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    that nice little Crossworld option. What does your intuitive thought process tell you?
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    Quote from bunnyfufu299

    Well......this is awkward....*continues to just fly around the server*

    :I Could you take a look at my app? Danman literally said on page 8 which is also where my app is. If there is anything on my app that's unacceptable then I'll try and fix.
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    Quote from bunnyfufu299

    iTrueAzn-Accepted, I like your character's belief in peace. Maybe Coma would find you a great sage.
      MadTucks-Accepted, took a while, but I say you can make it.

    The other whitelister from last night said that if MadTucks got accepted then my app was acceptable, but not until he got accepted. :)
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    Quote from Danman132

    nburton: if only dwarves had longer legs, hmmm you brute
    Drakkoran: I like what your doing with tucks if he when he gets accepted
    MadTucks: word count not long enough im afraid

    Alrighty :) I'll make sure he checks and changes that next time I get into contact with him.
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    Quote from Quintasticable

    I'd also suggest removing that bit...

    ... Gives a bad first impression. (Lying... Rather than manning up and admitting you were wrong.)

    Making assumptions is also a bad impression, who's to say he's actually lying? I'm not saying he isn't but it's a bit harsh to make such an assumption.
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    IGN: Drakkoran

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Why did you choose us?: I haven't found any good roleplay servers in a long time and I like the looks of this one a lot.

    (This question does not effect your app in any way) Do you have a skype? If so, what is it?: I would rather not give this out on here but I'll gladly give you my skype if you ask me privately.

    What is your experience with roleplay servers? What servers where they?: I've played and co-owned a couple. First was Dark Road, played that one but eventually became an admin. Then months after that rather died I helped co-found another with the owner of Dark Road called Blackest Nights. The last was a server called The Fellowship that didn't get off the ground too well but i also co-founded that one.

    How long have you roleplayed? How good to you think you are? (Example: New, moderate, pro.): I hate to sound cocky but I have roleplayed for a good few years now and I'd say I'm rather good at it.

    Did you read the rules?: No ;)

    Did you read the lore?: Of COURSE I read the lore! If I didn't, I wouldn't be saying this. I mean, I could just LIE to you and say that I did; but that is silly! So yes, I read the lore!


    Name: Daeric Bloodmoor

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    (at least two sentences)Personality: A nice young man, generally kind. Devoted to what he believes in. Can be very serious at times however.

    (at least two) Hobbies: Swordsmanship and climbing

    (at least one, any health problems?) Flaws: His devotion and memories of his past may push him to act without thinking. If this isn't good enough though I can perhaps write something additive in.

    Strengths: Great with a sword and unarmed combat

    (At least 400 words) Biography: Daeric grew up in a fine home, no problems. He grew up being fond of adventure and enjoyed playing with a sword. He had a strong work ethic, even had an apprenticeship as a blacksmith when he was in his teens. One day while at the blacksmith his house caught fire with his family locked inside. At the age of 17, working a full on blacksmith job by now still under his master, Daeric returning from his work, returned to find their home and many other buildings in town burnt. His parents nor sister survived. Daeric was rather withered by this. He cherished his family. (SO HE DECIDED TO TAKE REVENGE ON FIRE, joking joking I read the rules ^_^ ) He decided it was time to leave. He became a nomad and started traveling. One day while roaming the desert, hungry and exhausted in the heat, he met a man who'd been camped there. The man went by the name Grim. Grim took him in, fed him and gave him water and a place to rest. Daeric ended up telling him his story and intrigued by the specific fact that Daeric enjoyed swordplay, Grim challenged him to a bit of a duel, handing him a sword. The two fenced a bit and both had shown skill but Grim won with little difficulty, perhaps having let the young man hold fast as long as he did. Daeric asked the man to help him hone his swordsmanship skills, to which the man felt no reason not to. Over time the two grew very close and the man revealed his past to Daeric over their travels together. Grim had been a trained killer, an assassin. He'd seen things in his life but he seemed still content with it overall. Daeric asked Grim to teach him the ways of being an assassin, as it was his thirst for adventure that drove him to hone such a background. Grim was reluctant at first but gave in and took Daeric on as an apprentice. Daeric learned fast and learned well, until the age of 22 when Grim's older age caught up with him and he had to settle down on traveling. Daeric was tempted to stay but still thought it'd be best if he kept moving, he'd gotten used to never having one set place to live. He traveled for another year which brings us to now, the rest? Well that depends what happens when he meets the others of the server, eh? :)

    (In character reactions is when you react to things as the character) In character reactions: Likes to keep himself aware of his surroundings, usually tries to think beforehand but if he has no time it won't bother him and he goes with his gut.

    You see someone steal bread from the local baker: Swiftly and without being seen. No dialog to it, but if I have to at knifepoint "The bread or your life" (obviously has no problem with killing)

    Someone insults your mother: "­ off, mate"

    You take a liking to a woman's emerald necklace: "That's a fine necklace, miss."

    Others: Overall Daeric is skilled in combat and prowess, but his ultimate flaw is the memory of his family.

    The whole assassin thing is pretty common I'm sure, so I hope it's not cliche that I chose this. In the flaw factor, I understand it might be lacking but there's another applicant who is rolling/trying to roll a character that goes with mine and that we've done this pair before and my characters gets close to his as a mentor, and ends up protecting his character(his character is 15) often and treats him like family so he'll go to extra lengths to protect him, and hurting the kid is pretty much like hurting him. Hope this is all acceptable and hope my app is accepted. Can't wait to RP with you :)
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    Username: Drakkoran
    Desired RP Name: Daeric Bloodmoor

    Age: 16(in real life, if you mean character age then my character is 23)
    What country: USA

    Class: Rogue
    Faction: I'd like to be factionless but if I must choose one I'll choose Vindicate
    Why you want to join: I'd like to join because I do a lot of roleplay and I've been looking for a new server to join with my friend MadTucks. This looks like a great server, very good for roleplayers like myself.
    RP Experience: I used to roleplay onn World of Warcraft(no not the typical awful WoW players that don't know the lore and try and RP anyway, I knew my stuff and was pretty reknown for it), play Warhammer: Dark Heresy(Table top), roleplayed on 2 other minecraft servers as well(became an admin on one of them and helped start the other).
    Do you agree to follow the rules: Of course.
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    Quote from corgipaws

    Minecraft Username: Corgipaws
    RL Age: 15
    Character Name: Sylkra
    Character Race: Elf
    Character Age: 24
    How long have you been playing mine craft?: 2 Years
    Do you want to build?: Sure!
    If so then what do you like to build?: I like building small villages
    On a scale of 1 - 10 how much RP experience do you have?: 10- I play every sort of RPG you can think of (MMORPG, Minecraft RPGs, Forum RPGs)
    What didn't make sense?(Answer or be denied): There is no Rule 14
    Who are the admins?(owners included): Co-Owner: MadTucks Co-Owner: Drakkoran


    A skilled assassin, Sylkra is born for the night. She uses stealth and skill to kill her enemies from afar with a bow, or up close with a backstab. She was an orphan not 2 days after she was born. That night she was ripped away from the people she loved, a sudden spark lit in her. She was no longer happy. Inside, she was miserable and depressed. Angry. So she learned the ways of combat, and killed as many people as she could. Later on, after her killing spree, she realized she could kill for a living, and make money. So she kills now only if the coin is good enough. She grew a nice, muscular feminine body from this, and her brown hair and green eyes are shining with fire, and are quite attractive.

    Playing RPG games is not the same as real roleplaying, sir or madam.
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    Quote from TheAntColony

    Minecraft Username:TheAntColony
    RL Age:19
    Character Name:Daziel of the Vanyar
    Character Race:Elven
    Character Age:27 (In elven years)
    How long have you been playing minecraft?:For about 2 years now. Started early 2010
    Do you want to build?: I prefer to let the labors of my father's land build for me
    If so then what do you like to build?:I would prefer to live in palaces or high castles fortressed from the evils of the world
    On a scale of 1 - 10 how much RP experience do you have?: 8
    What didn't make sense?(Answer or be denied):If my race is immortal in its own accord, am I invincible then?
    Who are the admins?(owners included):Co-Owner: MadTucks Co-Owner: Drakkoran.

    Short character bio for your character:Growing in the palace of my father, Ingwe, I learned the fine delicacies of life. Endulging in the arts and crafts, I took up poetry at the age of 10 and took music lessons frequently. Due to my royal blood, I grew up in solitude, away from the other children, as my father greatly feared for my safety. Slowing maturing, my beauty became evident every day when many suitors were pestering my father for my hand, however, my father rejected every single one. Longing for connections, I soon became desperate for relationship, frequently hopping the palace walls to mingle in the surrounding villages, dressed as a commoner. One day, asassination attempt on my father result in my withdrawal from society for my own protection. I was relocated to a small village on the outskirts of my kingdom in hiding. I have been here since then, waiting for peace among my race so that one day, I can return to my kingdom to enjoy life as a Queen or Empress of the Elven Kingdom and perhaps find true love waiting for me.

    Elves aren't invincible, sorry to break that to you.
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    The Fellowship

    About the server

    The Fellowship is a roleplay server set to a medieval tone. Orcs, elves, dwarves all are included in the lore, alongside humans. The server is Lord of the Rings inspired, obviously cept Orcs aren't the army of the baddies, you can be any race you like of the four.


    1. Don't pester the admins
    What does this mean? Don't bug the admins by asking them to spawn you items, for tp's, or begging to run adventures. If an admin feels like doing something for you at that time then they will. If you need a TP to spawn every once in awhile then feel free to ask but if we say no then don't QQ.

    2. Don't be an idiot
    What is an idiot? An idiot is someone who doesn't follow the rules, acts like a jerk, or breaks other peoples stuff for the purpose of trolling. Idiots do other things to. I shouldn't have to say what common courtesy is for those who play on the server.

    3. Don't Grief
    Griefing is the destruction of the server for the purpose of trolling, ^or being an idiot^, or being mean to someone for no apparent reason whatsoever.

    4. No mods that give you an advantage over others.
    This includes X-Ray, and installing fly mods. We're always watching, and we will find you. If you break this rule and we catch you, which we will, then you will be banned. It's as simple as that. If you're unsure about a mod you can use, ask.

    Nobody wants to log on to find their farm invaded by a encroaching land grabbing cockroach. Yes I said cockroach. Just go find your own spot to build. It'll save you, me, and the other person a lot of time.

    6. We take no responsibility for lost items
    Did the server crash? Did you lose everything? Too bad. If I don't feel like, or don't have the time to replace the items, then deal with it. I don't have time to refund every player their iron, or even diamond pickaxe because I had to update this or that. Typically I run server saves before doing anything to the server so feel good about that.

    7. We filter our community
    We reserve the right to ban anyone at any given time. We only have so many player slots and we're working towards the perfect community. If you don't fit what we're looking for then you might get unwhitelisted. Sorry.

    8. Playing here is a privilege, NOT A RIGHT
    We provide you the server, we provide you staff to help you and manage the server. You play here for free. You have no rights, this is the internet. All we ask is that you politely respect our rules and team, it's not hard we promise.

    10. Chop down trees completely
    Floating tree tops look ugly, if you want to be a mod include this in your app. We don't want terrible muck on our server. If you can't chop them down we will and we might accidentally ruin your structure in the process. Please chop trees ALL the way down.

    11. Floating structures
    Floating structures must be approved by an admin. We've had problems with this before. If your not experienced with it then don't do it.

    12. Moderators & Admins
    Do not ask to become a mod. We select our mods based on prior server work, behaviour, and it only goes to people who we know will not abuse their powers. (OMG! You stole my cookies! [This doesn't make sense]) You must be a moderator before you become an admin. Admins do not do the same thing that most on the server do. If you are a moderator and we offer you an admin position we will tell you everything it requires then.

    13.Don't discuss our actions in public
    This includes our bans and other punishment. In most cases how we handle players on the server is private. If you need to discuss it with an admin then please use the forums.

    15. No Large 1x1 towers.
    Self explanatory.

    16. Language
    Sorry but if you can't speak English then you can't play on this server. We also request that all characters use proper grammar and punctuation.

    17. Oh no! I got banned what do I do?
    File an appeal on our thread being polite and reasonable. If you aren't then that is probably why you got banned in the first place.

    18. Admins
    May change anything they want on the server at anytime. This includes anything you build, I built, bob built. You name it. We have the right to shape our server anyway we please. Please respect that.

    20. Advertising other servers
    Will get you warned once and then temp banned.

    21. Age Rule, 14+ please.

    [Roleplaying Rules]

    1. Your are not invincible!
    Yes I am.. I have this power... Seriously, no you don't.

    2. Local chat is for in-character.
    Stay in character in local or face the consequences.

    3. Death isn't permanent.
    Dying is like losing consciousness and having a memory lapse. An example is this, I'm currently in your house robbing it for the first time, when you come home. You pull out your diamond sword and "WABAM!" You smack me in the face causing me to "die." I wake up and i've forgotten everything about being in your house at that point in time and its location. Now if I had been to your house before that. I would remember where it was but I still would not remember anything that had happened during my previous visit to it or that I had ever even visited it at all.

    4.PVP rules,
    PVP is allowed in arena's and the wilderness. Inside towns however it must be agree'd upon in either OOC or IC. A persons character cannot actually die unless the owner of the character agrees to it.

    5. No MetaGaming
    No giving out coordinates, or giving out information your character doesn't know. This is a simple rule to follow.

    6. Please have at least some roleplaying experience.

    Co-Owner: MadTucks
    Co-Owner: Drakkoran



    Roleplaying Application

    Minecraft Username:
    RL Age:
    Character Name:
    Character Race:
    Character Age:
    How long have you been playing minecraft?:
    Do you want to build?:
    If so then what do you like to build?:
    On a scale of 1 - 10 how much RP experience do you have?:
    What didn't make sense?(Answer or be denied):
    Who are the admins?(owners included):

    Short character bio for your character:
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    Quote from SevenRin

    Can there be other SNs or is there just that?
    Because I want to be a Dragonkin or like a holy angel or a evil deamon something like that


    Those don't fit to theme that's why we don't use other SNs, Plus those aren't in the plugin we use except angels and demons are.

    The theme of the server is an old fashioned sorta "Dracula" sorta thing cept no Dracula cause that's not the story. It's Werewolves, Ghouls, and Vampires. As those are the only ones that fit the theme.
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    Quote from Drdrawkcab

    I tried out this server. Spent a large amnount of time on it, and then out of the blue, the admins saw fit to ban the majority of the community and keep only their closest friends, who took our items that we could no longer protect.

    The server, while seeming fine at first, is run by incompetant fools. None of the pluggins work, the ban appeal process is simply the admins lying to you and then blocking you, the entirity of the community left consists of 13-14 year olds who were grandfathered, and admins who know nothing of how to run the game.

    If you are looking for a server to troll, you found it. If you are looking for a server to build and play legit, this is NOT the server for you.

    2/10 stars

    Bjorn out.

    We banned only a few people and it's because they either had little roleplay experience or they were misbehaved. Most of the people on the server are over 16 already, most of which we banned were under 14. We didn't lie to you. Ria blocked you because you were being unruly about it all from what I understand, even after she tried to explain it to you. This isn't our first server, kiddo. We've been doing administration for a while. You're not the first to flame us for our decision, so like I just told someone else "Get the full story next time"

    Also playing on the server for a week is hardly a "large amount of time"

    Rialangset also asked me to pass this on to you "Though we enjoyed your personality and were a joy to talk to, you had issues with other players and set things on fire despite an admin standing in front of you as you did so. During events, you kept wandering off rather than stick to the story so everyone could enjoy it.

    Until now, the server had been in trial to see what we could improve upon, and for players to stretch their wings so we could see what they were capable of. Your roleplaying skills and behavior did not match the cirtiera for a peaceful server. I did talk to you one on one on skype, and when you became obsitnant, I had to block you. And then you screamed at another admin. I honestly expected more from you sir. Good luck finding another server, and I wish you success in it"
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    We just added and are enforcing an age rule due to complications with younger players. The rule is 16 or older.
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    Owner and Co-Owner are admins as well.
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