
    Quote from Prime_Jetspace

    Daylight Sensors should be able to alternate between emitting a signal when there is no light, or when there is. That way, to make automated lampposts you could just put a daylight sensor on a redstone lamp and set it to emit a signal at night.

    great idea
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    posted a message on 13w02b Snapshot Ready for Testing!
    So it's been a very long time sense I've played Minecraft but this latest Snap shot has revived my interest in the game. This update will be amazing however there are a few things things that I would tweak.

    1) the hoppers need to be able to still receive items when they are powered off with red stone. In other words the redstone should only cut off the process of the hopper being emptied but not loaded. This way it would be extremely easy to make a sorting system with Hoppers and Comparators alone.

    2) The cost of making a hopper is too expensive considering there utility. I know if I was playing survival I would want to make dozens of hopper to transport materials and at the cost of 5 iron and a small chest it really detracts from it's utility in survival. If I'm not mistaken the cost used to be 5 Stone and a chest, that was a better cost/utility ratio IMHO because you are going to have to make hundreds for them to be useful. If you want the item to be easier to understand how to make (as in making them out of Iron) then at least let us make a stack of say 10-15 hopper's for the cost of 5 iron. (Just like Mine cart tracks)

    3) While I love how you fixed how Hoppers interact with furnaces it would be nice if the orientation of the hoppers was not as dependent on the item being loaded or unloaded. I.E. Only Cobble/Wood through the top/ Coal through the side and the Product out the bottom. Unfortunately it cut's down on players options in utilizing space when there are these limitation.

    other then these three minor tweaks, this update is the most exciting thing to come to villain minecrat sense the introduction of pistons.

    On that note: Now that you have Dinnerbone how about Pistons that could move entities and Jump-pistons someday, you know so I can get back to ?

    Still best Update in almost Forever. <3 All of this Really!!!!
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    posted a message on [32x][1.0][Official Release] Kind Craft Texture Pack
    [32x][1.0]Kind Craft Texture Pack for 1.0

    To use this Pack you need to use MCPATCHER HD FIX
    mcpatcher HD patcher

    [u]Updated for Final Release 1.0/u]
    DOWNLOAD: here
    or download it over at Planet Minecraft

    [u]What's New with 2.8[/u]

    • I am using items for Doku craft as place holders now. I will be replacing these in the future
    • changed the cobble stone again to look more like gray brick and have toned down the smooth stone to be a bit more smooth
    • added textures for 1.8 and updated the chest texture to work
    • I can't remember what else I did. so tell me what you think

    One last thing version 2.8 is still a wip so if you want my 1.8 update then feel free do download it. But I will be making changes to the pack in the near future as I work out some of the kinks in the designs because the new textures are not 100% satisfactory yet. They work but are not perfect. I hope you enjoy the update


    Stuff pertaining to old updates ....

    There are also several improvments over textures in this update and the old textures are included in the Terrain.png so if you have gimp of photoshop you can customize the pack to you liking.

    If you just want the Aether Part of of this textur pack you can download it Here

    To install the Aether support to another Textur pack drop the entier extracted folder inside your other textur packs zip folder.

    Images of the Aether

    Many changes you will just have to download it to see.

    Someone said the Spider textur was missing so I re uploaded. This new version now suports Wild Grass

    Here are screenshots of the changes to The Multiuse door's Mod support

    The Mob's and the new textures for cobble and sandstone

    click image for full-size version

    New terrain PNG
    New Items

    Another update :3
    this time with GUI and Paintings, and some more Item's done. I also changed a few blocks a bit, but nothing major.
    next update will hopefully include custom mobs.

    small note about most the paintings are my own original work.

    Old Version for 1.6.6 (v1.3)
    Download the OLD pack Here

    Added texturs to suport Pfaeff's Mod's: the Allocator, Fan and Jump Block,
    Also added Textires for the Mod "Better then Wolfs"

    in game pic's:

    I Updated the Texture pack, Now w/ New TNT and Music Box

    Some alternate ideas on where I was going w/ this pack

    the heady art will be an alternate, I'm making original art for this pack, GUI almost done
    • Added texturs to suport Pfaeff's Mod's: the Allocator, Fan and Jump Block,
    • Also added Textires for the Mod "Better then Wolfs"
    • 1.2.1
    • Added support for wild grass, vines and lilly pads
    • fixed a few tile problems.
    • Updated water
    • improved chest
    • added a few item graphics
    • Switched the textiled wool to be the alternate and the plan wool to be the default

    Small update adding suport for the MULTI-USE DOORS mod by Evandela
    you can download that mod here

    Punch list or things to do:
    [s]New GUI[/s]
    All New Item art
    [s]new art/ paintings [/s]

    New Banner, past this in your sig if you want to suport my textur pack

    The woolly stuff
    The Alternative Wool w/ Patterns

    The default Wool terrain png located in zip

    To use Alternative wool Open the Zip file and rename terrainALTwool.png to terrain.png. Make sure to save the files back into a zip format before placing thin the Texture pack folder found in
    C:\Users\(insert computer name here)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\texturepacks

    On Mac:
    ~/username/library/application suport/minecraft/texturepacks

    How do I install this texture pack?
    See the [5/29 ITEM FIXES][1.6.6 COMPATIBLE] MCPATCHER HD FIX 2.1.0_01

    These people have permission to use my Texture pack in a remix:
    I'm still working on my pack but I'm absolutely burnt out on the game for now. I will be updating for 1.8 but depending on how that turns out I may not be doing much more with this pack. So While I still will be working on official updates of this pack I also no longer care if anyone uses the textures for there own pack so feel free to add Kind Craft if you like to your list of packs available to be used in remixes. 

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    posted a message on [Surv] Skyblock
    Well I still have many more things on the punch list to get done, but I'm off to a good start. I love this map :biggrin.gif:

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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Baby Animals Model Swapper, Squickens [MOB][Forge]
    Well its cool Notch included your idea in the optical version but I miss your baby models and textures they where 1000x more adorable. I miss your mod :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on 1.8 criticism
    Why you are overreacting.

    1. It's not out yet
    2. It's adding a Creative Build Mod back to the game (very cool)
    3. The Goal's are not (as I understand it) there to end the game, but just inspire more adventuring
    4. Play the Aether Mod and then tell me adding Goals is not a good Idea.
    5. This is all speculation
    6. Damn it usually the patch hate threads start after the patch hit's not before.
    7. There are still great mod's
    8. once you complete the goal, you have to start new world. obviously.
    9. Don't post 1.8 threads. A mod will lock it...
    10. It's not out yet
    11. It's not out yet
    12. It's not out yet
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    posted a message on [32x] [1.7] Drezden RP Pack
    This is clearly a edited Doku Craft.

    I flipped the dirt texture and the tree textures to there original state and laid them on top of DokuCraft dark. Here is a .gif to compare a few of the features. You did indeed edited a few of the textures to the point that I would give you credit however flipping and changing the contrast on a texture dose not count as original. If I where you, I'd get rid of anything like that from the pack or continue to rework the texture until you can call it your own.

    Edit: what XSSheep said... :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on (Seed here): The ride
    I like the seed: Roughsauce

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    posted a message on [32x][1.8.1] Sonic Vintage Pack [WIP][4100+ DL's!]
    host your images on Imagur or ImageShack because Photobucket is giving us a bandwidth exceeded image. I'd like to see some screenshots.
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    posted a message on Squids
    the only reason squids are spawning in your pool is because there is no bigger body of water for them to spawn in near by. This shouldn't be a problem on a normal map. I'm curious as to the circumstances that you are having a problem with them. None the less make a mob grinder with the pool and you got yourself free black ink all day long. WIN!
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