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    He seems to know what he's talking about the most

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    I think the smarter thing to do would be to make it so you can ride it but it goes slow on land and so it can actually swim because horses can't so polar bears should be able to

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    for decorations you could use grass, dead bushes, rose bushes, any type of plant even tree saplings

    that would be cool and much easier then adding new plants.

    OOO Idea

    Sparky i like your aquarium idea

    heres how it should work

    Fish tanks are a little 1 block fish tank that can hold 3 fish and can't be expanded

    aquariums are 2x1 blocks that can be expanded and hold 6 fish

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    Love the idea but think you should be able to make it bigger by placing other tanks next to the original and on top each fish tank added would put the maximum number of fish up by 3

    Full Support

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    i think canada would be fun

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    New mob:Penguins


    Spawn location:*ice island,frozen ocean,iceberg

    Spawn-Rate: 40% on ice island and 10% to an ice berg with a few birds stuck on it

    Food to tame:fish

    taming rate:30%

    What it could do:After you have tamed one you can take it to water and give it the kind of fish you want it to bring back it will go away for about half a day then come back with 1-10 of those type of fish.

    New Biome:Frozen ocean

    What biomes are hidden in it: Iceberg, Ice island

    what mobs spawn in it:Penguins, polar bears

    Spawn rate:there is one per world at least and a 30% chance of more spawning

    New Biome:Iceberg

    Location:Frozen ocean

    Spawn-Rate:40% chance of there being 10 or more in your world

    New Biome:Ice Islands

    Description:The frozen breeding island of the penguins

    Spawn-Rate: 50% chance of there being 1 per world

    Why are these good ideas:Imagine waking up and sending your personal pet penguin to get some fresh fish for lunch personally i love this idea and so do many of my friends and if you disagree then so be it

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    Quote from CookieOsLoL»


    Email:[email protected]

    What job you want:Admin

    Why you want the job:

    I have been staff a lot over the past few years, and I have yet to have found a server that I truly love, that's why I am applying because I think it will be an amazing server with a lot of work put into it. I have been moderator 6 times, an Admin 7 times, I have been Head-Admin twice and a Co-owner once. A couple of months ago, I opened RevolutionMC, my own server. It didn't last long. I was unable to fund it; Not enough players were joining; and my Developer deleted the entire world. However, I have learnt from this experience. If you need confirmation for any of these then I can give you the details to my previous server owners. Sadly most of the servers were shut due to funding and personal reasons.But the point i am trying to make is being an admin is what i am more experienced on and the one job that i truly enjoy playing as.

    why you should get the job:

    I believe my presence will benefit the server in a lot of ways. I communicate easily and in a meaningful and confident manner. I am reliable, dependable, responsible and would dedicate time to the server when possible to fulfil a position as a staff member. I think I would get along with both staff and players easily and would try my very best to help out at all times. I am respectful to others around me and to those in higher positions to me. I also have a part time job, which has helped my skills of teamwork and working in an environment as a staff member. I am also a great listener and can be trusted to help look after the server. I understand that moderators cannot always be available and can't monitor every word and action, but because I live in Australia, I often play when there are no other staff members online. Being a part of the staff on Reboot would allow greater staff presence over more time zones, and thus help out players that do not regularly play at the same time as current staff. I also believe that my past experience would be an added benefit to the server.

    Past builds(for builder only):Well i can build..proof will be provided

    Proof you know how to code(devs only):

    other info: i am currently an admin to hexa network if u want more proof i can give you a tour there and maybe show my works to u aswell

    thank you for your consideration

    Accepted you will be receiving a invite to the team chat within the next few days
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